Kamigami no Asobi
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Posted 4/16/14

personally i dont like it
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Posted 4/16/14 , edited 4/16/14

CruchiMast3er wrote:

personally i dont like it

I don't either--but that magical transformation scene at the beginning of episode 1 was really something, wasn't it? (I laughed.)

BTW, I'm closing this because we do already have a discussion thread for this show, so you can read there what others think, and share your own opinion. Here's the link:


Right now most of the Spring 2014 shows already have discussion threads, and to make it easier to find them I created a Show Discussion Index. It's stickied near the top of the Anime forum, and by looking there you can find links to the current discussions. Hope you find it as helpful as I do!

Another "by the way": Anything you put in that "Description" field is only visible when looking at the main list of threads in the forum, and isn't even all that noticeable there. Once you click into the thread it's not visible at all. Therefore if the main point of your thread is in the Description section, it's a good idea to repeat it in your opening post so folks know what they are really replying to.
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