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Madoka Magica and why I don't like it as much as everyone else.
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Posted 4/24/14

WitlessMean wrote:

Animegirlzvstheworld wrote:

WitlessMean wrote:

I don't even know how Madoka can be considered "dark" in the anime world.

It's not dark. To those people I say, LOL , here's a copy of Blood C and Higurashi, knock yourself out you pussy.
But it's a "deep" show they say? Here's Ergo Proxy and Casshern sins. go blow up your brain.

Anyway, I think one of the reasons people liked it that I didn't read you list was the art style. The witch world they would go into or whatever was pretty unique and cool. The show looked pretty good in general.

I agree that it wasn't really anything special. I wasn't really that blown away. Mami dying was a shock but I didn't really care about her all too much. Obviously there was that cool little twist with that time girl at the end.

Nothing new, but it wasn't a horrible show either.

Gotta love Casshern!

People who see Casshern's beauty are my friends!

Well, how come you haven't given me a friend invite, yet??
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Posted 4/24/14 , edited 4/24/14


The following will contain spoilers for those who haven't seen Madoka Magica (TV series, not the movies)! If you haven't seen it or simply don't care then read ahead. Also, if the disagreeing opinion of a stranger bothers you, save yourself some anger and turn away.

Before I start I should say that I don't dislike Madoka Magica, infact it was a fun ride, and the reason I feel the way I do about it may be because I'm a moron, that the show is 3deep5me, but regardless I wanted to voice a thought that often crosses my mind:

Is Madoka Magica really as good as people believe it to be?

If people can review an anime. And I mean give a solid review or in my case at least 5 to 10 reasons to why they hate said anime you'd have your answer right there. But at the same time I get what you are saying I don't see why people like idol shows. To me those shows have no substance, romance or flare. Just singing. Op if you want a dark and funny anime that I personally liked it would be Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. It shows sides of human nature that proves monsters are not the scariest things on earth.
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Posted 4/24/14
I was a fan of the franchise, not because of the dark themes, but because it was fun. It was ridiculous, and interesting in its own way, which I enjoyed. I especially liked how Homura kept fighting for the sake of one girl, she never gave up, she was persistent. I could really empathize with her... seeing what she went through.

Posted 4/24/14

Orga777 wrote:

xXHatsunexMikuXx wrote:
That is another thing I didn't like about Madoka: the characters. All the main characters were bland and hard to describe.

I don't know about that... <.<'

To me, the characters themselves are what make the series so endearing. All five of them have some of the better written drama that I have seen in quite a while. They were able to do more with less episodes than most other series can manage with double the episodes.

I guess to each his own. I don't see the endearment in the characters that many other people see, probably because I didn't relate to any of them at all. I think, they all have an archetype they belong in so they can be relatable, and therefore sympathize with their deaths. But, I simply didn't relate to any of them. I think that is because in my opinion, they weren't flawed enough. Sure, Madoka is wavering and unsure, or Sayaka is impulsive, but each of the characters flaws were outnumbered by their positive characteristics. They ALL are unselfish and I guess noble, and each of them have their own strengths, but the best characters to me are the ones that have the most flaws and quirks so they become well-rounded instead of flat. And I said that I thought that the plot and other characters drive the story, not the main character, which isn't what I look for. A strong main character can carry a weak plot, but a strong plot can't carry a weak main character. I understand that you may think Madoka isn't a weak character, but she wasn't strong enough for me to carry a plot that involves her becoming god.
Understandably, its hard to develop a lot of characters into positions that are sympathy-evoking enough for their tragic outcomes in a twelve-episode series. Perhaps the problem is that the writers wanted to have all the characters have a tragic ending, which hardly ever comes out good. For example Elfen Lied, where all the characters come from and end up having a tragedy. As a result, the characters are weak except for main character Lucy, but even she isn't the most astounding character. That doesn't mean it can't be done to give every character a tragedy, but like I said, its hard to do in a twelve-episode series. Arguably, some say that their tragedies is what makes the show unique, but giving all the characters a tragic ending is overbearing and doesn't give diversity to the characters.
But that would have to change the plot, since the plot is centered around a tragedy-based gimmick. I'm not saying tragedy is a bad thing to have in stories, but having too much can become pretty stale.
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Posted 4/27/14

I think you're over-simplifying the characters and the plot. For example, the plot isn't exactly that Madoka becomes god, the plot is that because of her experiences she chooses to embody hope for everyone else. There's a lot more subtlety there than you give it credit for I think. Likewise, tragedy isn't the center of the plot; as the last episode shows, it's hope. I'd certainly not argue that there are many tragic elements in the story, but that isn't meant to be the main idea. The main idea is how does hope stand up in the face of tragedy? Is hope pointless or doomed? The characters do have a lot of nuances too. But if you just don't like them, there ins't a lot to be done about that I guess.
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Posted 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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