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Posted 4/18/14
Hey, what's going down fighting game fans?

I thought since there wasn't a KI thread, I thought it would be nice to have one.

Talk about the series, here, and what you hope to expect in Season 2 and beyond.

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Posted 4/19/14
I played the arcade KI a lot, then when it came out for the SNES my friends and I played that non-stop. Trying to get an Xbox One at the moment just to play it.
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Posted 5/12/15 , edited 5/12/15
the snes KI was soo good. easily one of the best fighting games ever imo
sadly rareware got bought out by microsoft and it all went downhill
KI couldve easily been a game that would be competing with street fighter and mortal kombat

the new xbox one version looks nice but the controls are too basic, makin it a generic fighting game
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Posted 5/13/15
I will forever adore the SNES version, it was brilliant at the time and I spent many hours playing it.

The one on xBox when I once tried it, disappointed me, it was stiff and lacked any character I actually liked.
I do plan to get an xBone one day for this reason, as well as friend reasons too.
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