Weirdest References To Anime In Other Media
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Posted 4/18/14

While anime fans might think the fandom is pretty niche, it can be a little odd, fun, or even insulting when anime or references to anime or the fandom are found in other media (TV, music, movies, whatevs).

One of my faves is the group CYNE, who teaches lessons on being a boombox pimp who lives a night life like anime..

Where have you come across references to anime that make you say, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" or make you clap your hands and say yeah?
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Posted 4/18/14
4 guys cheering made it into anime.
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Posted 4/18/14 , edited 4/18/14
One week.

edit: Although your sub-title seems to be referring to it ><
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Posted 4/18/14
The TV Show Heroes and the amazing Hiro with his mastery over space and time.

Oddly...this Japanese geek is a huge Marvel fan....despite being you know...Japanese. its odd when you think about it a little...damnable American writers eeh?

Anyhow....two Anime references actually made their way in, one apparently went completely over the others heads.

When meeting his future self, Hirohito muses "this must be what Trunks felt like" which is a DBZ reference I would never miss.

Second. During the opening epiosode of season
..3ish. Hiro taunted a their with Dio Brando's catchphrase "Mudamudamudamudamuda"

The nternets caught them....and I consider then to be awesome references.
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Posted 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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