The Reapers circus
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On Yuki's 16th birthday she woke up in a strange circus with a different appearance. She is informed that the circus is "Black Rose Circus" which holds host to a group of supernatural creatures and that she is the Shinigami Princess and daughter of Hiyoshi Moon, the devil himself. She must learn how to get along with the circus while they find her a way home to the human world. A supernatural, visual Kei, wonderland adventure.

Main Characters

Yuki Moon (Mad hatter)
Pure white hair reaching her waist and her right eye gold and left pink. Powers over Ice.

Seike (Cheshire Cat)
Short black hair and a bright red full fringe, pale red eyes. Powers over Fire. Likes Spicy food. Specialty is fire dancing.

Reita (March haare)
Short, Light blonde hair and a blue fringe, sky blue eyes. Power over water. Skilled at escape acts and Spanish web.

Yomi (Doormouse)
Short, pale green hair and pastel pink fringe, Pale green eyes.Fringe covers right eye.Power over earth. Skilled at Hat manipulation and card tricks.

Teru (White rabbit)
Short, Split dyed purple and black.Power over Air. Skilled at tight rope walking and Diabolo.

Other characters

Hiyoshi Moon
Yuki's father and the devil. The ringleader.

Costume maker in the circus. Wavy black hair just past her shoulders and a red strand and brown eyes. A creative ghost. Also takes part in Static trapeze with Nemu.

Seen as the caterpillar. A magician who runs the circus at Hiyoshi's order.

Aerial silk. Black hair that reachs the back of her neck at the back and goes in the middle of her neck at the front. Also does the Contortion act.

Curly, brown hair reaching her shoulders. Main act on Russian bar. Cyber goth.

Other holder of the Russian bar and does the Risley act. Wears steam-punk.

Tyler and Nemu
Specialty is Wheel of Death. Tyler also holds the Russian bar when Marie is performing. Nemu performs Static trapeze with Parcee. Both wears steam-punk.
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Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/20/14
"It's my birthday tomorrow," Yuki smiled, jumping out of bed. Her shoulder length hair was silver and her eyes were brown. Her full fringe covered her forehead. She looked at the short, puffy, pastel pink dress and black tailcoat that rested on the back of her door. "I'll get ready later," she added, changing into a simple pair of black, frilly shorts, black over the knee socks and a white blouse with bows on and sheer long sleeves with a puffy end. "Morning," she smiled, coming down the stairs to see a lady with brown hair tied up into a pony tail who was opening packets of white paper lanterns. "I'm going to start on the garden," Yuki added. "Okay, Iv'e set up the canopy," her mum informed. "Thanks," Yuki responded, opening the door to the garden. The sun was brightly shining. A blue gazebo was in the middle of the grass. She picked up a box of red, black and white fabric before stepping outside. Four butterfly's flew past her. One was dark blue, one was red, one was green and one was orange. "Four butterfly's..." she mumbled. The image of a boy with split dyed hair, the right half black and the left purple,with purple rabbit ears on his head, popped into her head. Her body felt weak, causing her to drop the red fabric she was holding. Her eyesight grew blurry. Yuki's body started to fall."The game has started," a voice echoed through the air. THUD. "Ow," Yuki mumbled. As she sat up she noticed that she was wearing a short sleeved, and short skirted black Japanese school uniform with a pink bow and thigh high black socks. "My clothes changed?" she mumbled. Strands of her hair fell in-front of her, showing her hair was now reaching her waist and was pure white instead of silver. Looking around, she noticed her surroundings had changed. She appeared to be outside in-between an area filled with a popcorn machine, hook the duck and other carnival games. "A carnival?" she guessed, standing up.The sky was dark and fairy lights lined across the sky. Around the corner was a Man and a woman who were standing next to a black Russian bar. The man had short light brown hair and brown eyes. His left ear had three silver, ring piercings. He was wearing a pair of black trousers, a long sleeved grey shirt that was rolled up to his elbows and a brown waistcoat. A pair of brown googles was on his head. "Marie, maybe you should try doing something new on top of the bar," he added. The woman was wearing a short, black, shiny skirt, pink tights with black fishnets on-top, a long sleeved purple top with her shoulders on show and the sleeves starting under her shoulders,neon pink and black stripped, finger-less gloves covered her arms, black boots on her feet and black googles on her head. She had Curly, brown hair reaching her shoulders and grey eyes. She did a backwards cartwheel. "Like that?" she asked. "Will you be able to do it on the bar?" the man asked. "Get Tyler and we can try," Marie responded. "Excuse me," Yuki shyly mumbled from behind them. The woman and man turned around. A shock look on their face. "A reaper?" the woman questioned. "Reaper?" Yuki repeated. "What are you doing here?" the man asked. "I woke up here," Yuki mumbled. "Who's soul are you here to take?" the woman asked. "I don't know what your talking about," Yuki mumbled. "Maybe the kid really doesn't know," the man defended. "Shut up Gura, you're a demon. Demons aren't trustworthy," Marie moaned. "As apposed to a witch?" Gura argued. "Witches are better than demons," Marie complained, glancing at Yuki. "Should we take her to the boss?" she asked, walking around Yuki. "Wouldn't it be better to take her to the Magician?" Gura asked. "You take her, I'm busy practicing," Marie concluded, pushing Yuki towards Gura who caught her. "Where is this?" Yuki shyly asked while they were walking through the carnival. "You really have no idea?" Gura questioned, watching Yuki nod. "This is the Black Rose Circus," Gura explained. "Black Rose Circus..." Yuki mumbled. "I'm Gura, I'm in charge of the Risley act and holding the Russian bar in this Circus," Gura introduced. "I'm... Yuki," Yuki hesitated. "You hesitated," Gura acknowledged. "My real name is Shannon but I usually go by Yuki," Yuki explained. "It's cute, suits you. Especially your hair," Gura nodded. "About that, How did I get here and why did my hair and clothes change?" Yuki asked. "I presume your eyes and everything else changed," Gura added. "My eyes?" Yuki repeated, glancing at a nearby mirror. She looked Japanese and her right eye was gold while her left eye was pink. She was also slightly shorter. "What happened?" she panicked. "It's okay, there's someone who can help," Gura reasured, pointing to a small black tent behind the carnival. He guided her over there. "Sir, May I come in?" Gura called through the tent wall. "Come in," a male voice ordered. Yuki followed him inside. Inside was a black desk covered in magic trick objects. A tall man was stood to the side. His hair was black and his eyes were hazel. He wore black trousers and a black, Gothic military jacket. His skin was pale."A reaper," he stated. He picked a picture in a black frame of the desk. "She looks like her," he added, putting the picture back down onto the table. "Lucretia, do you think that she is her?" Gura asked. "Reaper, Snow white hair, Appears half Japanese, Eyes the same as the baby. Should be," Lucretia nodded. "What are you talking about?" Yuki mumbled. "Wake him up," Lucretia ordered. Gura looked down at Yuki before going to the other side of the tent. A black coffin stood there. After knocking six times, Gura stood backwards. "Is it show time already?" a male voice asked as the coffin door opened with a man standing there.
"Sorry to bother you, boss," Gura apologized, moving to the side. As the man looked at Yuki he quickly climbed out of the coffin. "You're her," he added. "I think you have the wrong person," Yuki mumbled, stepping backwards. "When is your birthday?" the man asked. "Tomorrow..." Yuki mumbled. "And how old will you be?" he continued. "16," Yuki responded. "So you were born 15th June, 1998?" the man questioned. Yuki nodded, looking down. The man crouched down so he could look her in the eye. "My name is Hiyoshi Moon, I'm your father," he introduced. Yuki looked at Gura who nodded. "So you woke up here?" Hiyoshi asked. "Yeah," Yuki nodded. "That's weird, I'll try to find a way home for you by tomorrow," he added. "But-" Yuki mumbled. Everyone looked down at her. "It's my party tonight..." she mumbled. "We can find a way to take you back before you came here," Hiyoshi reasured. "In the meantime you can stay here," he commented, clicking his fingers. "Here?" Yuki repeated. "I have prepared a caravan for you, its not much but its better than what the others have," he responded. "While your here you should watch our circus tonight, just enter the red top," he added.He looked over at Gura. "Take her to the caravan and then go back to practice," he ordered. "Right, sir," nodded Gura. "Is he the boss?" Yuki asked while Gura was guiding her. "He is the ringleader of the circus and the devil," nodded Gura. "The devil?" Yuki repeated. "You believe in the supernatural, right?" he asked. Yuki nodded. "Well he's the devil himself," explained Gura. "Why does he run a circus then?" Yuki asked. "No idea, he's bored? I guess," Gura responded. He stopped walking outside of a large caravan. "This is yours," he added. "Thanks," Yuki mumbled. "I need to get back to practice, bye," he waved before walking of. "Thank you," Yuki called out. Inside the caravan was fairly simple. The main room had a bed on the back wall. There was also a kitchen and a bathroom with had a sink, bathroom and toilet. However the bed was shaped like Totoro, a character Yuki likes and there was another room filled with clothes and accessories that matched her style. Yuki sighed before jumping, backwards onto the bed. "This has to be a dream," she sighed.
A loud tune filled the air as customers pilled into the red top. Yuki was sitting on her own on the top row. The customers whispered as they read the programs and munched on popcorn. "For one night only, The black rose circus is here," Hiyoshi's voice called into the big top through a speaker. The lights went out. A spot light shown to the center of the performance area where Hiyoshi was standing. He was wearing a red tail coat with a skull imprinted on the back, a white shirt, a black waist-coat, black trousers and a tall red top-hat. "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls. This show contains some scenes that some people may find... disturbing," he called out. The light died down. A menacing tune filled the big top. Two white spot-lights moved around. "The first act is the Russian bar with three of our favorite demons," Hiyoshi called out. The spot lights met in the middle of the room as the main light turned on. Gura and a man with short, dark brown hair, cartwheeled into the middle. They were both wearing a long sleeved black shirt, black trousers, a black tail-coat with the bio-hazard symbol stitched on the sides, a dark red waist-coat, Black goggles covered both of their eyes, and a pocket-watch on a gold chain hanging around their necks. A warning alarm filled the air as the red and white lights flashed. They both held their arms up into the air, looking out into the audience before slowly pulling there arms back down. Marie staggered out, in a zombie like way.
The lights stopped flashing. A screen filled the air. A dined light turned on showing Gura and the other man holding onto the black Russian bar with Marie standing on-top, in a bowing position. The audience started to clap. Marie started to jump up on the bar, doing acts in the air. "It looks really wobbly," one of the people in the audience whispered. Marie started to do cartwheels, causing the audience to gasp. The lights turned of. "The Zombie virus slowly started to cover the continent," Hiyoshi's voice called through the speakers. Lucretia staggered out onto the area as a black-light shown. Two people dressed in black and white skeleton costumes were on either side of him. He was wearing a long, black military coat with a white bio-hazard sign on the left side, black trousers, and a white face mask covered his mouth with a bio-hazard symbol in red in the middle. The music went quite. "I need an assistant," he called out. The s pot light shown on a lady wearing a pair of jeans and a black vest-top. "Would you do me the honor?" Lucretia requested. The lady looked at her friend before nodding and standing up. Lucretia performed a magic trick using her as the assistant for eight minutes. The lady quickly returned to her seat. Two fog machines which pointed into the middle of the tent went of, sending fog into the middle which almost covered Lucretia. A dark music filled the air as Marie staggered out, holding her arms out. She pulled him down to the ground, followed by a scream before fog covered them. The two skeletons made a diamond with their fingers before moving her hands forwards. The skeletons stepped to the side and performed a back flip. They slowly walked towards the back of the tent. They skeletons rolled out a table with a small box on-top into the middle of the stage. One of the skeletons put their hand to their mouth as a fast-pace cyber goth song filled the air. The lid on the box slowly opened. The skeletons stepped backwards. A pair of arms stick out of the box before going back to the box, pulling out a leg wearing black and red striped tights with black fishnets on-top. A girl slowly climbed out of the box. She was wearing a tight,short, leather black dress with straps. A black face mask covered her mouth with a red bio-hazard symbol in the middle. Black, torn, arm warmers covered her arms. Thick, black eyeliner covered her eyes. Her hair was black and reached the back of her neck at the back and goes in the middle of her neck at the front. "Lets get this party started," she smiled, clapping her hands together. The music turns more fast pace as the skeletons staggered to the sides of the show area after taking away the box. She put her hands down in-front of her as she carefully went into a handstand. Her legs went over her legs and went down in-front of her hands. She slowly stood up before performing the triple fold. The steam-punk man who performed with Gura walked back onto the show area, helping her down of the table with Gura rolled the table away. The man staggered, like a zombie, to the side. The skeletons staggered back into the center of the show area, holding two red areal silks that were attached to the ceiling. She carefully climbed up the aerial silk while the Skeletons stood close by. Once she got half way up she tied her foot in with the silk. She slowly hung upside down. As the silk spun around she held out her hand. She quickly went back up and climbed up further. Holding onto the silk, she leaned backwards, with one leg out which she performed the splits with. She went back into the middle, pulling the two silks away slightly. She moved her hands in-front. She pulled the silks away, hanging in the middle with just her hands holding onto the silk.The music got slower as she carefully dropped down. The skeletons took the aerial silk and moved to the sides. The short haired girl bowed before the music slowed down. Marie, the steam-punk man from before and Gura staggered onto the show area, crowding around the short haired girl. A scream filled the air as they made it look like they bit into her. The lights went dark for a few seconds as the music stopped. The lights turned back on with only Hiyoshi in the center. "There will now be a ten minute interval, feel free to look around the carnival outside till we start again," he announced. The customers went outside to play on the carnival games. Yuki carefully jumped to ground. "What do you think?" Hiyoshi asked. "It was awesome! I lose Circuses," Yuki smiled. "That's good," Hiyoshi smiled, patting her on the head. He looked over at the short haired girl, waving to call her over. "Hi," she puffed coming over. "Misa, This is my daughter. Call her Yuki," Hiyoshi introduced. "Nice to meet you," Misa smiled, shaking hands with Yuki. "Well done up there, it was really good," Yuki blushed. "Thanks," Misa grinned. "If you like the first half you'll deferentially like the second half. That's when it gets more.... interesting," Hiyoshi added. "Anyway I need to go," he waved before walking backstage. "How long have you been in the circus?" Yuki asked. "Since 1889," Misa responded. "1889?" she repeated. "I'm a corpse demon," Misa explained. "Corpse demon?" Yuki repeated. "Fancy name for Zombie," Misa replied. "That's ironic," Yuki mumbled. "Yep, well your name is Yuki which is Japanese for snow, whats white like your hair," Misa responded. "I guess," Yuki nodded. "I need to get changed, see ya," she waved before running back stage. "So, Little Yuki, what do you think?" Gura asked from behind her. Yuki quickly turned around. "It was good," Yuki nodded. "My main act is in the second half so look forward to it," Gura smiled, patting Yuki on the head. "I need to go," he added, waving, before going backstage. Five minutes later the rest of the audience pilled in. The red curtains at the back slowly opened as tense music filled the tent. Two men was standing there. One was the other man holding the Russian bar with Gura. The other man had short, brown hair with a black tip-dyed. He was wearing brown trousers, white shirt, a brown waist-coat and black goggles covering his eyes. Two red-spot lights shown in-front of them as they split up. Gura held onto the wheel as the man with tip-dyed hair climbed into one of the wheels. Gura quickly ran of to the side. He held onto the side while Gura slowly pushed the wheel, causing it to go up, doing five turns.The wheel stopped on its own. Gura quickly ran of backstage. The wheel turned around for a bit, getting faster. The other man quickly grabbed the empty wheel as it passed him, climbing inside while it was still moving. They slowly walked, causing the wheel to turn around, changing direction. It stopped as one wheel was on top and the other wheel on the bottom. Both of the men stared out into the audience, posing for a few seconds. The music grew faster. They both started to slowly walk forwards, causing the wheel to move. The speed of the wheel started to increase.They started to jump when their wheel was on-top. After a few turns they occasional jumped to the other side of the wheel. It started to get slower. The men held out their arm as a white spot-light shown on each of them. The wheel started to go backwards. The other man jumped out of the wheel once it passed the ground. The wheel continued spinning. After it started to get faster he grabbed the edge of the empty wheel, climbing on-top of the wheel. The music changed to a Cyber Goth tune. The man walked on the outside of the wheel while the other man kept walking forwards inside the wheel. After a few turns, the man inside the wheel climbed outside. They both got a skipping rope out of their pocket, skipping as they walked on the outside. After six spins it slowed down till it had stopped and one wheel was on the bottom. The man with tip-dyed hair climbed inside his wheel. Spot-light shone on them as they held their arms up. The man inside started to walk, causing the wheel to move with the other man still outside the wheel. Red spotlights shone out from the outside of the performance area. The speed increased. The man outside of his wheel started to do short jumps. He did one high jump, clapping his hands which caused the audience to clap. Once his wheel got to the bottom, he jumped out, holding his arms up. The wheel kept turning. The man inside the wheel quickly jumped out, taking a bow at the same time as the other man. The wheel behind them started to get slower until it stopped. The audience clapped.The lights went dark. A green spot light shown a bio-hazard symbol, pointing into the center of the tent. A Japanese boy walked into the center of the tent. His hair was Short, pale green hair with a pastel pink fringe. His eyes were aquamarine and his fringe covered his right eye. In his hand was a red and a black top hat. He threw the red hat up into the air followed by the black hat. A skeleton staggered on stage. It threw a white top hat at him which he started to juggle with. He spent the next seven minutes doing hat manipulation with a variety of different sized and shaped red,white and black hats. He bowed before the lights turned of. A red spotlight shone on the center of the tent which showed Gura lying down on his back on a matted table. A person wearing the skeleton costume slowly walked out. The skeleton kept throwing juggling tubes at his feet which he started to juggle. Marie staggered on stage, catching the juggling tubes. He spreaded out his fingers in-front of them, making a wing shape. He made his hand into a fist before moving his arms down. He bowed before the light turned of. A spot-light turned on with Marie standing there, next to Misa who had changed into another outfit.
They both took a step forwards, placing their hands against each other's in the air.Hoodoo by Miss Hysteria filled the air. A Japanese boy, with short black hair and a bright red full fringe and pale red eyes walked out, looking down at the ground. He was wearing a white shirt with no sleeves and large, gold buttons. The first few buttons were undone, black trousers, a black face mask covering his mouth and nose and a unbuttoned black waist-coat with a tail on the back.In both of his hands was a juggling poi. Marie and Misa walked to the sides. Marie picked up a torch of the side as Misa lit it with a lighter. After carefully lighting the ends of the poi, Marie walked backstage, followed by Misa.Whispers filled the audience. The boy slowly started to spin the poi backwards. After a minute he spun the poi faster.He made a bio-hazard symbol out of the flames, followed by random circles. After a few minutes the fire went out and the tent went dark. The spot light shone on the tight-rope at the top of the tent. Standing there was a Japanese boy with Short, purple and black split dyed hair. "It's him," Yuki mumbled as she looked up at him. He was wearing a white shirt which had the top five buttons undone, a black skull necklace above it, a black waistcoat, a black tail coat on-top and black trousers. He spent the next five minutes walking on the tight-rope while performing with a Diabolo. The lights turned of. The spot-light turned on, pointing to a woman with shoulder length brown hair with a red strand, tied up into a pony tail, and brown eyes, wearing a short black tutu, black fishnet tights, a short black top covered in black lace with straps was standing to the side like a ballerina. One of the men from the wheel of death walked out from backstage as the fog machine sent fog out into the performance area. Two skeletons cartwheeled out of the backstage area. They grabbed a hold of one of the wires while the two people climbed onto the Static trapeze which they spent five minutes on, doing jaw-dropping acts. They easily got back down onto the ground before running backstage. Tense music filled the tent as two skeletons walked out either side of a Japanese boy with short, blonde hair and a pastel blue full fringe walked out into the center of the tent. He was only wearing a pair of black trousers which meant his six pack was on display. The two skeletons stepped backwards and started to pull a large, glass tank out from the shadows which was filled with water. Gura walked into the center, holding two pairs of handcuffs. The boy and Gura walked to the front row. Gura passed the man in the audience a pair of handcuffs. "Put one on one of wrists," Gura ordered. The man in the audience nodded as he carefully wrapped the handcuff around his hand. Gura passed the other handcuff to the woman sitting next to him. Gura walked backstage. The man walked closer to the tank. The skeletons carefully clipped the handcuffs to a upside down plank of wood. The music went silent as it lifted up into the air, causing the boy to be lifted up, upside down. "The average human being can hold their breath under water for a total of two minutes," Lucretia's voice called out through the speakers. The man who held the other side of the Russian bar walked out carrying a large timer. "To survive the zombies water is believed to have been a cure," Hiyoshi's voice echoed through the tent. "Silence please," he added as more lights shone on the tank. The plank of food carefully went into the tank. The skeletons quickly locked the padlock that connected the plank to the tank. The sound of the timer clicking filled the air. The boy started to struggle inside the tank. The clock turned 4 minutes. Suddenly the plank dropped to the ground as he climbed out. As he jumped out all the audience clapped. He smiled, taking a bow. "Of course, water never stopped zombies," Hiyoshi commented through the speakers. Marie staggered onto the stage. Abuse by XMH started to play out of the speakers.The boy stepped backwards. The skeletons stepped forwards, retraining him. Marie grabbed his arm, moving her mouth closer to his arm. The lights turned of. When the lights turned back on half a minute later, the tank was no longer there. All of the 11 cast members staggered onto the performance area, walking up to Hiyoshi. The lights flashed as a male scream filled the air. The lights turned back on showing all 12 of them covered in neon colored paint with the UV light switched on, above them.They took a bow as the audience clapped. "Good night, and don't let the zombies bite," Hiyoshi called out. The audience slowly walked out of the tent. Everyone went to bed. The next morning it was sunny. Yuki changed into a blue dress.
"I heard its your birthday," the boy with blonde and blue hair stated once he saw Yuki come around the corner. Yuki nodded. The black and red haired boy patted her on the head from behind her. He was wearing a short sleeved, black top with a white rib cage print in the middle and a pair of black trousers. "We should introduce our-self's. I'm Tyler," the man who was holding the Russian bar with Gura last night stated. The lady with black hair with a red strand turned around to face them. "I'm Parcee," she introduced. "I'm Nemu," added the other man who performed on the wheel of death. "I'm Yomi," smiled the boy with green and pink hair. "I'm Reita," introduced the boy with blonde and blue hair. "I'm Teru," the black and purple haired boy added. "Seike," the black and red haired boy introduced. "Yuki," Yuki blushed. "Nice to meet you," smiled Reita.Marie and Misa were both eating pancakes."The Kid should join us," Marie moaned. "Join you?" Yuki repeated. "You stay you, you have to work in the circus," Marie explained. "It would make it fair," nodded Nemu. "So what type of costume should I make?" Parcee asked. "I think bubble goth would suit her," Seike added, exchanging eye-contact with Yuki. "Okay, sounds good," nodded Parcee before standing up and walking of. "What would I have to do?" Yuki asked. "We'll think of it, just don't think we're going to make it easy on you," Marie complained. Yomi wrapped his arm around Yuki's shoulder. "You'll discuss it," he added before walking of with Yuki, followed by Seike, Reita and Teru. They went to Yuki's caravan. "Are you okay?" Reita asked, sitting down on the end of her bed. "I guess," Yuki mumbled, glancing at Teru. Reita pulled her down next to him. "This wasn't how I suspected to spend my birthday," Yuki sighed, laying down onto the bed. Yomi sat down on the edge of the bed, next to Yuki. "We will try our best to protect you," he added. "Why?" Yuki asked, looking up into his eyes. Seike crouched down on the floor next to the bed."You're the Shinigami Princess," he responded. Teru sat down at the end of the bed. "And plus, your cute," smiled Reita, laying down and wrapping his arms around Yuki's waist which caused her to blush. "Pervert," Seike moaned. "Anyway, are you hungry?" Teru asked, exchanging eye-contact with Yuki. "You do know who she is, right?" Gura asked while he was drinking a cup of coffee. "A reaper?" responded Nemu and Marie. "She's his daughter," Misa responded. "By his, you mean Lucretia?" guessed Tyler. "The bosses," Gura replied. "She's the daughter of the devil?" Marie asked. "Why do you think the boys are so interested in her?" Misa interrupted. "Because they're a bunch of young perverts?" Nemu responded. "They see it as their duty to protect her," Misa added. "Don't worry, we'll find you a way home," Yomi reasured.

Reita carefully clipped two small, black devil horns onto Yuki's head.
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