Good bye crunchyroll....its been something
Posted 4/21/14
i think I am finally getting over watching crunchyroll/anime...I don't like the huge increase in yaoi and yuri in every single anime now a days. It should be called anime for the LBGT community-which is what it actually is now. not just that but I love Japanese culture and I just figured that anime as a whole isn't something I will continue to like be it straight or gay. The shows are also always pushing LOLI and incest, It didn't use to be like this, but anime has fans who are ONLY into these things and they are the main watchers. It makes people like me who just want a good story I a straight man can relate to....boring. I hate no one...please don't waste your time believing that I do, but I just want something that reflects me and time after time I get nothing. Soo this is good bye to anime(except for naruto-there is a site that only shows Naruto episodes). Its been fun!!!
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Posted 4/21/14
Had not noticed, that anime is all aimed at the gay community. There has always been a mixture of genres.
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Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/21/14
Huh, bye ?

Don't understand this topic sorry ! ;/
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Posted 4/21/14
Well, user nuked before I could post anything, but maybe he should've checked the Recommend me an Anime thread before leaving?

Anyway, a personal thread, and the user nuked, so this is now locked & closed.

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