What did you think of MTAC 2014?
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Posted 4/21/14
Anyone get the opportunity to go to MTAC this year in Murfreesboro?

If you did, what did you think about it?

Be honest, because I was not a huge fan of how everything worked out this year.
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M / Maryville,TN
Posted 4/24/14
I have many of the same complaints I've heard and read from others...small venue, long lines, disorganization. By no means did I hate it, but I've been to seven MTACs and this was my least favorite. I attended some good panels and enjoyed the amv contest. Hopefully next year it will feel more like the MTAC I've grown to enjoy
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Posted 4/24/14
This year was a bit of a let down panel-wise. The musical artist concerts more than made up for it though. Chii Sakurabi did an amazing job.

The venue was small, but if you've been to previous MTAC cons before, then you should be used to the lines by now. Hotel wise, I did enjoy the free breakfast and drinks they served. Awesome food.

The only real complaint I had was about the rude volunteer staff. They were just awful this year. The venue was tight and cramped, I know, but that doesn't give you an excuse to be an A-Hole to people.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 7/19/15
This event is over. Locked.
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