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Posted 20 days ago

nkb0321 wrote:

well, I think its better to have sasuke as the hokage and naruto to become something much more bigger shot (like saint recognized by all kages). if not then it would be same mistake as hashirama and madara. since currently the story is something about naruto and sasuke dealing with kaguya, and four hokages being given some advice from sage of six paths.
so I think madara will brought again to defeat kaguya. It has no meaning if they cannot take madara's hate towards the world (as he was very good guy once). I think naruto will do it since he is the guy to promote peace and forgiveness.

That sounds great.
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Posted 11 days ago
Naruto will end up like Hashirama,
Sasuke will end up like Madara,
KIshimoto will continue Naruto series because if he will not he will be left eith his two flop series which i think he is writing or has left and and will be left with no job and iff he is writing his other series he will end up publishing them privately.
Soi think Naruto is not going to end .
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