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Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/22/14
Was looking through the animes on crunchyroll when a couple caught my eye:

School days
Wait what? Crunchyroll had this? *Proceeds to final episode to look at comments* ROFL, particular comment I enjoyed was *I thought this was going to be normal......*

Hmm whats this? Watches first episode: I never thought I could have my heart taken out and put back in within the space of just 20 min.

Skip Beat
Ye,,, Wth happened to this, I remember watching it with the open ending and going yep this is definitely gonna have a second season, such a great anime need more crazy kyoko. Srsly wth happened to this anime it was amazing, loved every moment of it.

Humanity has declined
O I remember this... The toaster that committed suicide!!!

Anyways was just surprised crunchyroll had such good anime in the back. Feel free to share others.
Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/22/14
Cuticle Detective Inaba and Flowers of Evil are two masterpieces I've discovered on CR.

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Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/22/14
Skip Beat is looking like it is wrapping up in the Magna. There is enough material for a season 2, but who knows if it will get one.

Kotoura-san is a roller coaster that must be watched to the end.

Some of the other gems are

Venus to Mamoru
Servant x Service
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Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/22/14
Nagi No Asukara, although I knew it was gonna be good because it was a P.A Works Anime...
And Hanasaku Iroha, the first P.A Work that blew my mind.
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