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18 / F / Tokyo
Posted 4/24/14 , edited 4/26/14
Main characters
Yuki Moon
Aged 15 (Two months till she is 16)The Shinigami Princess and the daughter of the devil. Besides this she loves all things kawaii. She has pure, snow white hair and different colored eyes, her left pastel pink and the right pastel purple. Power over Ice/Frost/Snow and death.

Aged 18.

Aged 18. Power over fire.

Age 19. Power over water.

Hiyoshi "Lucifer" Moon
Yuki's father and the ruler of hell. He has a poor attitude towards everyone besides Yuki. His ability's are; seeing people's greatest fears, transporting to different worlds and illusions. He likes to drink red wine or whisky.

Other characters

Koumori ("Bat")

Yamamoto Miku
Miku is In Yuki's class. Dream is to be a nail artist in Shibuya.

Watanabe Chiyo
Chiyo sits in-front of Yuki's seat.

Rest of the class

Home room teacher

Tanaka Mao



Mochi princess
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18 / F / Tokyo
Posted 4/25/14 , edited 4/28/14
Yuki could see the view of the Tokyo tower from the tall building roof she was standing on.

It was a sunny morning in the south of England as a young girl was walking to her friends house.She was wearing a short sleeved, pastel pink seifuku, white cat tattoo tights. She had long, curly, brown hair which had a strand tied up into a small ponytail by a pink, bunny eared hair band. "Amy,"Yuki smiled, waving to the girl with shoulder length black hair that was walking up to her. "Morning," Amy smiled. She as wearing a par of black jeans and a short sleeved black top with "I like my men, tall, dark and serves' in the middle with a printed picture of Snape from Harry potter next to it."How are you?" Amy asked while they were walking. "I'm okay, you?" Yuki responded. "Hip still hurts but I'm fine," Amy responded. At school Inori went to a table with a girl with black hair, a girl with red hair, a girl with blonde hair and a girl with brown hair. "Finally Friday," the black haired girl smiled. "And we get a longer weekend with May day," added the brown haired girl. "Oh yeah, Heidi," the red haired girl remembered. "Whats wrong?" the black haired girl asked. "You left your book in my locker," reminded the red haired girl. "Thanks, Megan. Forgot about that," responded Heidi.Yuki felt someone watching her, causing her to look up however no body was there. A loud, beeping sound echoed through the air. "Come on Nerys, lets go to maths," the brown haired girl added, dragging the blonde girl away. After school Yuki, Heidi and Nerys waited for the brown haired girl.A black haired man walked up to them.
"My name is Hiyoshi Moon," the man introduced. "Why are you here?" Nerys asked. "To talk to Yuki," he responded. "How do you know my name?" Yuki mumbled, stepping backwards. "I'll go get a teacher," Heidi added before running of. "I'm not creepy, I just need to talk to my daughter," Hiyoshi blurted. "Daughter?" Yuki and Nerys repeated in-unison. "Its a shame your still in that form," he sighed. Heidi came running up with a red-haired male teacher. "You have to go to reception first before entering the school," he added, stepping forwards. "I just wanted to give her this," Hiyoshi responded, stepping forwards and placing something in Yuki's hand. Writing was written along the top.
"The Shinigami Princess will awake when she touches this," Yuki mumbled, reading the writing. "You can read that?" Heidi asked. "Yeah, why?" Yuki asked. "It's in Japanese," Nerys and the teacher informed in-unison. "It's in Japanese?" Inori mumbled. A burst of white light shot out from Inori. After a few seconds, the light disappeared .Standing there was a slightly shorter, cuter, Japanese girl with pale white skin and snow white hair, which reached her waist. Her right eye was pale purple and her left eye was pale pink.
"I forgot to mention this, i'm the devil," Hiyoshi added. Yuki's legs felt weak, causing her to go down on her knees. A strand of her hair fell in-front of her. "My hair's changed..." she mumbled. "And everything else," stated Heidi. "You are the Shinigami princess, my daughter," Hiyoshi informed. "Shinigami Princess..." Yuki mumbled. "Its just the effects of radiation," a voice interrupted behind them. A woman with short, black hair came walking up. "Your sensitive to the sunlight and the thing he gave you attacked you with radiation," the woman explained. "Sure, that's why shes fluent in Japanese, looks Japanese and everything in her body has changed," Hiyoshi complained. "It was worth a shot," the woman sighed. Yuki looked down at the strange thing in her hand.

THUD. "You make it too easy, Princess," the demon snickered as the chains moved up into the air. "Stop!" a male voice shouted. A boy with light hair suddenly came running up.
"An Ace," the demon acknowledged. "Ace?" Inori repeated. "Useless creatures that are meant to protect you," the demon explained as the chains zoomed towards the boy who dodged out of the way. The boy wrapped his arm around Yuki's back, helping her stand up. The boy held his left hand out toward the demon. Small strikes of lightning drifted of his hand. "Stay behind me," the boy added, glancing at Yuki behind him to make sure she was still okay. The chain wrapped around the boys neck while another chain wrapped around Yuki from behind her, pulling her backwards onto the ground. A chain zoomed towards Yuki who just about moved out of the way, only causing her arm to be scratched. "Crap," the light haired by moaned, pulling away from the chains. A Japanese boy with shirt, black hair walked out of the shadows.
He clicked his fingers, causing a small flame to appear, dancing above his hand. "Would you get away from the Princess now?" he asked. The two demons exchanged eye-contact before stepping forwards. "Bad decision guys," the boy coldly commented, walking in-front of Inori. The light haired boy grabbed Yuki's hand, pulling her closer. "Use your powers," he whispered. "My powers?" Yuki asked. "You'll know how," the black haired boy responded. Chains shot towards them. A burst of white light shot out from Inori. As the chains touched the light they disappeared. Small snowflakes drifted around her hand.

"Who are both of you?" Yuki mumbled. "I'm Ren," the light haired boy smiled, patting Yuki on the head."I'm Kenji," the black haired boy introduced. "Yuki," she mumbled. Kenji crouched down in-front of her, wiping the drip of blood which was dripping down her arm. "Thanks for saving me," Yuki mumbled. Her vision started to go blurry as she felt weak. "Yuki?" Ren asked. "I feel really dizzy," she admitted as her eyes closed and she collapsed, being caught by Kenji.

"Wanna go up to Camden? I'll pay for everything," Ren offered. "Isn't that annoying?" Yuki asked. "I want to," Ren smiled. Hiyoshi passed her a black dress box. "For you to wear to Camden," he explained. Yuki changed into a pink salopette, a short sleeved pink top, pink over the knee socks with bunnys pritned on the side and a pair of pink teapartys.

Hiyoshi called Yuki, Kenji and Ren into the living room in his castle."Inori, I heard that you want to live in Japan?" Hiyoshi started. Yuki nodded, glancing at Ren and Kenji. "If you are okay with the idea, I can move you to Japan, I'll pay for everything. Food, Furniture, transport, internet, the apartment, bills, anything," Hiyoshi informed. "But," she mumbled. "Whats wrong?" Hiyoshi asked. "My Friends are here,I'm so close to exams, the language is different there, schools difficult in Japan and I don't want to leave my mum,"Yuki reminded. "You're half Japanese, fluent in English as you know and you've been fluent in Japanese since you've been like that, And I will sort it out. Your mother will be fine, I'm going to help her as well," Hiyoshi responded. "Anyway,Kenji, Ren," he added. "Yes, sir?" Kenji asked, sounding slightly worried and exchanging a glance from Ren. "Would you two mind moving back to Japan and living with her?" Hiyoshi requested. "I don't mind," Ren blushed, glancing at Yuki. "Don't mind either," added Kenji. The week later they all got on a flight, first class and payed by Hiyoshi, and flew to Tokyo. "Well, here is your new home," Hiyoshi stated, guiding them to an apartment building in Shinjuku. "Are you sure I'm going to be okay here?" Yuki asked. "You have me to help you any-when and the guys. Also your school is set up, I'm giving you money for living stuff and your job is set up," nodded Hiyoshi. "But I've never spent this much time away from my mum," Yuki mumbled. "I'm here if you get lonely," smiled Ren, patting Inori on the head. "Remember write that number in red on a mirror or shout out to me and i'll come," Hiyoshi reminded, passing them a key each. He passed Yuki a thick envelope. "To buy furniture and stuff," he added. The ring on his finger started to lightly glow. "It's an issue in hell, good luck," he sighed, looking around before pressing his ring. Black smoke covered him as he disappeared. "That's the devil for you," Kenji sighed. "Wanna go have a look at our new place?" smiled Ren, wrapping his arm around Yuki's back, who nodded. They took the lift up to the third, the last, floor. Kenji inserted the key before opening the door. They all took of their shoes before walking past the entrance. Most of the apartment was empty. "Brings back memory's," Ren added, looking out the balcony window. "So we start school next week. That leaves us five days to get used to it," Kenji arranged. "You both grew up here though, This is the first time I've moved," Yuki reminded. "I left seven years ago though," reminded Ren. "I left five years ago," added Ren. "Anyway, we should go buy furniture and stuff," he suggested. Yuki opened the envelope which had three credit cards. "I'm going to quickly change out of these,"Yuki added, looking down at the clothes she had traveled in. "Yeah, me too. I'm taking a shower," nodded Ren. Yuki got changed as quick as she could.
Kenji had changed into a short sleeved, black top with a white rib cage print in the middle and a pair of black jeans. Ren changed into blue jeans, a short sleeved white top and a long sleeved blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. "I''m going to Shibuya to buy mine, what about you two?" Ren stated. "Harajuku," Yuki responded. "Not sure, Are you going to be okay on your own?" Kenji asked. "I'll be fine," she nodded. "You're going to get lost, aren't you?" Kenji sighed.Yuki's checks blushed. "I'll come with you," Kenji concluded. After creating a plan, they headed to the train-station. "Wah, so Kawaii!" Yuki smiled as something in a shop window caught her attention. "Essentials today and other stuff another day," Kenji reminded, dragging her away from the store. "You should take the bigger bedroom, its connected to a bathroom so it will be better for you," advised Ren. "It's okay, one of you can have it," Yuki blushed. "It will be more sensible as I have an idea your going to buy a lot," Kenji stated. They spent the next three days decorating the apartment and making sure everything was in place. Yuki's room, which was connected to a private bathroom, was at the back of the apartment with Ren's room next to hers and Kenji picked the room closest to the living area which meant a spare room was in-between his and Ren's room. Opposite Ren's room was the general bathroom. With the kitchen next to it. At the front of the apartment was an area for the living room and next to it was a traditional Japanese table. There was a corner which led to the entrance way and the front door. "Finally finished," Ren smiled, sitting down on the sofa. "It's a pretty impressive apartment," Kenji admitted, closing the curtains around the balcony doors."Slightly wondering about your table choose though," admitted Ren. "I wanted to buy a cute one for Yuki," Kenji explained.
The living room had a big sofa along one wall with the TV stand and TV opposite with lots of video games and game consoles around it. In the middle was a glass table and a large balcony was to the left.

On Monday morning the weather was sunny. "Yuki, we have to go to the train-station soon," Ren called as he was tying his tie in the living room, next to Kenji who sorting out his hair. "I look weird in this," Yuki sighed, coming around the corner. She was wearing a checkered white and black skirt, a black cardigan which was slightly bigger than her, a short sleeved white shirt, a baby pink bow hanging from underneath the collar, black over the knee socks and loafers. There was a two inch gap in-between the bottom of her skirt and the top of her socks. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails. "Wow," smiled Ren as he packed his lunch in his bag. "You look adorable," blushed Kenji. Ren and Kenji were both wearing the same uniform which consisted of black trousers, a white short sleeved shirt and a black and white stripped tie. "Oh yeah, I have a question, Do I introduce myself as Moon Yuki? Or Yuki Moon?" Yuki asked. "Best to do Moon Yuki as family names are used first," Kenji stated. Standing at the front of a classroom was a Japanese lady with black hair that was tied up into a pony tail at the back. "Today we have a sudden transfer who grew up in England. She is sensitive to sunlight so her hair and eyes are a little different," the teacher introduced. "But the school term started two weeks ago," one of the female students reminded. "It was a sudden move," the teacher informed. There was a soft knock at the door. "Come in," the teacher called. The classroom door slid open with Yuki standing in the doorway. "She's cute," one of the boys at the front of the classroom whispered. Yuki was standing at the front of the classroom, playing with the end of her sleeves as the teacher wrote her name on the board. "Moon-San, Would you introduce yourself?" the teacher kindly smiled. "I don't know what to say," Yuki panicked in her head. A girl with brown hair who was sitting in the middle of the classroom stood up.

"I'm Yamamoto Miku, a casual Gyaru and I love doing nail art. Nice to meet you," she winked. She bowed her head before sitting back down. Yuki took a deep breath. "It's nice to meet you I'm Moon Yuki. I love Kpop and I wear sweet Lolita and Fairy Kei. Please take care of me," Yuki shyly blushed, bowing her head at the end. "Your seat is at the back by the window," the teacher informed. "Thank you," Yuki blushed before making her way to her seat. The attendance was token before the first lesson started. At lunch the classroom became loud and lively. The brown haired girl sitting in-front of Yuki turned around.
"Do you want to eat with us?" she asked. "Are you sure?" Yuki blushed. "Of course," Miku nodded, walking up. They moved their desks together. "Oh yeah, I'm Watanabe Chiyo," Chiyo added. "Nice to meet you," Yuki shyly blushed. "You don't have to be so shy," commented Miku. "Sorry," Yuki mumbled. "We're friends, right?" smiled Miku. "If you want to be," Yuki nodded. "Of course," Chiyo nodded. "Okay," Yuki smiled, getting her bento out of her school bag."Its so cute," Chiyo smiled, looking at Yuki's bento. "Thanks, I made it last night," Yuki blushed.
"You said that you wear Lolita and Fairy Kei, right?" remembered Miku, watching Yuki nod. "What is your favorite brand?" Miku asked. "Angelic pretty, although I don't have much of it yet," Yuki responded. "I love Jesus Diamante," responded Miku. "I want to get into a street fashion but not sure which one," sighed Chiyo. "I think Decora would suit you," Yuki admitted. "Or Cult party Kei," nodded Miku. "I might try them some-when," Chiyo smiled. "Just wondering, where about's do you live?" she asked. "Shinjuku, what about you?" Yuki responded. "In Shibuya," Miku stated. "In Asakusa," Chiyo commented. Kenji and Ren were in the same class so they ate together with Masato, a boy in their class. "Whats with the cute bento?" he asked, looking down at Kenji's bento.
"I like Pikachu and the girl we live with was experimenting yesterday and made mine," Kenji explained, picking up one of the pieces of pasta and eating it. "Your sister?" he guessed. "A friend from England who moved at the same time," Kenji responded."Never thought this is her secret talent," Ren added, opening his bento box.
"Your friend you lived with, is it the cute new girl with white hair?" guessed Masato, eating some of the rice out of his bento. "How do you know about her?" Ren asked. "Some of us saw her around earlier and I know someone in her class," Masato explained. "That sounds stalker," Kenji sighed. "She's in the year below us, right?" Masato asked. "Yeah, she's one of the youngest know," nodded Ren. "Are either of you dating her?" Masato questioned. "She's single," Kenji coldly responded. "Are you doing PE today?" Chiyo asked at the start of the lesson after lunch. "Not today," Yuki responded, remembering when Hiyoshi told her that because they said she was sensitive to sunlight, it meant that she could skip PE if she wished to. "Moon-san," the homeroom teacher called out from the classroom door. "Be back in a minute," Yuki added before rushing over. "Are you taking apart in PE next?" she wondered. "No," Yuki responded, worrying that she was in trouble. "Don't worry, Your not in trouble," the teacher reasured. Standing next to her was a young, male teacher.
"This is Ryosuke-sensei," stated Kobayashi-sensei. Yuki nodded, slightly confused. "As your not doing PE can you help him?" requested Kobayashi. "Okay," Yuki nodded. Ryosuke guided her to one of the music rooms. "These need to hung up around the school otherwise the club will be disbanded," he explained, passing Yuki some of the small posters. "How many members do you need?" Yuki asked. "At least four, three we can get away with," Ryosuke explained. Yuki looked down at the small poster seeing it as advertising

a idol club. "It sounds fun," Yuki added. "Do you want to join?" offered Ryosuke. "I can't sing or anything," Yuki admitted. The moment when Hiyoshi told her that she can do things she didn't used to be able to do popped into her head. "Can I see?" smiled Ryosuke. Yuki's checks blushed. "But I can't sing," she blushed. "Whats the worse that could happen?" Ryosuke asked. "Embarrass myself or someone could hear," Yuki reminded. "This room is soundproof," informed Ryosuke. "I don''t know any songs," Yuki added. Ryosuke picked a piece of paper of the desk, passing it to her.

"You're good," he praised. Yuki's checks were red. "So, can I get you to join?" smiled Ryosuke.

"Moon-san," a girl with shoulder length, straight hair started, walking up to Yuki's desk at the end of the school day. "I'm Tanaka Mao, class president," Mao introduced. "Nice to meet you," Yuki shyly blushed. Mao passed her a sheet of paper. "Here's a list of after-school clubs and info on how to join is on here if you want to join one," Mao explained. "Thank you," Yuki smiled. Shortly after, all the students cleaned the classroom. "Thanks for all your hard work," Mao called out to the class before they all went home. Kenji was waiting at the school gate for her. "Ren will be here in a minute, he had to take the rubbish out," Kenji informed. "Okay," Yuki nodded.

Ren was sitting on the sofa, watching an anime that was on the TV. "Hey Ren," Yuki started, sitting next to him. "What's wrong?" Ren asked, looking over at her. "Are you going to do any clubs?" Yuki asked.

"Your going out?" Ren asked. "Going to buy some clothes," Yuki nodded. "Some," repeated Kenji. "I'm not going to buy alot," Yuki defended. "Okay, Okay. I'm coming with you to carry some of the bags," Kenji sighed, standing up. "I'm not buying that much," Yuki blushed.

"So, how was your first week?" Yuki mumbled. Kenji looked at her in the corner of his eye. "I should be asking you that," he responded.

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