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i hate fighting games.
Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/19/14
-has nothing to say, doesn't play video games. still posts- yay!

oh and ^ that is about me.. before anyone bites my head off
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Posted 10/19/14
I honestly love fighting games because of how hard they can be to learn. There's always something to learn, whether it's a new character, technique or combo. Instead of just playing to earn a new weapon or perk, you'll actually learn to play better than before. It feels far more rewarding than playing a lot just to earn a new weapon or move.

I think Tekken is a good fighting game for beginners. It does have a lot of stuff to learn but you can still deal a lot of damage just by smashing buttons. It's easy to learn the basics of the game and still have fun in it.
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Posted 10/29/14
If you want a really simple fighting game that I played was Bloody Roar.
square is punch, x is kick, circle is transform into a beast!
Very simple functions.

Then of course there's the option of not playing a fighting game at all.
Better not to waste your time on something you dislike.
I'm not of fan of first person shooters.
I just don't play em
Posted 10/29/14

I liked street fighter alpha due to the anime movie, and darkstalkers. Soul Edge/Blade/Calibur was fun. xmen/marvel super heroes/marvel vs capcom was great to play against friends. Samurai shodown was nice. Never got into the others.
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Posted 10/29/14
I am not so good at close combat games either, pulling off the combos and blocking and all of the is somewhat tricky to me.. but I tend to improve with a little invested time and that is why I can relate to you a little, but sometimes it's better to just be basass at what you're good at.. and that is why my favorite is first person shooters GRRRR
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Posted 10/31/14
The road to being good at fighting games is long and difficult. You have to learn what the other characters in the game are capable of, know when to bloc, know when its safe to use certain moves, learn how to predict your opponent, etc. I'd recommend either Tekken or Soul Calibur, those games aren't as combo heavy as games like UMVC3.

Once you learn the mechanics of a game, you'll be able to create combos and things like that. Probably the most difficulot games to learn for me are SF4(because of timing) and UMVC3(carrying out combos). The only one that i'd say that i'm good at is Mortal Kombat, in that game I can pull off combos that do up to 44% damage.

onibrotonel wrote:

If you going to play Tekken, Law is the best character to use. Just push two buttons at the same time and you get some good moves out of him. Or just button mash the hell of it.

Are you talking about his backflip move? Lol I used to always just mash those buttons on Tekken 2 & 3
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Posted 12/25/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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