Dream Dub Casting
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Posted 4/28/14 , edited 4/28/14
I'm a big fan of dub voice actors and I know probably more about a lot of the names in the industry than I really should, sometimes when I'm watching a series as it's airing I end up thinking about what it might sound like dubbed and who I would cast if it were up to me. There's also the cases where a series ends up getting licensed but not dubbed, or when it just gets dubbed badly and you wish it had been cast differently.

So I've made a thread for people to share their dream dub casting for a show. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there are probably at least some other people out there who think about this.

PS: This isn't a thread for debating whether or not dubs are good. I mean I don't mind some discussion if it comes up, but I don't want any trolls coming in here just going "My dream dub casting is none at all because dubs SUCK!" If you really wanna talk about that, I think this thread is pretty good:

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Posted 4/28/14
Patrick Stewart.
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Posted 12/27/15
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