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Post Reply What first got you into comics?
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31 / F / Florida, USA
Posted 5/3/14
Simple question: How or what got you to start reading comics? How long ago has it been? Just curious as someone who has only started.
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25 / M / ohio
Posted 5/4/14
It was two years ago. My friend and I spotted a comic shop while driving around one day and decided to drop in out of curiosity. We ended up not buying anything since we were saving our money for a trip to Myrtle Beach we had that weekend, but we ended up talking to the owner for a while about Marvel's movies (this was when the avengers was about o come out). He told us that free comic book day was on that Saturday, and actually pointed us to a shop in Myrtle to go to. We went to that store for free comic book day and I've been hooked ever since.
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23 / F / Winding Circle
Posted 5/4/14
Well, my first comic books were Scooby Doo way back when I was little. I adored Scooby Doo, and I guess mom decided that was good enough for me to have a subscription. I don't remember her asking me or anything, I just know that suddenly I started getting those comics. I loved them, but I figured that comics were mostly out of style or something since I didn't see many at book stores and those I saw didn't appeal to me back then.

Then last summer my boyfriend brought me to the comic book store, and I became a lot more interested. Of course it helped that I am a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic universe and that I was getting curious about the original worlds. And there's comics for Marvel obviously... So I've read a few of his, and I love Hawkeye.

Free comic book day was awesome, I haven't looked at my comics yet but two of the ones I picked up was Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Raccoon. I just wish I had the money to invest in comics like my boyfriend.
Posted 7/1/14
I got into comics because my mom bought me a Marvel Encyclopedia at a school book fair. It had all the biographies, went over major story arcs, and strengths/weaknesses of the heroes and villains. That would've been in 5th grade, I think. I use to read it all the time but never got any other books for whatever reason. Then this last year, I met this old dude at work who would talk non stop about Marvel/DC/Star Wars/things of that ilk. Whenever he talked about the Marvel universe, that was the only time I could actually communicate with the guy because of that encyclopedia haha.

Then I thought I should start reading them since I already know so much about them, but never got the pleasure of the real story telling. My first one I bought was Killing Joke. I had no idea that comics could be so dark, and have that kind of mature content. Since then I've just wanted more more MORE MOAR MOAR MOAR.

How did YOU get into comics, CrayMeganeCha?
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Posted 7/18/14
I think my first was X men: Origins. It wasn't until later I got more into comic book and now I choose them over manga.
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28 / M / Gotham City
Posted 7/19/14
I was reading the crows manga because i liked the movies so much. While reading it i thought this is good i wonder if comic books are this good. Turns out they were.
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M / Canada
Posted 7/28/14
The Star Wars EU comics, and I started reading spider man vs moonknight I think
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49 / M / KC
Posted 7/29/14
When I grew up, pretty much every kid read comics. It just was expected, I guess.
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Posted 8/4/14 , edited 10/6/14
That's difficult, so sad that almost everybody can easily read comics, but me.
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28 / M / Ireland
Posted 8/5/14

I grew up watching the '66 show, the animated series and I was obsessed with the Tim Burton movies. He was the only character I constantly dressed up as for Halloween :P

I was naturally drawn to Batman comics but that's since branched into my love of superhero comics in general. Mainly DC.
Posted 8/14/14
My father.
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25 / M
Posted 8/14/14 , edited 10/6/14
watched a lot of comic related cartoons. Jim Lee's art made me a true believer.
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31 / M / South East England
Posted 8/21/14
I have to blame Alan Moore. I started with V for Vendetta in about 2004 and by the middle of the first issue, I was officially hooked.
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25 / Long Island, New...
Posted 8/21/14 , edited 8/21/14
I'd read comics before, but nothing really big - just Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Lenore, and random Archie digests. I'd also read Watchmen, but that was right before the movie came out and I wanted to know what was going on. I really didn't get into comics until a year after that.

It was my senior year of high school, and I was kind of going through a really bad state of depression - my father had lost his job, a lot of my "friends" were ignoring me, and my first boyfriend had dumped me through a text message. I didn't really want to do much of anything, so I was always just kind of lying around my room, watching TV.

I remember tooling around with my laptop and watching Teen Titans, suddenly I was like..."huh...I wonder if anybody has ever shipped Speedy and Aqualad?" So I wound up looking for fanfic, ate everything I could up, and was like "well what next". Then I found a Batman/Robin fic and one thing lead to another with that.

I'd heard there was a comic based on the Teen Titans show that proved their Robin was Dick Grayson, so I went searching for that and found this huge online archive. So while I was on there, I figured, "well all this is at my disposal, I guess I should read something". So I went on wikipedia, read up on Batman, and then hopped right on with Batman and Robin #1.

It pretty much became a downward spiral from there, but comics really helped save me from myself. I wound up meeting a lot of good people through them too.
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18 / M / Illinois, USA
Posted 9/7/14
When I moved to the town I live in now (June 2007) I was 7 years old and most of the kids at my new school had Pokemon cards. In 2009 my aunt got me my first Pokemon game. In June 2013 I was finished watching one of Marriland's videos (About Pokemon), so I was reading the comments and someone asked the uploader of the video what was his favorite character is from Sgt. Frog. I started watching the Sgt. Frog anime and reading the Manga. Since then I started reading comics and manga a lot.
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