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22 / F / ~Southern Water T...
Posted 5/24/14
*while listening to Ben, Mikiana's heart skips a beat* *she thinks to herself, "Wow does he really feel this way about me?"then hugs Ben back* Thank you. I feel so comfortable with you.
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Posted 6/1/14
*wins the fishing game* oh yay! *points at a giant green bear* I want that one please.
*turns at starts walking towards drink stand to find Otonashi*
Posted 6/7/14
*Professor Mystogen walks around the festival eating food from all the booths and watches the students having fun* *sigh* These kids are lucky they get the days off for the festival. Otherwise they would be in the library studying for my quiz. Then no one would be having fun. Hahaha *takes a bite of a corn dog*
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