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Nobunaga Concerto Anticipation and Discussion
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from the South Bay
Posted 9/27/14 , edited 10/15/14
Even though the series is over, I actually rewatched the entire series and I laughed more on the silly moments.

The funny part about this fictional version of Nobunaga is the time and their age . Especially between Nobunaga and Takechiyo aka Ieyasu.

According to the books,when Takechiyo was a hostage in the Oda castle around 1548 , he was about 5-6 years old while Nobunaga is suppose to be 12-13 years . This is when Saburo gave him the treasured magazine

Well we know our Saburo was a high school student already.

Episode 4 the Battle of Okehazama which in history happened around 1560., Nobunaga was 25 and Motoyasu was 17.

Episode 5The the next event in the anime was the attempt to take Mino but in history it happened 1561-1567.The allignment of Takechiyo aka Motoyasu around 1561. This campaign took longer but when Kichio's brother died of illness and the son took over who seem to be a weak leader, this is where in the show ,Saburo sent out the Love Letters to the retainers of Mino.

Episode 6 In the anime Akechi Mistuhide is introduced ,in history he was one of Dousan's general that sided with him , then the marriage of Oichi to Nagamasa of the Azai clan was in 1564. Nobunaga took Mino, ,then Kyoto part followed

Episode 7 Timeline around 1567 Oichi first daughter Chacha , Nobunaga named MIno to Gifu, the naming of the generals, and then the assignemt of Hideyoshi to lead the Asakura campaign which happened after Kyoto 1568 same year Ashikaga Yoshiaki is became the shogun

Episode 8 Betrayal of Azai Clan as they realigned with the Asakura

Episode 9 Ieyasu joined force with Nobunaga, Yokoyama castle taken,Tokugawa defeated Asakura,then battle at Usayama jo which in history Nobunaga's youner brother died along with Mori.aroun 1569-1570 but n the anime we only see his retainer heroic act.

Episode 10 , in the anime we have a New Year wherein before that Nobunaga had won a battle ( Anegawa) , then later on, he attacked Enryaku-ji and burnt it to the ground ,which happened in 1571

Where this is where the anime end just after the attack.
Well our Saburo still looks young maybe in this 20's while the history at this point Nobunaga was 36 by this time while Ieyasu was 23.

I do hope they make OVA's that would include another time slip in a Dr Who fashion where Saburo comes back but young again
and the he would ace the Sengoku Era test and close the story of Saburo.

This is the best Japanese historical anime I have seen and my top 3 for the Summer 2014

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Posted 9/27/14
Has anyone seen the OVA yet it was apparently released the 12th Sept bundled with the manga. I'm fearing because it's not a popular anime it won't be uploaded to the internet or hard to find.
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Posted 9/30/14 , edited 9/30/14
Just finished this, after putting it on hold to give me a chance to do some history reading. I'm glad I did.

Really liked the art a lot--especially the eyes, and especially that scene in Episode 6 where you see not only bits of light through the cracks in wooden walls, but sunlight glinting off dust particles in the air!

I'm a little disappointed that it didn't continue all the way through to Nobunaga's death, or having Saburo (and Young) get flashed back to their original times, but I'm not all that disappointed, and maybe they would have had to show a bit more ruthlessness than we really wanted to see--they kept things pretty neat and clean in regard to showing Nobunaga's actions--even only hinting at the complete slaughter that took place in the last episode.

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Posted 9/30/14
Does anyone know where I can an mp3 of the ending song for free??? I want it for my workout sessions.
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from the South Bay
Posted 10/1/14 , edited 10/15/14
you can always go to youtube and down the video and convert the file

if only we have the link for the mp3 sale of the song, then that would be better.

well we all wanted for the anime production to continue this fictional historical/scifi-ish title and all we know there is an OVA on the works but for an anime to get another season depends on popularity and marketing value and profits most of the time. I dont know how it did in the TV ratings in Japan.....but we all know that this show is not popular among the CR streamers but Its is getting spread by word of mounth.

I have been rewatching it since the fall season has not quiet started yet and everytime I did, I notice things here and there that I missed and laughed at the silly thing Saburo has said and done over and over . I am enjoying the beautiful background , the art and the details it has, it just amazing.

I have listening to the seiyuu delivery of their lines more fully and I am really amazed how some of the seiyuu are doing a great job (or "good job " as in episode 4 ) with their roles. They were more free in their speech that it sounded quiet natural and believable. Good Job !!!

I always love the narrator in this anime, his read are awesome and I just realized he is the same actor for the drama version as Nobunaga and Mitsuhide ,Shun Oguri
Here is a preview of epsiode 1

Although I find him a bit too old as Saburo.He is 30 years old and that annoys me, dont know if he smokes or not, if Mamuro was also into TV drama acting then he could easily do that role.Oh well.

the article

I dont know if CR got this title, it starts October 13

i miss this anime hu huhu hu
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Posted 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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