Ghost in the Shell: Arise theater screenings
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Posted 5/9/14
Funimation has set up potential screenings of the first two Ghost in the Shell: Arise films using Tugg.

The way Tugg works is that a certain number of people have to reserve tickets before the showing or it won't happen, so you can't just show up the the theater the day of and buy a ticket.
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Posted 5/9/14 , edited 5/9/14
I want to see it, but date & time doesn't fit with my schedule.
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Posted 5/10/14 , edited 5/19/14
I'll make the date & time fit my schedule

Tickets reserved, leaving 36 more needed to lock it in at the Kendall Square Theater.

ETA: Looks like all the showings are May 29, and for my location the deadline for reservations to make it a "go" is May 18.

Only Dallas is confirmed--all other locations are "Pending." Come on rest of the USA!

(Also, if you're in the Boston of today 33 more reservations are needed for the Kendall Square showing (which appears to be the only one in the vicinity.)

ANOTHER ETA: Yay! My theater not only got the minimum number of reservations needed, it sold out!!

There are still a number of locations where the show is confirmed to happen but is not yet sold out, and some that still need to meet a minimum -- I checked a few of the deadlines and found a few that are May 22--so there's still time to reserve. Also, there are a few locations with show dates after May 29. Check it out.

Here's the link:
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24 / M / Baltimore, Maryland
Posted 5/19/14
Kinda sucks that the screening near me (Baltimore) only has 6 out of 60 needed reservations. I really wanted to see them on the big screen.
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32 / M / Denver, Colorado
Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14
Looks like at this point, Denver will just get the Dub showing at Alamo Draft House later this year.
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Posted 5/19/14
Awesome! My area isn't sold out yet... gonna pick up some tickets. This would be great.
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Posted 12/27/15
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