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F / Tokyo
Posted 5/17/14
Hey guys, Tiffako here to bring you a great giveaway for those of you living in San Francisco!! (or who can visit San Francisco from May 22nd-26th)

Our friends at the Real Escape Game have teamed up with the popular manga and anime series, Space Brothers (宇宙兄弟), to bring you their latest game, ESCAPE FROM THE MOON BASE!

What is the Real Escape Game?

The Real Escape Game from Japan is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. This game requires you to escape from a place filled with puzzles to stump you and your fellow players. The objective of the game is to find and solve the mystery in order to escape within the time allotted. Players are encouraged to work in teams to crack the puzzles more efficiently and the Game Master directs gameplay to add a touch of drama into the story. Read more about REG here! (For those of you living in New York, the Real Escape Game is also coming to NYC! !)

One hour left until you run out of air

"Emergency! Emergency!
The base is severely damaged! Cause Unknown!”
Suddenly, the alert blares out through the base. You are trapped! There is only one hour of oxygen and seconds are already ticking away.
What caused the damage? Is there a way out? Solve the mysteries, escape from the Moon Base, and survive!

Game Play Information
* Team size is 6 people, but might be required to change depending on total participants at each game. There will be multiple teams in the same room and all players will join one of each team. This is different format from Real Escape ‘Room’. Please arrive early if you want to be placed on a team with your friends. In some cases, we might need to shuffle participants around to ensure team fairness. Single players are also welcome! We believe that this game can be even more enjoyable when you played with new people.

Interested in playing? Buy Tickets Here!!

We're giving away 2 pairs of tickets to 2 lucky winners!!!!
If you live in, or are visiting, San Francisco during May 22nd-26th you can enter to win!
Just solve the Space Brothers crossword puzzle below and send us the 6 letter secret word!!

2 Where Serika wants to work // hint: A habitable artificial satellite shared by 5 different countries (3 letters)
6 Instrument that Mutta plays // hint: A brass instrument with 3 valves. (7 letters)
7 Distinguishing feature of Mutta// hint: Round curly hairstyle. (4 letters)
9 Element needed for breathing (6 letters)
11 Name of Space Brothers franchise in Japan (12 letters)


1 Main Character's name, Younger brother (6 letters)
3 Abbreviation of Japan's space program (4 letters)
4 What Sharon what's to build on the moon // hint: An instrument used to look at stars (9 letters)
5 Razor sharp moon dust (8 letters)
8 The brother's dog's full name // hint: Greek god of light (6 letters)
10 Main Character's name, Older brother (5 letters)

Tip: If you get stuck, all of the answers are easily found in the anime!

Secret word: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(unscramble the 6 letters to get the secret word!)

When you've solved the secret word, send it to us at [email protected]!
We will be randomly choosing 2 people for the giveaway! GIVEAWAY ENDS MAY 19TH!

You can read the manga and watch the anime right here on Crunchyroll!

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F / Canada
Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
Cool :3
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23 / Hinamizawa
Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
Wow, that crossword puzzle is really easy. Too bad I don't live in San Francisco. What are the chances of it coming to Minneapolis?
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23 / M
Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
Don't live in San Francisco, but I enjoyed the crossword puzzle
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21 / M / Future Gadget Lab...
Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
For a minute, I thought it was a Kids Next Door reference, but then thought better of it. Oh well, the nostalgic memory of a great children's television show will always be with me.
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36 / F / Buried under a pi...
Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/13/14
Oh, the IRONY! For once, I live close to an event, but of course I have no interest in it whatsoever. Good luck to everyone that tries!
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29 / M / Colorado, USA
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/13/14
Aw, expected something Gundam. I remember some escape moon base scenario somewhere. Though in either case I'd be too hesitant to join in an escape game.
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22 / M / London
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/14/14
Damn this looks fun. Crossword puzzle was fun. People that haven't watched the show would have to spend hours getting the answers themselves... or just do some research online...

I live in London... So unfortunately not quite that near to San Francisco. Aww.
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26 / F
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/14/14
I expected something about the Zero Escape series. Oh well
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M / Bay Area, CA, USA
Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/14/14
Me and my buddies tried Escape from the Room and had a blast. Even though we failed, the experience was well worth it. (I'd say if we had 5-10 more minutes, we would've had it).

Thanks for the contest. Will definitely be trying to work on this later.

EDIT: Just adding the photo they took of us after the event. They take one of every team for their FB page, pass or fail.

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78 / M
Posted 5/14/14 , edited 5/14/14
Let's "ESCAPE"* from the space station.
Ironically when you needed help on the moon, you should try to run/jump towards the space station.
Live too far away so good luck with the event.

*missing a color
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Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/15/14
Aw, wish I could go to this but the crossword was fun. Have fun to all those going.
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18 / F
Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/16/14
Well, I used to live in SF, but now I don't. That sucks
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45 / F / USA
Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14
I confused this event with the show airing on TBS Japan.
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