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What's a bishounen filled anime?
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Posted 5/12/14
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Posted 5/13/14
Can you please explain what the point is of that poll and this thread?
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Posted 5/13/14 , edited 5/13/14

It's unclear what the point of both this poll and the similarly titled thread you created shortly afterward is, so I'm closing both. (Also polls topic--when they are more clear--should be in the Polls forum not Anime, even if they are about anime.)

The title of both threads suggests that you may be looking for recommendations, and if that's the case then please ask in the existing Recommend Me an Anime thread.

However, the opening posts suggest that possibly you just want people to discuss what some of their favorite bishonen shows are. If that's the case please start a new topic with something more clear as a title, and with an opening post that says so. Don't just post a picture there.

Thank you.
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