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Posted 5/13/14
I heard there are regional resteictions: X streamed in x region.

I would like to know which animes are those.

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Posted 5/13/14
Depends on the show. When Crunchy gets a new Anime, they will say what regions you CAN see them in. Once they are out, I think you can only see what's available in your region by going to the show listings (here: ). USUALLY MOST shows are available in the USA, but you can't really say that anymore because now Crunchy is showing certain shows that Funimation has licensed in places "NOT in America," which is both good and bad. It's great "NOT in America" has an option if Funimation picks up a show, but as a person that despises Hulu with a passion, it means I pretend Funi's pick ups don't exist until there's a video release, if it happens.

Hopefully that helps you.
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