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F / Michigan
Posted 5/14/14
Here's the deal:

I got a new hard drive (SSD), and installed windows 7 fresh. I have been watching Mita-san since I got windows set up and now I am getting glitchy scenes every so often, like the streaming is writing slower to my drive faster than my computer can keep up. Or it will stutter every so often... or just like now (ep 10), it skipped halfway through and started to load the next episode.

Thinking this is my computer, I set up the system to dump the cache/temp folders in my storage drive so that it doesnt have to read/write to my ssd all the time. But it's still doing this... so I think it's CR having issues.

As a test earlier today, I tried out videos on youtube and elsewhere and didn't have any troubles.
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Posted 6/17/14
Today is another bad datyI am on my third video . I started with Majin Bome only had to reload once. That was good> Magica Wars three times and now Black Bullet just stopped . Tried like 5 or 6 times!

I see they also had problem with subs. Tuesday is a slow day compared to the weekend and shouldnt be so glitchy.

And it starting to show up in the comments section more often so it's more common than you think!Last two weeks are terrible!

I still think it's where the ads are!Maybe it;s timee for non subs to have their own stream!
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