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Need! looking for this anime but i dont know the name.
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Posted 5/18/14
I aint seen it, but what about Knigjts of Sindrag, Sindro, Sindaro, ssindaria...

One of those...somethings.

Someone who knows will probably find ot, you can always juat look though all of CR for it.
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Posted 5/18/14 , edited 5/18/14
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Posted 5/18/14

patrickpog wrote:

I think this is a anime Movie.

Guys could you help me i am looking for a anime movie which i think came out last year, I remember seeing it on crunchyroll last year and i forgot it name.

"They have astronaut suits and they are fighting with a alien look like a Samurai"

Sorry this is the only description that i remember.


Sorry, but I have to close this thread.. but only because there's a place set up for just these types of questions over at If you paste your opening post over there (along with the animes listed here that you know it's not), they can probably help you out

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