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Drakengard 3
12 cr points
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22 / F
Posted 5/23/14
This was a lot of fun! Just sent mine in!

A vengeful white rose was once born
Her sisters were viewed with deep scorn
With Mikhail, a dragon so grand
She cast judgment upon the land
Til no one was left to mourn
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77 / F / Somewhere
Posted 5/24/14 , edited 5/24/14
Hey, Sailorbee, I've got a couple of questions regarding the rules...

1) Can the limerick at least a little dirty, given the content of the game?
2) If I'm not sure if it's too dirty for CR rules, may I submit two? A dirty one and a different, clean limerick? It's really only if I'm not sure.
3) Is this contest only limited to USA, North America or World Wide...?
4) I'm going to assume this is only one entry per person.

Thanks for enduring my barrage of questions. ;__;
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27 / M / United States
Posted 5/24/14
This was really fun
I emailed my submission already

White rose, splendid dance, blades of fate
Adorned with blood, evil grin, a murderer make
Paired with dragon divine
She is dark redesign
A heart breaking tale lies in wait
4024 cr points
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33 / M
Posted 5/24/14
Thank you for having this contest, Bee! Ahh man, so nostalgic, seeing this contest brings back good memories when I played Drakengard on the ps2 in 2005. I remember spending hours playing and grinding. The fun and thrill I had. Good times.
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Posted 5/24/14
Welp im sad now I didnt realize it had to be about the game series hahahaha I sent a poem which i thought was good but unless there was someone in the previous games that make the poem make sense im outta luck. And if the case is there is someone from in the series that makes it make sense than disregard totally ment to do it hahahah
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36 / M
Posted 5/25/14 , edited 5/25/14
"All CR rules apply to this contest"

So, uh, where can I check those rules*? [/noob question]

Also, here's my entry (yes, I already emailed it)

Nintendo announced a new Fatal Frame
Though so far only in name
This Fatal Frame fan
Cheered like a child despite being a man
Hoping to soon know more of the game

*Assuming they're common CR contest rules and not just these --->
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30 / M
Posted 5/25/14 , edited 5/25/14
Wait I read the rules XD

Yea this comes from that 1 hr stream of Joystiq - If only I could ryhme the words Dragon Piss

Drakengard -

A game about a magical land
A girl named Zero loses her eye, arm, and hand
Sisters sliced and shot
There's no sensible plot
Don't ask - this game's from Japan
9 cr points
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21 / M / New York City
Posted 5/26/14
Here is my entry, never in my life have I wrote a limerick but I hope for the best XD

A contest for Drakengard on the PS3
CrunchyRoll's post on my Facebook news feed
This game I've not played
YouTube'd, I was amazed
Damn shame I own nothing but a PC
3051 cr points
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25 / M / New york
Posted 5/27/14 , edited 5/27/14
just felt like sharing mine went with the first game

With His life at stake he must act
His only form of survival a pact
only two options now remain
Live together or be slain
With a desire to live they form their contract

and if someone could clarify for me is it one entry per person? i looked around for contest rules but didnt see anything
other then including your full name and cr username
10 cr points
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24 / M / Essen
Posted 5/27/14
Here's mine! :)

Meet one's end in the dragon's flesh-
It burns and rends what is fresh.
They stomach the flower
They digest its power,
And turn into naught but a void mesh.
Posted 5/27/14 , edited 5/28/14
Recently submitted mine. There were a couple that I wrote, but only submitted one. Here's one I wrote, but it wasn't the one I emailed.

Petals so serene that stem from the eye
Standing emotionless and never seen to cry
One arm is now gone
Yet, her sword is still drawn
The only thing left is Mikhail, her ally
11 cr points
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Posted 5/28/14
Here is one I wrote as well for practising:

You think Drakengard 3 is for free?
Then you are totally wrong to me.
Because of this contest
I am totally obsessed
Of winning this game for free!
852 cr points
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26 / M
Posted 5/28/14 , edited 5/28/14
Here is mine. I sent it in already.

There once was a fellow named Caim.
The back of his dragon he climed.
It's fiery breath
had wrought about death.
No empire soul left to find.
93 cr points
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28 / M / Deadline Hell
Posted 5/28/14 , edited 5/28/14
Eye on the prize, breh. Honest, these guys are on some next level stuff here. You great poets, you. Here's one of few Drakengard Poems I'll be dropping here:

This lonely night, like any other has been miraculous
I get to write an opinion about a game where you’re friends with Dragons
A lady ate her baby and other grotesque stuff occurs
A battle system equally as depressing as the world and fun differs
I’m bundled with joy for what the next game has done.

(Unfortunately, only ONE entry a person, I'd bet. Still, tis fun, ye?)
44100 cr points
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30 / M
Posted 5/29/14
Was pondering over this for about a week... but finally submitted mine just now:

Pack born to by tongue-tied tattoo
Sworn knight a quest started anew
But from the promo I see
With all the sisters in Three
Square Enix is selling me HUGE...Tracts of Land

Figure I will loose points for swapping out the last word for pop culture but hopefully I will make it up in creativity or originality. Thanks Crunchyroll for the opportunity to learn about poetry and have some fun at the same time.
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