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"I'll protect the princess no mater what,"
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Chapter 1-The clock work world
It was a clear and sunny day in Tokyo. The streets of Akihabara were lined with buildings decorated in anime banners and the streets were filled with young people wearing costumes and groups of friends talking. Two girls wearing a black school uniform walked into the electrical door of a cafe in the middle of the high-street. The electrical door opened with a young, cute girl with pure white hair that was curled, causing it to reach just above her waist walked out. She was about 152 cm tall. Her right eye was pastel purple and her left eye was pastel pink. She was wearing a short maids outfit, pink over the knee socks that were attached to heart garters and white heeled, Lolita shoes with bows. She was holding a thick, pastel pink folder. "Welcome back, are their two in your party today?" she smiled, making a 'two' sign with her fingers. "We have a friend thats running late," the girl with short brown hair informed. "I'll show you to your table," the white haired girl smiled before showing the girls inside the cafe. The cafe was decorated in pink, red and white.
After guiding them to their table she showed them the menu. "Today's special is our new soda floats," she smiled, gently pointing to the soda floats on the menu. "Can I have one please? And an omelet," one of the girls responded. "Can I have a Sofa float and a slice of strawberry cake," the other girl added. "I'll take the order to the kitchen. Is their a certain game you would like to play when I get back?" the white haired girl smiled. "Do you have happy hippo?" one of the girls wondered. "Yep," the white haired girl smiled. "Thank you," the other girl replied. "I'll go get it," the white haired girl smiled as she walked towards the kitchen ordering bar. "She's really cute," one of the girls whispered. "Even her voice is cute," nodded the girl sitting opposite her. "Kuro!" a young, female voice called. Standing behind her was a girl with black, curly hair wearing the same uniform as her. She was about 160 cm tall. "Haruka," Kuro smiled.
"Hi," Haruka grinned, being passed a ice cream which was decorated as a cute cat. "Are you meeting the boys today?" she asked. Kuro nodded. "If you don't pick one i'll get Makoto to help them," Haruka added. "You can't use your boyfriend for that!" Kuro blushed. Haruka waved before walking towards a table of a young couple. After awhile the two girls left. A girl with short black hair that grew longer at the front walked up to Haruka and Kuro. "Shimazaki-san, Yukimura-san, can I take a picture of both of you to put on the page?" the girl requested. "Yep, sure Airi. And remember Haruka not Shimazaki," Haruka responded, pulling Kuro forwards. "Your the one who's been featured as a Dokumo," Haruka reminded. "That was one snap in a magazine," Kuro blushed, hiding behind Haruka. "Didn't you say that they asked you to do some more pictures for the magazine," Haruka remembered. "Really?" Airi asked, watching Kuro nod. "I haven't responded yet," she mumbled. "I can see you being on the cover of Kera," Airi smiled. "It's just for another small picture," Kuro blushed. "Still, from a street snap in Harajuku its pretty impressive," commented Haruka. "So, can I?" Airi reminded, holding up her white camera. Haruka and Kuro exchanged glances before nodding. They did a cat paw pose while Airi took a picture.
"Cute," she added, showing them the picture. "Anyway, you buy enough clothes to be a Dokumo," Airi added. "I don't buy that much clothes," Kuro blushed. Airi and Haruka exchanged eye-contact before bursting out laughing. "Last time I went in your room you had extra racks for your clothes," Haruka admitted. Kuro checked the time on her phone which had a pink my melody plushie hanging of it. "It's the end of my shift," she added. "I think you should take the offer," Haruka commented. "But I don't know what to wear," Kuro mumbled. "Ask Ray," Airi and Haruka responded in-unison. Kuro quickly went into the changing rooms to get changed. "Even that one is cute," Haruka replied after Kuro came out of the changing rooms.
A girl with short brown hair suddenly appeared behind Kuro, hugging her which caused her face to turn red. "Yukimura-chan," the girl smiled. "Hi," Kuro blushed, turning around to face her. "You can call me Kuro if you want," Kuro mumbled. "Okay, call me Kasumi," Kasumi quickly nodded. "I need to go, see you tomorrow," Kuro added. "Bye," Kasumi waved before skipping of into the changing rooms. The sun was starting to go down. The streetlamps were lit. Two boys were waiting outside the Akihabara station. One had light brown hair and was 176 cm tall while the other had blonde hair with pink and blue strips who was 172 cm tall. They were both playing a game on the brown haired boys phone.
"Sorry i'm late," Kuro blushed, walking up to them."We only just got here," the other boy commented, crossing his arms. "How was work?" the brown haired boy smiled. "Got paid for May which was good," Kuro responded. "Shopping spree tomorrow then," the blonde haired boy sighed. "Yep," Kuro smiled. The brown haired boy patted her on the head. "What about work for you two?" Kuro asked. "He split coffee everywhere," the brown haired boy admitted. "I didn't," the blonde haired boy defended. "The boss started asking him if he had a girlfriend and he went really nervous and split the coffee all over the boss," the brown haired boy continued. Kuro tried to stop herself from laughing. "Hey," the blonde haired boy blushed, pinching Kuro's checks. "Anyway, the trains coming in a minute," the brown haired boy added, checking the time on his phone. "Oh yeah, Ray?" Kuro remembered. The brown haired boy glanced down at her. "Can you help me pick out a outfit for Kera?" Kuro requested, putting her hands together. "Okay," Ray nodded. "Sungmin, can you help as well?" Kuro blushed. "Happy to help," the blonde haired boy smiled. Ray and Sungmin followed Kuro to a stack of Apartments on the edge of Shibuya. Around the corner of the apartment door was the door leading to Kuro's room which was filled with cute plushies and racks of clothes. On the right wall of her room were my melody storage boxes which were filled with accessories and more clothes. Her bed was covered in a pink floral duvet and the window behind her bed was covered in a pink curtain. In the left corner of her room was a opened wardrobe packed with pastel clothes and only a small amount of black which were at the side. "You've got more clothes than the last time I came here," Sungmin sighed. "Can we stop going on about how many clothes I have?" Kuro blushed. "So which style are you going for this time?" Ray asked. "I'm not sure, I was hoping you could help," Kuro sighed. "Your first picture was in Lolita, right?" Sungmin remembered, watching Kuro nod. "Maybe Fairy Kei?" he suggested, exchanging eye-contact with Ray who nodded. Ray picked something of off one of the racks. "How about basing your outfit on this?" he asked. Ray and Kuro both nodded in-unison. Half an hour later Sungmin and Ray left. "Are you sure you'll be okay on your own?" Sungmin wondered. "I'll be fine," Kuro nodded. "Call us if you need anything," Ray added before they left. "There's no food," she sighed as she opened the fridge before closing it. Kuro quickly got ready before leaving to go to the nearby convenience store which was around the corner. "This should last the week," she added, placing a packet of rice into her shopping basket. It was now pitch black outside. She felt something touch her shoulder from behind her. Turning around, she saw the empty street. "Am I imagining things?" she mumbled, turning around. A man with black hair and wearing a black suit was standing in-front of her, making her jump. "Did I frighten you?" the man asked, in a western Japanese dialect. "Sorry," Kuro nodded. A smile formed on the mans face. Kuro bowed her head slightly as she walked past. The man grabbed her arm, stopping her from walking. "Princess," he smiled. "You have the wrong person," Kuro mumbled, trying to pull away. The man's eyes slowly turned black. "You can't fool a demon," he added before pushing her against the wall. "I don't know what your talking about," Kuro mumbled. "Then killing you will be easier," the man commented before pushing her down on the floor. Chains suddenly shot out of the ground from behind the man, zooming towards Kuro who dodged out of the way. "Whats happening?" Kuro mumbled, dodging out of the way of the chains. Chains suddenly zoomed in-front of her and behind her. "No more running away, princess," the man moaned. Kuro's legs felt weak, causing her to go down onto her knees. Chains wrapped around her legs. Chains shot up into the air, pointing towards her before zooming forwards. Kuro quickly covered her head with her arms. CLING. Looking up, she saw a young Korean boy standing in-front of her. He was 177 cm tall and had light brown hair.
"Are you okay?" he asked, looking down at her. "Whats happening?" Kuro mumbled. "I'll explain in a minute," he responded, pulling the chains away from her legs before helping her stand up. Chains shot towards them. The boy quickly wrapped his arms around Kuro before jumping out of the way. "Who are you?" Kuro blushed. "Lee Taemin, and you?" he responded. "Yukimura Kuro," Kuro mumbled. "Okay, Kuro. You can trust me, I'm an Ace," he kindly smiled. "Ace?" Kuro repeated. Chains shot towards them. Taemin quickly jumped out of the way. "Can you use your powers?" he asked. "Powers?" Kuro repeated. "You really have no idea?" he asked. Chains suddenly shot towards them, splitting them apart. THUD. "Kuro!" Taemin panicked, stepping forwards and stopping when chains wrapped around him. Kuro quickly sat up. She went to stand up however a chain went into her thigh. Blood rolled down her leg. "Crap," Taemin moaned, trying to pull away. A warm hand went down on her shoulder behind her. A boy with black and brown layered hair and was 186 cm tall moved in-front of her.
"Don't worry," he reasured. He carefully pulled the chains out of her thigh, causing Kuro to flinch. Blood started to pour out of the cut. Blades shot towards them. The boy in-front of her sighed as he held out his hand towards the chains. A pale green light occurred in-front of him, causing the chains to disappear as they went into the green light. He glanced down at Kuro who was putting pressure on the cut on her thigh. "Oh yeah, I'm Choi Minho," he introduced. Before Kuro could respond chains shot towards them. Minho quickly wrapped his arms around her before dodging out of the way. Chains shot towards them. White paper wrapped around the chains. "Look after her, I'm going to help Taemin with him," Minho added, putting Kuro down on the ground and looking at the person behind her. Minho rushed over to Taemin. Kuro looked behind her to see a Korean boy with blonde hair who was 179 cm tall.
"Don't worry, the others are almost here as well," he reasured, sitting down in-front of her. "Whats happening?" Kuro asked. "Well, your the Shinigami princess," he admitted. "Shinigami princess?" Kuro repeated. "We're your Aces, we're meant to protect you," he added. Tears started to roll down her checks. The boy ruffled her hair. "Don't worry," he reasured. "Kuro," Taemin called out, causing her to look up at him. "Don't worry," he smiled. Chains suddenly shot towards Minho and Taemin. "Ready?" Minho asked. "Ready," nodded Taemin before rushing forwards. A red glow formed in his hand as he held it out towards the man, sending out a flame. Strawberry vines grew out of the ground, tangling around the man. The boy by Kuro glanced up to see a chain zooming towards them. He quickly pushed her down and used himself as a shield. Large bubbles appeared in the air as a boy with brown hair back flipped over them. He was 177 cm tall.
"Sorry I couldn't get here sooner," he apologized, looking into Kuro's eyes. "It's okay," Kuro blushed. The boy next to her moved her hand away from the cut before pressing his hand against it. "It easier if I put pressure on it," he added, looking down at the blood on Kuro's hand. "Will you be able to use your powers?" the new boy asked, dodging out of the way of chains. "I don't know how," Kuro mumbled. Minho crouched down in-front of her."Kuro, trust us," he smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Why do you keep using my first name?" Kuro blushed. "Nice to meet you Kuro, I'm the leader of SHINee, Lee Jinki call me Onew," smiled the new boy. "And I'm Kim Ki-bum, call me Key," the light haired boy smiled, patting Kuro on the head. Black fog drifted across the ground. Key lifted his hand of Kuro's thigh. "Its not that deep, it should heal in a few days," he commented. Kuro's face blushed. A light pink glow outlined Kuro. "Your powers," Key whispered. Kuro blushed as she looked down. Minho helped her stand up."Will you be able to stand on your own?" he asked, watching Kuro nod. He slowly pulled his arms away from her. Pink beams of light formed around Kuro with sparkles drifting of.
Sparkling stars suddenly appeared in the air around her. Her hair sparkled under the moonlight. "I hope this works," Kuro sighed to herself. The stars lifted up with pink sparkles flying of and bursting as they touched the ground. Glows of light grew out of the ground. "Kuro..." Taemin mumbled.Sparkles drifted of the beams. The stars started to glow.
The stars shot towards the man, landing on the ground around him and bursting into a pale pink glow. Onew quickly jumped forwards. "I'll take him in," Onew commented, exchanging eye-contact with Taemin who nodded. Minho patted Kuro on the head. Her legs felt weak as she fell forwards, being caught by someone behind her. Behind her was a Korean boy with brown and blonde hair and was 173 cm tall.
"Its to far to carry her to our apartment," Onew sighed. "My apartment is around the corner," Kuro mumbled. Key walked over and wrapped his arms around Kuro before picking her up, princess style. "So, this is where you live," Key added as he carefully placed Kuro down on the edge of her bed. "Do you have any bandages?" Minho asked. "In the kitchen. In one of the cupboards. I'll get it," Kuro blushed, going to stand up however Key pushed her back down onto the bed. "You shouldn't walk," he reminded. The brown and blonde haired boy walked of into the kitchen. "What happened back there?" Kuro mumbled. "The demon sensed you as your a Shinigami," Minho stated, crouching down in-front of her. "I'm a Shinigami?" Kuro mumbled. Key ruffled her hair. The boy from earlier walked back in. He sat down on the bed next to her. "I'm Kim Jonghyun, nice to meet you," he introduced, opening a first aid kit. "I'm Yukimura Kuro," Kuro blushed. "Kuro, I'm just going to take care of it. Is that okay?" Jonghyun asked as he opened a packet with a antiseptic wipe inside. Kuro nodded. She flinched as he wiped the antiseptic wipe over the cut. Key grabbed her hand. "Don't worry," he smiled. "Where did Taemin and Onew go?" she blushed. "They work for SDC, the supernatural defense corporation," Minho explained. Jonghyun wrapped a bandage around her cut. "Ow," Kuro flinched. "Sorry," Jonghyun panicked. "We should probably leave you to get some sleep," Minho added. Key pulled Kuro's phone out of her pocket. He typed in his number before passing his phone to Minho who started tying. "If there's anything you need help with, even if you want to talk just call any of us,"Key smiled. "Are you sure?" Kuro blushed. "Of course," Jonghyun nodded, patting her on the head. Minho passed him Kuro's phone. "I put Onew's and Taemin's number in there as well," he informed. Jonghyun started typing. "So you like Kpop," he added. Kuro's checks blushed as she quickly sat up to see that Jonghyun was looking through her pictures which mainly consisted of pictures of her and her friends and Kpop boy-band members from BTOB and BTS. Jonghyun passed her back her phone. "Kuro, are you okay?" Kasumi asked the next day at work. "Sorry," Kuro blushed. "Whats wrong?" Kasumi questioned. "It's a long story," Kuro mumbled. "You should tell Choi-san," Kasumi suggested. "Sungmin? Why?" Kuro blushed. "When we were in school he always protected you. He will be able to help," Kasumi explained. "It's okay, don't worry," Kuro reasured, jumping forwards and spinning around to face Kasumi. "Anyway, I should get back to work," Kasumi waved, rushing of. "Kuro?" Onew's voice asked from behind her. Kuro's checks blushed as she quickly turned around. "Hi," Onew mumbled.
"W-What are you doing here?" Kuro blushed. "I recognized you through the window," Onew stated, glancing down at Kuro and seeing that she was trying her best to not lean on her leg which had the cut. "Pervert!" Kuro blushed, stepping backwards. "I was just wondering if you were still in pain," he defended. "I took some medicine but I don't think its working," Kuro mumbled. Onew stepped forwards, handing a packet of pain killers to her. "I'm allergic to a type," Kuro blushed. Onew placed them back into her pocket. "When is your lunch?" he asked. "In a minute," Kuro mumbled. "Can I be with you?" he flushed, watching Kuro nod. "Do you always buy lunch from a convenience store?" Onew asked as he sat down next to Kuro in a park. "Iv'e lived alone for awhile so I guess so," Kuro nodded, opening the shopping bag which was on her lap and passing Onew the bottle of water he had brought. "You live alone?" he asked. Kuro nodded as he opened a packet of chocolate pocky. "Don't you get lonely?" Onew wondered. "Sometimes," Kuro mumbled. Onew pulled the end of his sleeves down before wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder and pulling her closer. "Minho told me that he put my number in your phone. Call me if you get lonely," he instructed, looking her in the eye which caused Kuro's checks to blush. "Okay," Kuro blushed. "It's almost healed," Kuro mumbled once she got home, looking down at the almost healed cut. "The shoot is tomorrow," Kuro sighed, laying backwards on her bed. A doorbell rang through the apartment. "The door?" she guessed, sitting up. As she opened the door, Taemin looked up from the ground and smiled as he saw her. "Taemin," Kuro blushed. "Key told me where you lived," Taemin explained. "Sorry, can I come in?" he flushed. Kuro nodded. "You look cute by the way," Taemin muffled as he took of his shoes. "T-thank you," Kuro blushed, playing with the ends of her jacket. "Where would you rather go?" he offered. "My room is fine," Kuro blushed, showing Taemin the way to her room. Taemin picked up a magazine of the table in her room and looked down at the street snap on one of the pages. "You look really adorable here," he admitted. Kuro's checks turned apple red as she sat down on her bed and hid behind one of her pillows. "So, whats wrong?" she blushed. "Ah, right," he nodded, sitting down next to her. "Would it be totally creepy if I was worried about you and wanted to talk?" Taemin sighed. "That's kind of really cute," Kuro mumbled. "Did you just call me cute?" Taemin smiled. Kuro pulled her hood up as she nodded. "Sorry that I had to leave last night. I had to take him into the HQ with Onew," Taemin apologized. "It's okay, did you get hurt?" Kuro asked, remembering when the chains wrapped around him. "I'm fine," Taemin responded, patting Kuro on the head. "That's good," Kuro smiled. Taemin's checks blushed as he pinched her checks. "You should get some sleep," Taemin added, leaning forwards. "It was hard to fall asleep last night with it,"Kuro admitted, linking arms with Taemin. "It should heel by tomorrow if you get some sleep ," he smiled, kissing her on the check. "Okay, thanks," Kuro blushed. Her phone started to ring in the middle of the night. "Hello?" she muffled as she sat up. "Sorry for waking you," Minho's voice apologized. "It's okay," Kuro yawned. "Are you okay?" he asked. "I'm fine, you?" Kuro mumbled, rubbing her eyes. "I just wanted to know if you were okay," Minho admitted. "Really?" Kuro asked. "Since your alone and hurt," Minho nodded. "It was healed this morning," Kuro added, leaning against the wall. "Really?That's good," Minho smiled. A loud crash sound occurred. "Kuro?" Minho asked. "I heard something," Kuro whispered, sliding to the edge of her bed and standing up. "Where?" Minho panicked. "Outside my apartment," Kuro mumbled, quietly opening her bedroom door. "I'm about ten minutes away, don't go outside," Minho instructed. The line suddenly went dead. "Minho?" Kuro asked, looking down at her phone. A tapping noise occurred on the front door. "It's nothing," she mumbled, closing her door and sliding down the wall. The window suddenly bursted open. The glass covering her bed. Kuro quickly stood up. A tall Japanese man with black hair and silver eyes walked in through her window. He was wearing black jeans and a long sleeved black top. Kuro stepped backwards, bumping into her door. "I'm Kai," he introduced, quickly bowing. "Why are you here?" she mumbled, trying to find the door handle behind her back. "For a little fun," he smiled. Kuro quickly opened her door before rushing out. Kai wrapped his arms around Kuro from behind her. "It's no fun if you run away," he snickered, looking into her eyes. Kuro stood on his foot, causing him to let go of her. Kuro rushed forwards, stopping when black feathers wrapped around the front door. Kai kicked her into the wall. THUD. "I'm a Tengu, black feathers are my specialty," he added, walking up to her and crouching down. "Please, don't," Kuro mumbled, sitting up. A black feather zoomed into the wall, scratching her check on the way. A drop of blood rolled down her check. Kuro kicked him where it hurts which caused him to move to the side. Kuro stood up, rushing to her room. Kai grabbed her arm, pushing her down to the ground. Black feathers wrapped around the light bulb which broke, sending the shards down to the ground which scratched against Kuro's arm. "What are your powers?" Kai asked, looking down into her eyes. "Let go of me," Kuro cried, kicking him in the stomach before standing up. Kai wrapped his arms around her, picking her up. "let go of me!" she blushed, trying to fight away. Kai pushed her into the door to the left, causing the door to fall into the room. Kai grabbed her arm before she could sit up. He pushed her into the bath, turning on the taps. "Tell me, what are your powers?"he demanded. "I don't know," Kuro cried. Kai pushed her against the back wall, keeping his hands on her shoulders to stop her from running away. "You have to of used your powers once," he stated. "Once," Kuro nodded. "What type of power?" he demanded, tightening his grip. "Lights appeared," Kuro mumbled. "So light magic," Kai commented. "I guess," Kuro mumbled, looking to the side. Kai pushed her down to the bottom of the bath. "I should just drown you," he coldly added. Kuro sat up, her hair falling in-front of her. "Please stop," she mumbled. Kai leaped forwards, wrapping his hands around her neck. As he looked into her eyes his face blushed. Kai pushed her down to the bottom of the bath. He grabbed her wrist, dragging her out of the room. Kai kicked Kuro backwards, knocking her into her bedroom door which broke. THUD. Kai stepped forwards, kicking Kuro back down onto her door which was on the ground when she tried to sit up. The front door suddenly dropped to the ground, causing both Kuro and Kai to look up. Minho was standing there with Taemin on his left and Key on his right. They rushed forwards. Key went to punch Kai while Taemin kicked him to the side. Minho helped Kuro sit up, leaning her against him. "Are you okay?" he asked, sounding worried. Black feathers suddenly wrapped around Minho, Taemin and Key, pulling them backwards. Kuro went to stand up however Kai kicked her back down to the ground. "Kuro!" Onew shouted, back-flipping over Kai and landing perfectly on the ground. He rushed over to Kuro, patting her on the head before turning around and aiming a gun towards Kai. "Another Ace," Kai sighed. "I'm not going to let you hurt her," Onew threatened. A grin formed on Kai's face as black feathers zoomed towards him. "Onew!" Kuro panicked, quickly standing up and pushing Onew out of the way, causing him to bump into the wall. Onew quickly wrapped his arms around her before she could fall. "Thanks," he smiled, patting her on the head. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. Onew looked up at feathers that zoomed towards them. He wrapped his arms around her, picking her up princess style before jumping out of the way. Feathers zoomed towards them before he could land. THUD. "Ow," Onew mumbled. As he opened his eyes, he saw that he had fallen on-top of Kuro. "Are you okay?" Kuro mumbled, opening her eyes. "I'm fine, you?" he flushed. "Okay, I guess," Kuro blushed. CLICK. Looking up, they saw that Kai was pointing a gun towards them. "Get away from Kuro and Onew!" Jonghyun's voice demanded from behind them. Onew helped Kuro sit up. Jonghyun walked in-front of them and held his hand towards Kai. Purple sparkles appeared as lightning strikes drifted away from his hand. A few more clicks occurred as Taemin, Onew and Minho pointed guns towards him. "If you just go we can't ignore you did this," Onew coldly commented. Kai looked around at everyone before looking down into Kuro's eyes. Kai walked forwards, crouching down in-front of Kuro."Do you hate me?" he asked. Kuro glanced up at Onew before linking arms with him. Onew wrapped his arm around her back. "Do you blame me?" Kuro mumbled. Kai sighed as he stood up, patting Kuro on the head. "See ya," he waved, walking out of the apartment. Kuro tightened her grip on Onew's arm. "Are you okay?" Onew asked, looking down at the cuts she was covered in. "I'll be okay," she nodded, hiding the pain." Kuro," Minho panicked. He suddenly wrapped his arms around her back, leaning his head on her shoulders. Kuro's hair blew backwards. "I was worried about you," he muffled into her neck as his grip tightened. "Kuro," Taemin mumbled, causing her and everyone else to look up at him. "How about moving in with us?" he offered. "But-" Kuro blushed. Taemin looked up at Key who nodded. "We won't do anything weird," he promised. "But your guys and I just met you all," Kuro mumbled. "We're single if that's what your worried about," Minho added. Kuro's checks blushed. "I wasn't thinking about that" Kuro blushed. "I just meant don't worry," Minho defended. "I'll pick you up after work," Onew added. "Where do you work?"Taemin asked. "Just a cafe," Kuro blushed, exchanging eye contact with Onew. "Whats with you two anyway?" Minho complained, looking at Kuro and Onew who both blushed and moved their arms away from each other. "The awkward two," added Key. "And the youngest and the oldest," Jonghyun nodded. "How old are you?" Kuro asked. "24," Onew responded. Kuro's checks blushed as she shuffled backwards. "I'm 22," Key added. "24 as well," Jonghyun stated. "22," Minho commented. "I'm 20," Taemin informed. "What about you?" Onew asked. "15," Kuro blushed. "15?" Key and Jonghyun repeated in unison. "When are you 16?" Taemin asked."I'm turning 16 on the 15th," Kuro mumbled. "Of June?" Jonghyun panicked, watching Kuro nod. "What are you doing on your birthday?" Key wondered. "Nothing," Kuro sighed. "Were you planning to just work?" Onew guessed. Kuro nodded. "I have an idea on what to do, get the day of work," Jonghyun added. "An idea?" Kuro repeated. "A secret," he winked. "Do you even have enough room for me to move in?" Kuro mumbled. "There's a spare room with a private bathroom," remembered Taemin. "We were saving it just in case we found the princess and she moved in," Minho admitted. "That sounds stalker-ish," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun crouched down and wrapped his arms around Kuro. "We should get your place sorted," he added, looking around at the messed up apartment. They helped her pack all of her stuff and clean up the glass. Onew called SDC who came in and fixed the doors and windows. "You should get some sleep," yawned Taemin, looking down at his phone. "What is the time?" Kuro mumbled. "5:30," he responded. Kuro laid backwards on the bed. "I need to get up in four hours," Kuro yawned. Jonghyun sat down on the bed next to her. "I'll look after you if you want to go to sleep," Jonghyun stated, feeling a pillow land in his face. "Pervert!" Kuro blushed. The pillow fell down onto his lap. Jonghyun wrapped his arms around her waist, causing her to fall backwards onto the bed. "This is getting awkward to watch," Key admitted. Minho pulled Jonghyun off Kuro. "We'll leave you to get some sleep," he added. "Oh yeah," Key remembered, crouching down next to the bed. "Can I decorate your room?" he requested. "You want to decorate it?" Kuro blushed. "It sounds like fun, and I have a pretty good idea," he nodded, glancing at her wardrobe. "Okay," Kuro nodded. After Kuro went to work SDC took all of her stuff to their apartment. "You look really tired," Haruka observed. "I'm fine,don't worry," Kuro reasured. After work Onew turned up. "You look cute by the way," he blushed. "T-thank you. I'm going to get changed, be right back," Kuro blushed, quickly rushing of into the changing rooms. After a few minutes she came back.
"Adorable," Onew mumbled, watching Kuro come out of the changing rooms. "Why do you keep saying that?" Kuro blushed, looking down. "Sorry, I don't know how to act around girls I like," he apologized. Kuro stopped walking. "I just mean your interesting and cute," he defended. "You too," Kuro blushed, continuing to walk. "You just called me cute?" Onew flushed. Kuro nodded. A smile popped on his face. "We should hurry if we want to catch the train," he added. An hour later their train arrived in Shinjuku. "Can I just pop in there?" Kuro mumbled as they could see the large Don Quijote sign."Sorry," Kuro blushed after ten minutes. "It's okay," Onew responded, spotting a shelf filled with One piece merchandise. Kuro had brought Dolly wink makeup and a pink seifuku. Onew brought a One piece hoodie and a one piece plushie. "Sorry for making you come in," Kuro mumbled. "It's okay, don't worry," Onew smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Do they still hurt?" he asked while walking home. "Only a little bit," Kuro nodded. "You can't see them so it should stop hurting soon," he commented. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. "It was fun," he nodded "Yep," Kuro smiled. "Your smile is cute," Onew admitted. Kuro's face blushed. "Right, sorry," Onew blushed. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled.Ten minutes later they arrived outside a large apartment building.
"This is where we live," Onew stated. "This feels surreal," Kuro sighed. "It will be fine," Onew reasured, opening the door for her. "Crap," Onew panicked, rummaging through his pockets in the lift. "Whats wrong?" Kuro asked. "I forgot my key," he sighed. "Are the guys in?" Kuro guessed. "I think so," he nodded. The door admittedly opened with Key standing in the doorway. He grabbed her hand before pulling her into the apartment and shutting the door behind her. The entrance was filled with a lot of sneakers and other male shoes. "Forgot your key, again?" Key guessed, looking up at Onew who nodded. Kuro quickly took of her shoes. "Guys," Onew shouted before walking around the corner, followed by Kuro and Key. Jonghyun was by the fridge, pouring a cup of coke while Minho and Taemin were sitting around the table, playing a glow hockey game on an ipad while a manga was on the table next to Taemin where Key sat down.
"The pizza will be here in about half an hour," Jonghyun added, sitting down opposite Key. "I'm going to watch TV," Onew stated, waving before leaving the room. "You don't have to be that awkward," Taemin acknowledged, glancing up at Kuro who blushed. "It's just that your all guys and I just met you," she blushed. Minho signified for her to come over. He wrapped his arm around her, pulling her down onto his lap. "Do you have to be a pervert?" Jonghyun moaned, eating out a packet of crisps. "I'm not being a pervert," Minho defended, not letting go of Kuro. "Can you let go of me?" Kuro blushed, looking down. Minho stopped playing the game and wrapped his other arm around Kuro, hugging her from behind. Key kicked him from under the table. "Ow," Minho moaned, moving his arms away from Kuro who quickly stood up. "It's your fault for getting that excited," Key commented. Minho's face turned bright red. "Don't say that in-front of her," he blushed. "Anyway, I'll show you around," Jonghyun interrupted, standing up. "Sorry about Minho," Jonghyun apologized. "It's okay," Kuro blushed. Opposite the entrance way was the kitchen. To the left of the entrance way was a door leading to a bathroom. The living room was to the left with a large balcony on the back wall. Along the left wall was a large cream sofa covered in pillows. On the floor in-front of it was a large, fluffy rug with a table on-top which had a manga in the middle. On the right wall was the TV stand with the large TV on-top and a collection of games of DVDs on the floor around it. A large hallway went out of the living room. To the left was Taemin's room with Minho's room next to it and Key's room next. At the end of the hallway was Kuro's room with an on-suite bathroom. To the right was Jonghyun's room followed by Onew's and then it was the kitchen. "If you need anything just come to my room," Jonghyun smiled. "Are you sure?" Kuro blushed. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "Of course," he nodded. They went back into the kitchen followed by Onew. A loud knock echoed through the walls. "I'll get it," Onew stated, picking money up of the side before going out of the kitchen. "Oh right," Minho remembered. "What's wrong?" Taemin wondered. "There's only four chairs," Minho reminded. "Ah, didn't think about that," Key nodded, looking up at Kuro. "I'm fine with sitting on the floor," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun ended up sitting on the floor with Kuro while everyone else sat at the table. Onew held his glass out into the middle. "Cheers for the first day of us all being together," he started. Everyone moved their glasses together. "Cheers," they all smiled. Taemin stretched while yawning. Onew covered his mouth as he yawned, after watching Taemin. "I'm going to take a shower and then go to bed," he yawned, standing up and picking up his plates. "I'll show you to your room," smiled Key. "Thank you for decorating it!" Kuro blushed. "It's okay, it was fun," Key smiled, patting Kuro on the head. Minho followed them. "He ended up asking me for help," Minho added. "That's because your taller," Key defended. "Anyway," Minho interrupted, pushing open the door leading to Kuro's room.
"Is it okay?" Key wondered. "It's cute, thank you," Kuro smiled. Minho patted her on the head. "That's good," he smiled. The next morning the smell of pancakes filled the air. Onew was cooking in the kitchen. He was wearing a short sleeved grey top with a black skull imprinted on the front, a pair of blue pajama trousers decorated in pink and yellow hearts and a pair of small purple and white stripped socks. . "Morning," Kuro yawned. "Did you sleep well?" Onew asked, not turning around. "It was strange sleeping in a new place but it was comfy. What about you?" Kuro responded. "I couldn't go to sleep that well as I was thinking of something," confessed Onew. "You were thinking of something?" Kuro asked. "I can't tell you," Onew started, turning around. He stopped when he saw that Kuro was wearing pastel pink pajamas.
"Whats wrong?" Kuro asked, looking down. "Nothing, you look cute," Onew admitted, causing Kuro to blush. "I can see your bra straps by the way," he added. Kuro's face blushed as she hid around the corner. "I'm not a pervert," he stated, looking around the corner and blushing as he looked into Kuro's eyes. "Anyway, its good to see all the bruises and cuts are gone," Onew added, watching Kuro nod. Someone patted her on the head from behind her. Looking up, Kuro saw Jonghyun who was wearing a white,short sleeved top with a black Micky mouse print printed in the center of the front with 'Micky mouse' written in black above it, blue pajama trousers decorated in white swirls. "Shouldn't you be cooking?" Jonghyun asked. Onew suddenly remembered that he was cooking and rushed into the kitchen. "Oh yeah," he remembered, looking down at Kuro. "You like anime, right?" Jonghyun remembered. "Yep," Kuro nodded. "Hanayamata is just about to start, if you want to watch it with me," Jonghyun offered. "Okay," Kuro blushed. "Morning," Minho yawned from behind them after they sat down. He was wearing a short sleeved white supernatural top with the pentagram in the middle and light blue pajama trousers. "Hi," Kuro blushed. Minho climbed over the sofa and sat down next to her. "So hungry," Key yawned, walking around the corner. He was wearing a short sleeved white top with a black Cheshire cat outline printed on and a pair of pastel blue pajama trousers decorated in dark blue patterns. "Foods ready," Onew shouted from the kitchen. As they entered the kitchen Onew was placing the pancakes down onto plates. A pair of arms wrapped around Kuro's waist from behind her, causing her to jump. Taemin leaned his head on her shoulder. "Kuro," he smiled. Kuro's face turned bright red.He was wearing a short sleeved white top with a red rectangle in the center with Micky Mouse printed on top and a pair of pale pink pajama trousers."Anyway, sit on my lap for breakfast," he added. Kuro's face turned red. "Pervert," she blushed. Taemin sat down at the table before pulling Kuro down onto his lap. "You know that it looks dodgy," Onew complained, placing a plate of pancakes in the middle of the table. "How?" Taemin asked, playing with the straps on Kuro's top. "For starters your wearing pajamas and we can tell she is wearing them, but with you..." Minho started, stopping when he saw Kuro's red face. Ray waited outside of the cafe after work. "Sungmin had to go practice," Ray stated. "You look cute by the way," he added, looking own at Kuro's clothes.
"Thanks," Kuro blushed. "You said that you moved to Shinjuku, right?" Ray remembered. "Yep, yesterday," Kuro nodded. "Do you want me to walk you home?" he offered. "I'm okay, don't worry," Kuro responded. "Well this is my stop, are you sure you don't want me to walk you home?"Ray asked as the train came to a stop. "I'll be fine," Kuro nodded. "It's so quite," Kuro sighed as she was walking back from the train station. A hand suddenly grabbed her arm from behind her. Before she could react, they covered her mouth with their hand. "Princess," a male voice stated behind her. They suddenly pushed her down to the ground. "Didn't think the Princess would be so cute," he smiled, stepping out of the shadows. "What do you want?" Kuro mumbled, shuffling backwards. "Just to have a little fun," he grinned, pulling a set of two daggers out of his pocket. Kuro went to stand up however the boy kicked her to the ground. The boy crouched down in-front of her before he rammed a dagger through her right arm. Blood poured down her arm as he pulled the dagger out. He bursted out laughing. "Your even cute when your in pain," he smiled, pinching her checks. "Please... let me go," Kuro begged. The man grinned as he kicked Kuro down to the ground. He twisted the dagger around his finger. Kuro went to stand up however he pushed her down to the ground before sitting on-top of her legs. He rolled the dagger down her arm. He smiled as he made a deep cut, causing Kuro to flinch. He stood up, kicking Kuro to the side. Kuro sat up, strands of her hair falling in-front of her. The boy crouched down in-front of her. He rammed the dagger into her stomach, pulling it out a few seconds later. The pink lights from before drifted out of the ground. The boy stood up, taking a few steps backwards. Sparkling beams of lights appeared, dancing in the air before zooming towards the boy.
Kuro's legs felt weak, causing her to go down onto her knees. As she looked up she noticed that he wasn't there.Jonghyun was in his room, reading manga. "Finally finished it," he sighed, placing it on the side. He stretched as he checked the time on his phone. His phone suddenly started to play 'Shock' by the Korean band B2st. He jumped before answering it. "Hello?" he answered, picking up a soul Eater manga volume of his bed as he leaned back against the bed post. "Jonghyun?" Kuro's voice mumbled. "Kuro? Whats wrong?" Jonghyun asked, turning the page. "You know the alley way next to the street packed in ramen and Korean food stalls in Shinjuku?" Kuro reminded. "The one that's twenty minutes away from the apartment?" Jonghyun guessed. "I'm there, can you come?" Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun quickly sat up. "Are you okay? Whats wrong?" he panicked. "Can you please just get here?" Kuro mumbled before the line went dead. Jonghyun looked down at his phone.
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Chapter 2-The broken clock
"I'm home," Onew called as he got home. In his hand was a shopping bag from the local seven eleven convenience store. "Onew, come in here," Jonghyun called from his room. "Whats wrong?" Onew asked, opening the door to Jonghyun's room. The walls were white with a few anime posters stuck on. Opposite the door was the window with dark blue curtains covering it. Under the window and in the left corner of the room was a double bed with a light blue duvet over top. Anime plushies were along the bottom of the bed. A book shelf was at the end of the bed covered in manga and a DVD rack was next to it covered in anime DVDs and anime figures.A black wardrobe stood in the right corner of the room.A dark blue Kotatsu was in the middle of his room covered in anime magazines, his laptop, his phone and a pair of headphones. A tiger kigurumi was hung up on the back of his door.Blue fairy-lights hung from the ceiling. Jonghyun was sitting on the floor next to his bed while Kuro was asleep in his bed. "What happened?" Onew panicked, rushing over to the bed. "I got a call from her to meet her somewhere. As soon as I got there she was unconscious," Jonghyun explained. Bandages were wrapped around her cuts. A few minutes later Taemin, Key and Minho arrived."Do you want me to look after her for awhile?" Taemin offered. "I'm fine here," Jonghyun responded, picking up one of the magazines and leaning against the bottom of the bed, facing away from the bed. "Do you want anything to eat?" Taemin added. "Can you get me something to drink and a packet of crisps?" he requested. "Sure," Taemin nodded before leaving the room. Jonghyun sighed before looking around at Kuro behind him. After a few minutes Taemin came back in with a Kani Pan, glass of Cocca cola and a packet of BBQ flavored crisps. "Thanks," Jonghyun thanked as Taemin placed them down onto the table. "No change?" he asked, sitting down at the end of the bed. "Her breathing's gone back to normal, that's all," Jonghyun mumbled, opening the packet of crisps. "I wish there was something I could do," Taemin admitted, looking down. "Just wait for her to wake up," Jonghyun responded, starting to eat the crisps. A few hours later Taemin had gone to bed and Jonghyun had fallen asleep. Key and Minho fell asleep on the sofa and Onew was in his room listening to music and writing song lyrics. Jonghyun felt someone tug his sleeve. As he opened his eyes he saw white hair. Looking to the side he saw Kuro looking over his shoulder. "Sorry for waking you," she mumbled. "Kuro..." Jonghyun added. He quickly moved up onto the bed, wrapping his arms around her. "I was worried about you," he muffled into her shoulder. "Your pressing to hard," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun quickly moved his arms away from her. "Sorry, I did my best to get rid of the pain," Jonghyun apologized, sitting down in-front of her. "Thanks," Kuro mumbled, looking down. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "So, what happened?" Kuro asked. "Wrong person asking the question, you were unconscious when I got there so I gave you a piggy back ride," Jonghyun admitted. Kuro's checks blushed. "Sorry," she blushed. "It's okay, what happened?" Jonghyun asked. "When I was walking home this guy turned up I think he was a demon. And well, he had a dagger," Kuro mumbled, pulling down her sleeves. Jonghyun noticed tears rolling down her checks. Jonghyun wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her closer. "Sorry that I didn't sense you were in trouble," he added, increasing his grip. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun pulled his arms away from her. "Anyway, where is this?" Kuro asked, looking around the room. "My room," Jonghyun responded. "So this is your bed?" Kuro blushed. Jonghyun nodded. Jonghyun ruffled her hair. "Don't worry nobody's done anything weird, iv'e been here since we got home," he reasured. Kuro moved her hair back into place. "It's embarrassing though," she blushed. Jonghyun patted her on the head. "What do you want to eat?" he offered, kneeling up. "Its okay, don't worry," Kuro blushed. "It will be a surprise then, i'll wake up one of the guys to look after you," he informed, getting up of the bed. "Don't worry about waking them up," Kuro added. "They've been worried about you as well," he admitted before leaving the room. Kuro looked down at the bandage wrapped around her arm. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. Looking up, she saw Minho hugging her. "Minho!" she blushed. "I'm not pressing against any of the cuts, am I?" he asked, looking her in the eye. "Your close though," she mumbled. Minho sat up to the side, helping Kuro sit up and leaning her against him. He tightened his grip on her. "Do you want any pain killers or anything?" Minho offered. "It's okay, don't worry about it," Kuro mumbled. Do you want to eat in here or out there?" Jonghyun offered, appearing in the doorway. "Out there is fine," Kuro blushed, going to stand up however pain rushed through her, causing her to land on Minho's lap. Kuro's face blushed as she sat up. Minho wrapped his arms around her. "I'll carry you," he added, picking her up Princess style. Minho carried her out into the living room, placing her down in-between Key's legs, who was still asleep. "I'll go wake up the others," Minho added before leaving the room. Kuro quickly moved next to Key before poking his check. Key's eyes slowly opened. As soon as he saw that Kuro was next to him, he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her onto his lap. Kuro's face turned bright red. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" he asked, looking down into Kuro's eyes. "No more then it was, don't worry," Kuro mumbled. Key wrapped his hand around the back of Kuro's head, pulling her closer to him. Both of their checks blushed as he kissed her on the check. "Kuro?" Onew painted, running around the corner. Kuro and Key both looked over at him "Minho just told me you were awake," he stated, walking closer. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. Onew patted her on the head. "Sorry for not being able to protect you," he apologized. He glanced down before sighing. "Really, Kibum, really?" he sighed. "I'm not doing anything perverted," Key defended, pulling Kuro closer. "Your pulling her down onto your lap," Onew reminded, looking at Kuro who's face was bright red. "Your making Kuro embarrassed," Onew reminded, sitting down next to Key. Kuro awkwardly nodded. A pair of arms wrapped around her from behind her, picking her up. "Don't be a pervert," Taemin complained, helping Kuro stand up. Jonghyun placed plates filled with pancakes down onto the table before sitting down the other side of Onew. Minho walked past, grabbing Kuro's hand and walking to the end of the sofa before sitting down and pulling Kuro down onto his lap. "Your eyes really are pretty," Minho whispered into her ear, causing Kuro to blush. "Hey, Pervert," Taemin complained, sitting down next to Key. "I was just talking about her eyes, that's all," Minho defended. "Both your arms are injured, i'll feed you," Minho added, picking up a bit of the pancake and holding it towards Kuro. "I can eat on my own," Kuro mumbled. "That would hurt, I'm fine with feeding you," Minho responded. "I'm just going to ignore him now," Key sighed, starting to eat. "He's seriously getting way to excited over that," Onew moaned. "I'm not getting that excited," Minho commented, pulling his jacket down slightly. "I have to do something," Kuro blushed, trying to stand up however Minho increased his grip on her waist. "I'm fine with sitting on the floor," Kuro mumbled. "It's okay, don't worry," Minho responded. Kuro glanced over at the others who were watching them. Jonghyun stood up and walked over to them, grabbing Kuro's hand and pulling her up off Minho's lap. "We can all tell your excited but you don't need to enhance your perverted thoughts," Jonghyun complained, dragging Kuro over to where he was sitting before sitting next to Minho and letting her sit down in-between him and Key. "Wow, never thought I would see Jonghyun annoyed," Taemin whispered. "He's the calm-ish one," Onew nodded. Jonghyun continued to eat. "Thank you," Kuro mumbled, playing with the ends of her top. "It's okay, he was annoying me as much as he was making you uncomfortable," Jonghyun replied. A week later on Sunday 15th June."Kuro," Key whispered, shaking Kuro's arm. She turned around and wrapped the duvet around her head. "It's too early," she mumbled. "Kuro, we're going to be late," Key added. Kuro sat up, the duvet falling around her. "Late for what?" she asked, opening her eyes. "It's a surprise," he smiled. The door opened with Onew in the doorway. "Do you want to open your presents now?" he offered. Kuro glanced up at Key who nodded. "We have about one and a half hours till the train," he nodded. "Your really like the mum of the group," Onew observed. Taemin walked out from behind him, placing a present down in-front of Kuro. "Am I allowed to open it?" she blushed. "Yep," Taemin nodded. Inside was a pack of Japanese sweets, a jewel pet wand and a jewel pet charm.
"Thank you," Kuro smiled, quickly hugging Taemin. He smiled as he ruffled his hand through his hair. "I'm glad that you like them," he flushed. Key picked something of the floor. "Happy birthday," Key smiled, pacing three presents wrapped in mini mouse wrapping paper. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. Inside was a candy set , a necklace and a Hime gyaru skirt.
"Thank you," Kuro blushed, linking arms with Key who smiled and ruffled her hair. "Morning," Jonghyun yawned as he walked into the room. He passed Kuro the presents that he was holding. Inside was a Sakura Miku figure, Little twin stars t-shirt and a pastel skirt.
"Thank you! They're really cute," Kuro blushed. Jonghyun smiled as he patted Kuro on the head. A pair of arms wrapped around her from behind her. "Hi," Onew blushed from behind her.He passed her a large present and two smaller ones. Inside was a cat plushie, a Ukiss keychain, a CN.blue phone plug and a my melody sanrio bag.
"Thank you," Kuro blushed, playing with the ears on the cat plushie. "I'm glad that you like them," he smiled. "Anyway, breakfast is ready," Key informed. The smell of pancakes covered the apartment. They all sat around the sofa. Minho placed something on-top of Kuro's head. As she looked up he smiled. Minho placed the presents down onto her lap and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Inside was salopette and a anime plushie. "Your getting the last one later," he added.
"Thank you," Kuro blushed. "At least its not awkward anymore like last weak," Taemin added, glancing at Minho. "Agree with you there," Onew nodded. "We'll leave you to get changed and stuff," Key stated, going towards the door. "Where are we going?" Kuro asked. "Just wear something cute and sensible," Jonghyun smiled. After eating everyone went to get changed. "Is this okay?" Kuro asked, coming out of her room. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails and she was wearing the salopette she got from Minho, the top she got from Jonghyun, pastel pink thigh high socks with bunnies printed on the side."It looks cute," Jonghyun nodded. He was wearing black jeans, black converse shoes and a long sleeved black top with mickey mouse printed in the middle. His sleeves were pulled up to his elbows. Taemin walked out of his room wearing Black jeans, a short sleeved black top with a open thin white jacket. Key patted Kuro on the head from behind her. He was wearing white jeans and a long sleeved black top with 'wow' written in white in the center. "Hi," Kuro blushed. Onew walked around the corner. He was wearing black jeans and a short sleeved black top with three 'love's in white printed in the middle. "We should probably get going," Key added, looking down at the time on his phone. "Isn't the train in twenty minutes?" Minho remembered. He was wearing black jeans, a short sleeved white top with black stripes and black canvas shoes. "Five minutes to walk and then we need to get tickets and we don't want to be late," Key reminded. "Might as well," Onew nodded, putting his shoes on at the entrance way. On the train Taemin and Minho sat next to each other with Onew and Key sat opposite. Kuro was looking at the map. Jonghyun covered her eyes from behind her. "It's cheating if you look at the map," he reminded, leaning on her shoulder. Kuro turned around to face him. Jonghyun moved his hands away from her eyes. An hour later they arrived. Jonghyun had covered Kuro's eyes. "It's really hard to walk like this," Kuro mumbled. "We will make sure you won't fall," Taemin reasured. Jonghyun moved his arms away from Kuro, showing that they were standing in-front of the Tokyo Disney Land entrance. "Disney Land?" Kuro asked. Taemin nodded. "Okay, lets go," Kuro smiled, grabbing Minho's arm and pulling him towards the entrance. After buying tickets and queuing to get in, they entered the park. "Thank you for buying my ticket," Kuro blushed. "No problem," Onew responded. Minho grabbed Kuro's hand, pulling her of into one of the shops in the World Bazaar area. "I'll buy you anything you want," he smiled. Kuro noticed a pair of pink Minnie mouse ears that had a pink bow in the center with white poke-a-dots. Minho followed her glance and picked them up of the rack before placing them on her head. "They look cute," he nodded, taking them of. Kuro's checks blushed. "It's okay, you don't need to," Kuro blushed. Minho picked up a pair of mickey mouse ears. "I'm going to look around, if you see anything else just bring it to me," Minho added, letting go of Kuro's hand before walking of. As soon as he got around the corner he looked down at his hand and sighed. Kuro had picked up a few Cheshire Cat merchandise. Onew, Key and Jonghyun brought a set of Mickey Mouse ears each and Taemin brought a pair of Cheshire Cat ears. "So meet up at park closing here," Onew arranged as they got to the front of the park. Jonghyun and Onew went around together. Taemin and Minho went around starting from Adventure Land and Kuro and Key went around together. Kuro's phone started to ring. "Hello?" Kuro asked as she answered her phone. "Hi, do you want to meet up and go on its a small world with me?" Taemin's voice requested. Kuro glanced up at Key who's phone suddenly rang. "Ah, Minho," Key commented, turning around and talking into his phone. "Minho wants to go on Splash mountain, He's asking Key right now so instead do you want to go on its a small world?" Taemin explained. "If your okay with going on it with me," Kuro nodded. "Really? Okay, where are you?" Taemin responded. "Outside Rackety's Raccoon Saloon in Critter Country, what about you?" Kuro blushed. "I'm in-between Western land and Critter Country, I'll be there in about five minutes," Taemin stated. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Key patted Kuro on the head as the conversation ended between her and Taemin. "Taemin's too scared to go on the ride and knew you don't like rides that go down," Key added. "Really?" Kuro blushed. Key nodded. Everyone met up to do Cinderella's castle. "The Princess is finally in a castle," Minho smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Yep," Kuro nodded, stepping forwards and grabbing Onew's arm, who seemed to be feeling really awkward. As he looked up into Kuro's eyes she smiled before walking inside with him. They watched the last of the parades before leaving. "Thank you for today," Kuro thanked, slightly bowing her head. "It's okay, it was fun," Taemin smiled. "And plus we all wanted to go even before we moved to Japan," Jonghyun admitted. "It's really hard to go to sleep," Kuro sighed, looking up at her ceiling later that night. She picked up a Purikura photo that they had all token together with their Disney head-wear on. She sighed before placing it back on her bedside table. "I'm going to buy a drink from the vending machine," she sighed, sitting up and getting a pink, fluffy coat with bunny ears of the end of her bed. As she put on her shoes a hand wrapped around her mouth from behind her and they wrapped their arm around her shoulder. "Are you okay?" Taemin whispered. Kuro blushed as she quickly turned around. "I can't sleep so i'm going to get a drink and fresh air," she blushed. "I'll come with you," he added, moving to the edge of the entrance way and putting on his shoes. "It's okay, you don't have to worry about it," Kuro blushed. "I would be worried about you," he admitted. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. "It's okay, your wounds from last weak have only just healed anyway," Taemin added. Kuro nodded. "So, why can't you get to sleep?" Taemin asked. "I'm not sure," Kuro sighed. Taemin patted her on the head. He sat down next to the vending machine before grabbing Kuro's hand and pulling her down onto his lap. "We can stay out here for a bit if you want," he added, looking down into her eyes. "Isn't that bothering you?" Kuro mumbled. "I can't get to sleep either, I think its too hot in there," Taemin admitted. Kuro moved off his lap, sitting in-between his legs. "Right, Sorry," he flushed. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled, playing with the ends of her sleeves. He patted her on the head, causing her to look up at him. They walked around for about ten minutes before going back up to the apartment. Two days later Kuro was walking home with Sungmin. "Are you sure it was okay yesterday?" he asked. "It was really cute," Kuro nodded. "It's just that I wasn't sure if you would want a Rilakkuma fluffy cape," Sungmin responded. "I love it, thank you," Kuro smiled, linking arms with him. Sungmin smiled as his checks blushed. "Are you sure you don't want me to walk you to the apartment?" he asked. "I'll be fine," Kuro nodded. "Well I'll see you tomorrow," Sungmin added, quickly hugging Kuro before running of. Her phone suddenly started to ring. "Sorry but can you come somewhere?" Onew requested from the other end of the phone. He gave her directions over the phone which led her to a small looking building connected to a car-park on the outskirts of Shinjuku. Key was waiting outside for her. "Sorry, we really didn't want you to get involved in this," Key apologized. "What is this place?" Kuro mumbled. Do you remember us saying Onew and Taemin worked for SDC?" Key asked. Kuro nodded. "They somehow found out about you and our boss wants to talk to you," Key explained. "With me? Why?" Kuro asked. "I think he wants you to join," Key guessed. "I'll be useless though," Kuro cried. "We should get going anyway," Key added, typing something into a keypad on the wall before opening the door. A Japanese man was sitting behind a large desk, reading a file. "Sir," Onew called, opening the door with Key and Kuro behind him. "Come in," he stated, not looking up. Kuro gripped onto Onew's sleeve as she hid behind him. "Kim Ki-bum, shouldn't you be getting back to training?" the man asked. Key glanced at Kuro. "Yes, sir," he nodded before leaving the room. "I have your file with all your information I could find," the man started. Kuro glanced up at Onew. "Yukimura Kuro, pretty harsh background you have," he stated, looking up at her. Kuro nodded. "The boys are apart of a small division called SHINee. I need you to join them," he informed. "But I'm useless. I won't be any help," Kuro mumbled. "Call me Director or Baisotei," he introduced, pacing a badge towards her. "Sir, don't make her do it," Onew interrupted. "She's the Shinigami Princess, she should be able to fight well enough," the Director responded. "I can't fight or anything," Kuro mumbled. "You will, anyway we'll show you around," the Director commented, getting up out of his seat. He showed them around the HQ which had white walls and long hallways. A large beeping sound filled the air. "A mission?" Onew guessed, looking at the Director who nodded. "It's a emergency one, which means SHINee," he stated. "Does that mean...?" Onew mumbled, glancing at Kuro. "She has to take part," the Director responded. Kuro gripped onto Onew's sleeve. "We don't have a mission outfit for you yet Princess, what your wearing will have to do. Lee Jinki, direct her to the weapons room and go get changed," he ordered, looking down at Kuro's outfit which consisted of a pastel pink seifuku, pastel purple and pastel blue stripped thigh high socks, pastel pink loose socks and a pair of pastel pink high-top shoes. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails."Sorry," Onew sighed while he was walking down the hallway, followed by Kuro. "What will I have to do?" she mumbled. "We'll do the mission, just keep yourself safe," Onew responded, opening a door. Inside was filled with different types of weapons. Ranging from different types of guns to daggers. "I think there's something here for you," Onew remembered, picking up a long black case. Inside were two katanas with pink holders. "I need to go, meet us on the second layer of the car-park," Onew sighed, leaving the room. "Your the Princess, right?" a female voice called behind Kuro. Standing behind Kuro was a woman with black hair. "Call me Naomi," she introduced. "I'm Yukimura Kuro, nice to meet you," Kuro blushed, quickly bowing. "Polite kid, well good luck," Naomi commented, picking up a box of bullets of the table before walking out. In the car-park was a black van with blacked out windows. All of the boys had changed into different clothes and were waiting inside with the doors open.
Minho jumped out of the second row of the van. "You can sit in-between me and Jonghyun," he added, making sure the chain belt was attached to his trousers. "Okay," Kuro blushed, climbing into the van. "Will you be okay?" Key asked, leaning over from the back row, his hat almost falling of. "I think so," Kuro mumbled. "It will be fine," the driver responded, looking up in the review mirror.
"I'm Yagami Soichiro," he introduced. "Nice to meet you," Kuro mumbled. "Do you guys mind if i smoke in here?" Yagami requested. "Go ahead," Onew stated, placing bullets into his gun. Yagami rolled down the window before pulling a packet of cigarettes out of the cabinet. "Smoking is going to kill you," reminded Minho. "If driving you to a mission doesn't do it first," Yagami responded, lighting the cigarette. "We're here," he stated after an hour. "Do you all understand your mission?" he added as he parked the van. "Yep," nodded Taemin, sliding open the door and jumping out. "Princess, good luck," Yagami commented. "Thanks," Kuro blushed, jumping out of the van.A tall building stood in Roppongi hills in the center of Tokyo. Taemin grabbed Kuro's hand before walking inside. Once they got to the top floor they slowly walked out of the lift. Paper covered all the security cameras. At the end of the hallway was an opened electrical door. Inside was a large room with white walls and a white floor. A man with black hair,styled to the side walked out of the shadows. He was wearing a white uniform. Around him were four men all wearing a white SWAT styled uniform. Minho gently pushed Kuro behind him. The door slammed shut. Kuro gripped onto Minho's arm. "What are you doing inside our building?" the man in the middle questioned with a Eastern Japanese accent. "SDC sent us to receive the key," Taemin informed. "They sent the Shinigami Princess and Aces to get a key?" the man stated. "That is correct," Onew responded. The man nodded at one of the other men who picked up a black case of the nearby table. He brought it over to the center man who opened it. "Is this it?" he asked as the man holding the case showed them the contents.
"That's it," Onew responded. The man closed the case. "Destroy it," the man in the middle ordered. "But sir," another man started. "Just get rid of it," he continued. "No way in hell," Key moaned, leaping forwards and punching one of the guys. The men around the center man started to fight him. More men wearing the SWAT uniform pilled out of the shadows. Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin and Minho pulled a gun out of their pockets and started to fight them. They all moved really quick, dodging out of the way of incoming bullets and punches. Taemin kart-wheeled out of the way to dodge a bullet, firing a bullet mid-way in the air. The person turned to dust as the bullet touched them.The key fell to the ground, making a cling sound which caught everyone's attention. Kuro rushed past, grabbing the key. As soon as she touched it, a white light blew out of the gems on the key. The center man bursted out laughing. "What is the key?" Jonghyun demanded, pointing a gun straight at him. "It's one of the ways to the spirit world," he explained. Kuro wrapped her hands around her head as pain rushed through her. Her eyes faintly glowed. A pink glow outlined Kuro. Her hair blew backwards, pulling out of the hair-ties which Jonghyun caught. Cherry blossoms floated to the ground. A crescent moon shaped clip appeared on the left side of her head. The man nodded at two men who were standing behind Kuro. They quickly grabbed Kuro's arms,which caused her to scream, to stop her from moving.The glowing disappeared "Let go of her!" Minho demanded. Strawberry vines grew up the walls. "Let go of me!" Kuro cried, trying to pull away. "Let go of her now," Jonghyun demanded, moving the gun down on the man. "Where ever you point it won't stop them," he responded. "What do you want with her?" Key asked, stepping forwards. "She's the Shinigami Princess, the strongest Shinigami," the man responded. "And one of the major gods," one of the other men interrupted. Kuro stepped on both of the men's feet which caused them to let go of her. Kuro quickly hid behind Minho. Onew reached out his hand behind Minho. "I'll look after it," he whispered. Kuro nodded as she placed the key in his hand. An explosion occurred behind them, knocking everyone to separate areas of the room. As Kuro sat up, a foot went down onto her thigh to stop her from moving. Looking up, she saw the center man. "Princess," he stated before kicking her down to the ground. Minho went to stand up however was pulled backwards by one of the men. The man crouched down next to Kuro. "Its hard to believe that you really are the Princess," he added. Kuro sat up with her legs behind her. The man pinched her checks. "Prove that your the Princess," he challenged. Kuro looked up at him. He smiled as he pushed her back down to the ground. Kuro looked up, seeing that above his head was a name and a number above the mans head. "Hideo Yamamoto?" she mumbled. A gun click occurred. "Where did you hear that name?" the man moaned, pointing a gun straight at Kuro. "Its above your head," Kuro mumbled. "Death lord eyes?" he guessed, looking around at one of his men who nodded. He crouched down, pinching Kuro's checks. Hideo looked down into her mismatching eyes. "For a god of death your pretty cute," he added. Kuro's face blushed as she looked to the side. Jonghyun attempted to pull away from the men however their grip on him increased. As Hideo moved his head closer to Kuro's, she quickly kicked him where it hurts, which caused him to move to the side, before standing up and moving backwards. One of the men pulled her down to the ground. THUD. Hideo walked over to them. Paper wrapped around the men. As an explosion occurred Kuro quickly covered her head and flinched. "Kuro!" Taemin shouted, throwing something at her which she caught. Looking down, she saw two guns. "Guns?" she mumbled. "Trust me," he responded, pulling away form the men followed by the rest of SHINee. Kuro quickly pointed both of the guns towards Hideo. "Would you really be able to shoot me?" he asked. Another mini explosion happened in the background. Kuro glanced around at Taemin who was being pulled back by one of the men. Hideo suddenly grabbed her wrists, pushing her down to the ground which caused her to drop the guns. He sat down on her stomach. He glanced over at the SHINee boys. "Jealous, are we?" he grinned. "Just get away from her!" Jonghyun demanded. Another small explosion occurred. Hideo let go of one of her wrists, getting something out of the back of his trousers. He aimed a gun straight at Kuro's head. "If you even try to move I will shoot," he warned, pressing the gun against her shoulder. "Okay," she mumbled, looking to the side.Another small explosion occurred, causing Kuro to flinch. Hideo leaned down on her "How long do you think it will take for them to fight past my men?" he whispered into her ear. "Please can you let us go?" Kuro mumbled. Hideo moved her hair out of her face. "Wheres the fun in that?" he grinned before kissing her neck which caused Kuro to flinch. He moved his head closer to Kuro's however she moved her head down. "That counts as moving," Hideo reminded, looking down at Kuro. He moved the gun down to the top of her arm. A click echoed through the air as he took the safety of. "Get away from her!" Key ordered. As Hideo pulled the trigger, Kuro gripped onto his sleeve. Hot red blood gushed out of the wound on her arm. "Kuro!" Minho and Jonghyun panicked in-unison. Hideo pulled Kuro's head up, looking into her eyes. Small tears sparkled in the corner of her eyes. "This is why you listen to people," he commented, letting go of Kuro's head. A burning formed in her arm. Kuro's body grew weak. Key covered his mouth as he felt that his tong rolled across his fangs. "You should be conscious for another eight minutes," he observed, looking down at her who was obviously in lot of pain. One of the men screamed as lightning strikes covered their body. Jonghyun pushed away from him, rushing over to Kuro. He pushed Hideo backwards before wrapping his arms around Kuro and helping her sit up. "The bullet is still in there," he added, looking down at her arm. Hideo stepped forwards. "Seven minutes," he stated, crouching down in-front of them. Jonghyun pulled Kuro closer to him. Hideo pulled a dagger out of his pocket. A thud occurred behind them as all the other men fell to the floor. All the SHINee boys quickly stood up. Taemin helped Kuro stand up. Onew took of his black tie, tightly wrapping it around the bullet wound. "So, you really are her Aces," Hideo commented, standing up. Jonghyun stepped in-front of Kuro. "Give us five reasons why we shouldn't kill you?" Onew moaned. "For starters its illegal," Hideo responded. "You shot at the Princess and an official SDC agent," Minho defended, pointing a gun at him. "How about the fact I have this?" he asked, holding up a bottle with blue liquid inside. "What is it?" Taemin asked. "The souls of 99 people," Hideo informed. Kuro looked up at him. He smiled as he shock the bottle. "I need to get the souls out," Kuro mumbled. "Your too weak," Taemin reminded, still holding onto her. "I'll help you," Taemin sighed. He wrapped one arm around her stomach to help her stand up. Kuro held her hand,which wasn't the arm bleeding, out. The crescent moon shaped clip started to sparkle.Pink beams of lights appeared once again. Glowing lights appeared in the air before zooming towards Hideo.
The bottle broke as light-like souls drifted around before flying up in the ceiling. Taemin covered Kuro's eyes with his hand before nodding at Onew and Jonghyun. A gun shot echoed through the air, causing Kuro to flinch. "We need to get you to a hospital," Onew commented. Taemin moved his hands away from Kuro's eyes. "But," Kuro started. "SDC will pay for it," Key muffled through his hand. He walked over to them. Moving his hand away from his mouth he leaned his head towards Kuro and licked some of the blood rolling down her arm. Kuro's checks blushed. "Don't worry, it will help," he reasured before licking another drop. Kuro tugged on Taemin's sleeve, causing him to look down at her. "Kuro!" Jonghyun shouted as she fell forwards, being caught by Taemin. Warmth covered her body. Something soft was wrapped around her with something slightly colder wrapped across her stomach. As she opened her eyes she saw a white wall. Trying to sit up, pain rushed through her. She carefully turned around to see Onew's face right next to her. Her face turned bright red. She tugged on his shirt. A wet flannel fell of her head. Onew slowly opened his eyes. A smile popped onto his face. "Kuro!" he grinned, wrapping both of his arms around her stomach and leaning his head on her shoulder. "What happened?" Kuro mumbled. "Taemin carried you to the van. We took you to the hospital and they sorted out your arm. They gave us pain killers if you want it. We took you here. Minho changed your clothes and you've been asleep in my room ever since," Onew explained. "He changed my clothes?" Kuro blushed. Onew carefully helped her sit up in-between his legs, leaning against him as he sat against the bed post. Onew's room was slightly smaller than Kuro's room. The carpet was white and fluffy. They were laying on a double bed in the top left corner of the room.The pillows were light blue with Doreamon printed on. A dark blue duvet covered the bed. On the wall above the side of the bed was an Adventure time poster with Purakura pictures from the day they all went to Disney land around it. Next to the bed was a bedside table with Onew's phone, a white lamp, his mickey mouse ears from Disney Land and a mini Doreamon figure. At the end of the back wall was a window with Doreamon curtains. At the end of the bed was a one piece, a Rilakkuma and a blue tofu plushie. At the bottom of the bed was a magazine holder filled with anime magazines and two volumes of Kera. Along the rest of the wall were all of Onew's shoes. In the middle of the room was a glass table with a black laptop and two guns on-top. A bookshelf was opposite the bed covered in manga. On-top of the bookshelf was a pile of anime box-sets. A glace cabinet was next to it with anime figures inside. A 70 cm Doreamon plushie sat next to the cabinet with a large black wardrobe next to it. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. As she looked down she noticed that she was wearing a short sleeved white top ,with skull in the middle,which laid just under her hips. "This is Jonghyun's shirt, isn't it?" she blushed. "We didn't want to put you into too many layers," Onew nodded. Kuro's face blushed as she nodded. "Onew smells really nice," Kuro admitted, not realizing that she had quietly said it out-loud. Onew's face flushed. "Y-You smell better," he muffled. "I said it out loud?" she blushed. Onew nodded, his face still red. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. "Anyway, lets go into the living room and wake the others," he added, wrapping his arms around Kuro. "I can walk," she blushed, going to stand up however pain rushed through her. Onew quickly caught her in his lap. Onew wrapped his arm under Kuro's legs, picking her up Princess style. Everyone else was asleep on the sofa. Minho's head was resting against Taemin's shoulder. "I'm not wearing shorts," Kuro blushed, quickly trying to pull down the top. "Minho did it," Onew nodded. "I can walk, really," she blushed. "You always wear them underneath your skirts or dresses," Onew observed. Kuro's checks blushed as she looked up at him. "Not like i'm always looking," Onew defended. "Always?" Kuro repeated. Onew's face flushed. "Anyway, all your clothes were stained with the blood," Onew commented. "Sorry I left you all to deal with that," Kuro mumbled. "You fell unconscious, its not like you ran of," Onew reminded. "Still I left you to all to deal with the hospital and stuff," Kuro added. "The doctor says hi by the way," Onew remembered. "The one with black glasses and the dimples?" Kuro guessed. "Yeah," Onew nodded. "He's the one that tried to find out why I have one pink eye and one purple and why I have snow white hair," Kuro explained. "That makes sense," Onew commented, kicking Key's leg. "Ow," Key moaned, opening his eyes. "Kuro..." he mumbled as he saw her. "Can you put me down?" Kuro blushed, holding down the top again. Onew nodded as he placed her on Key's lap. Kuro's face blushed as she went to get of Key's lap however he wrapped his arms around her. "I'll go make you food," Onew volunteered, shaking Taemin's arm. His eyes slowly opened. "Whats wrong?" he asked, still half asleep. "Can you help me cook for her?" he asked. Taemin sat up, stretching his arms. "Whats happening?" he yawned. Onew pointed towards Kuro. "Kuro!" Taemin smiled, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Kuro which knocked her backwards into Jonghyun who was sitting the other side of Key. "Remember she isn't wearing her shorts," Onew stated. Jonghyun opened his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders from behind her. "I'm glad your okay," he added, kissing her on the forehead. "Okay Pervert, lets go make food," Onew sighed, pulling Taemin of Kuro. As they walked past Onew kicked Minho's leg before walking into the kitchen with Taemin. "You look really cute in my top by the way," Jonghyun added, patting Kuro on the head. Minho covered his mouth as he yawned, stretching before opening his eyes. He quickly reached forwards, leaning on Key's lap to wrap his arms around Kuro who's checks were blushing. Kuro fell backwards with her head landing on Jonghyun's lap. "Are you okay?Do you want any pain killers?" Minho offered, looking down at her. "I'm okay," she blushed, pulling down the top. "Ah right," Minho remembered, quickly getting of her and sitting next to Key while facing them. Kuro quickly sat up and moved in-between Key's legs. "Sorry I thought it would be awkward if I put another pair of shorts on you," Minho added. Kuro nodded. "Granted you said you liked her underwear," Key admitted. Kuro's face blushed as she quickly hid behind Jonghyun. "I only said it was cute," Minho defended. "That's not better," Kuro blushed. "What are you talking about?" Jonghyun asked. Kuro popped her head out from behind him, lightly holding onto his arm. "Their princess styled and pink with a floral pattern and small lace," Minho explained. He suddenly felt a pillow land in his face. Kuro was leaning on Jonghyun's lap. "Pervert! Did you really need to describe them?" she blushed. Minho moved the pillow behind him and leaned against it. "I could of been making it up. But it fits your style completely," Minho defended. "He has a point," Key nodded. Kuro quickly threw a pillow at him. Jonghyun pulled down the back of the top Kuro was wearing down which caused her to look up at him. Her face blushed. "I couldn't see them, it was just if Taemin or Onew came in," he defended. Key wrapped his arms around Kuro, moving her onto his lap. "The food will be in about ten minutes," Taemin added, appearing out of the kitchen before going inside. "Are you comfy?" Key asked, looking into Kuro's eyes. "So in other words your asking if its obvious that your getting excited," Minho commented. Jonghyun threw a pillow at him. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled, looking down. Her checks were bright red. "So, what should we watch on TV?" Key asked. His voice suddenly went high-pitched. "Someones nervous, pervert," Minho moaned. "What do you mean i'm nervous?" Key blushed. "Your voice goes high-pitched when your nervous," Minho reminded. "How would that make me a pervert anyway?" Key flushed. Jonghyun passed Kuro the remote. "Thanks," Kuro blushed, ignoring Key and Minho who were still arguing. "So, what do you want to watch?" Kuro asked. "I don't mind, your hurt so you get to choose," Jonghyun responded. "What even is the time?" Kuro mumbled. Jonghyun leaned over, placing his hand on her thigh and pressing one of the buttons on the remote. "1:30 am," he responded. "Am?" Kuro repeated. "We got home at 11," Jonghyun added. "It was 7:50 when we got to the mission so that means," Kuro mumbled. "You were unconscious for 5 hours," Jonghyun responded. "It happened to you to!" Key moaned. "Yeah but not as bad," Minho defended. "Really? Are you sure about that?" Key replied. "Do they really need to be arguing over that while I'm sitting on him?" Kuro sighed. "Trust me," Jonghyun added before wrapping his arms around Kuro. Key and Minho stopped talking as they watched Jonghyun place Kuro in-between his legs. "Your being a pervert as well," Key added. "Not as much as either of you," Jonghyun responded, putting his feet up on the table and hugging Kuro. "Are you okay?" Kuro mumbled. "Why?" Jonghyun asked, looking her in the eye. "Your acting weird," Kuro admitted. Jonghyun glanced up at Minho and Key who nodded. "Sorry, guess I'm just worried that i'm going to hurt you," he explained, gently poking near the white bandage on her arm. Taemin walked out with Onew behind him. Taemin sat down the other side of Jonghyun. Onew placed the food in-front of Kuro.
"Thank you," Kuro blushed. Minho was watching her eat. Jonghyun leaned over Kuro's shoulder, eating one of the dango's on the stick she was eating. Kuro's checks blushed. Jonghyun winked before leaning backwards against the sofa. "These taste really good," Taemin admitted, trying one of the Dango sticks. "Your only saying that because you helped make them," Onew added. "Yep," Taemin smiled. "You should make them more often," Key added, putting his legs up of the sofa. "Are you doing that to hide?" Onew asked. "Wasn't comfy before," Key responded. Kuro glanced up at Minho who was still watching her. As they exchanged eye-contact his face blushed. He quickly looked in the opposite direction. After eating Key yawned as he leaned backwards on the sofa. "You should get some sleep," Minho added. I'm going to bed, will you be okay?" Jonghyun asked. "I'll be okay," Kuro nodded. Jonghyun kissed her on the forehead before going to his room. "Bye," Key blushed, kissing Kuro on the check. "Your staying at home later, right?" Onew asked. Kuro nodded. "It hurts too much to be a waitress," Kuro admitted. Onew glanced up at Taemin. "You go to bed, I'll look after her," Taemin mouthed. "If you need anything just ring me," Onew added, patting Kuro on the head before going to his room. Kuro went to stand up, pain rushed through her which caused her to fall on Taemin's lap. "Sorry!" she blushed, going to move however he wrapped his arms around her back. Minho sighed as he leaned back on the sofa. Taemin tightened his grip on her. "Are you going to be okay sleeping on your own?" Taemin asked. "I'll be fine, I'm not a little kid," she blushed. "He's gone hard too," Minho interrupted. Taemin threw a pillow at him. "You perverted Dream Eater," he blushed. "Seriously though, think how close you are to him," Minho added, pointing down. Kuro glanced down before blushing. "Thanks," Taemin sighed. Kuro moved off the top of his leg to the sofa next to him. "Well I have to go get some sleep, do you want help to your room?" Taemin blushed. "I'll be okay," Kuro mumbled. Taemin ruffled her hair before getting up of the sofa and leaving the room. Kuro carefully crawled to the end of the sofa where Minho was sitting. "If your tired you should go to bed," Kuro mumbled. Minho opened his eyes and looked down at her. "I can see down your top," he added, looking forwards. Kuro's face blushed as she moved backwards. "Your clothes make you look smaller then you are," he added. Kuro went to hit him with a pillow however pain rushed through her. As she fell forwards, Minho quickly moved, catching her on his lap as his feet on the sofa and his knees up. "Are you okay?" he asked, looking down at her. "It really hurts," Kuro mumbled, holding onto the wound. "Sorry about how i was reacting earlier," Minho mumbled. "It's okay," Kuro mumbled, looking up at him. "It's just that that guy almost kissed you," he admitted. "Reason why I was shot," Kuro sighed. "Because you moved when he tried to stick his tong down your throat," Minho commented. Kuro nodded. Minho wrapped his arms around Kuro's back moving her down onto the sofa before leaning over her. "Minho?" she blushed, looking at the side. "Sorry," he mumbled before leaning down. He placed both his hands on the side of Kuro's head as he looked down into her eyes. Both of Kuro's legs were in-between Minho's. He moved his head closer to Kuro's. As he pressed his lips against her's, Kuro closed her eyes. She gripped onto his shirt as he moved one of his hands to the back of her neck. His other hand moved to her waist.
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Chapter 3-Perfect Cherry Blossom
Kuro tugged on Minho's shirt to tell him to stop however he continued. After a minute he pulled his lips away slightly, opening his eyes. Kuro opened her eyes and looked up at him. Minho licked his lips before sitting up. Kuro quickly moved under his arms and rushed out of the living room. "Maybe I shouldn't of used tong for her first time?" he mumbled, placing his fingers against his lips. Halfway through the night Kuro woke up as she was feeling really hot. She went out into the living room and sat down on the sofa. "It's too hot," she sighed, using her hand as a fan. She glanced down at the bandage on her arm. "It hurts a lot," she sighed, putting pressure on-top of the bandage as she leaned against the back of the sofa and closed her eyes. Three hours later. "I feel asleep?" Kuro mumbled, sitting up. A wet flannel was on her head with the fan blowing out cold air behind her. Sitting up, Kuro noticed that Taemin was sitting on the floor with his arms folded on the sofa. He was fast asleep. Kuro moved down next to him. "I need to move him up onto the sofa," she mumbled. Taemin opened his eyes and looked to the side. "Hi," he mumbled. "Are you okay?" Kuro asked. "I should be asking you that," he responded, sitting up. He placed his hand on her forehead. "Your still really hot," he sighed. "What happened?" she asked. "You were asleep on the sofa and was really hot so I put the fan on and stuff. I must of fell asleep," Taemin explained. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. "So why are you out here?" Taemin wondered. "It's too hot in my room," Kuro mumbled. "Did you open the window?" Taemin suggested. "It's still too hot," Kuro nodded. "Well you were shot a few hours so it makes sense," Taemin added. "I'm okay on my own if you want to go back to your room to get some sleep," Kuro mumbled. "I don't want to leave you," Taemin admitted, lightly grabbing Kuro's hand. Kuro's checks blushed. "Anyway, your still wearing his top," Taemin interrupted. Kuro's face blushed as she quickly covered his eyes with her hand, not lifting the one that's injured. "I wasn't looking down your top your anything," he blushed. Kuro moved her arm away from him. Taemin sat up on the sofa. Kuro quickly sat up next to him. Taemin wrapped his arms around Kuro's waist and leaned his head on her lap. "T-Taemin," Kuro blushed. "I was cooking so I didn't get that much time to hug you," he muffled. As he kissed her thigh, she flinched. Taemin looked up at her. "Ah right, the guy who shot you tried to kiss you," Taemin remembered, sitting up and moving his arms away from Kuro's waist. Kuro nodded, looking away. "If its okay can I stay out here with you?" Taemin asked. "If its not to annoying for you," Kuro nodded. "A few hours sleep isn't enough," Onew yawned, coming out of the bathroom in his pajamas. "I just hope we don't get a mission," Jonghyun added, coming out of his room. "Morning," Minho greeted, followed by Key coming out of his room. As they walked around the corner they stopped. Kuro and Taemin were both asleep on the sofa. Taemin was laying on the outside with one of his legs going through Kuro's legs and his head resting on her shoulder. Kuro was lightly gripping onto his pajama top. "That's awkward to see," Onew mumbled before going into the kitchen. Jonghyun got a blanket from his room before wrapping it over Kuro. He moved her fringe to the side before kissing her on the forehead. "I'll help cook breakfast," he added before following Onew. "What should we do about them?" Key asked. "Just leave them, I guess," Minho responded. "Lets help cook," Key suggested. "Okay," Minho nodded, glancing at Kuro before going into the kitchen. The smell of food drifted through the air. Kuro opened her eyes to see Taemin's face right in-front of hers. "So was he the pervert that did it?" Onew interrupted from behind the sofa. Kuro turned her head to see Onew standing behind them. "We ended up falling asleep and it happened when we were asleep, I guess," she mumbled, going to sit up however Taemin's mass weighed her down. "I can wake him up for you, if you want," Onew volunteered. "It's okay, he should wake up in a minute," Kuro mumbled, moving however pain rushed through her arm. Taemin pulled her closer to him, causing Kuro to blush. "He's already pressing up against you, does he need to get closer?" Minho moaned, coming around the corner. As he exchanged eye-contact with Kuro she blushed and looked away. "Your really soft," Taemin mumbled. "Are you awake?" Kuro blushed. "Yeah," Taemin nodded, opening his eyes and sitting up. "Your thinking something really perverted, aren't you?" Minho guessed. "Just that she smells really good and is really soft," Taemin admitted, looking into Kuro's eyes. Kuro blushed as she moved backwards, bumping into the back of the sofa. Taemin moved his legs away from her, sitting next to Kuro. "I'll go get the food," Minho interrupted, leaving the room. Onew climbed over the back of the sofa, sitting the other side of Kuro. "So why are you both out here? Didn't you both go to bed before Minho?" Onew remembered. "My room was really hot," Kuro admitted. Minho placed his hand on her forehead. "You still feel really hot," he added, looking down at the bandage. "That's why I put the fan on and the flannel on your head," Taemin nodded. "So you were looking after her?" Onew guessed, watching Taemin nod. Key came around the corner carrying Tamagoyaki and Natto. "So, what are your plans for the day?" Key asked, glancing at Kuro. "Just going to stay here," Kuro mumbled. "On your own?" Jonghyun asked, carrying four bowls of rice. Minho followed him carrying chopsticks and Miso soup. Kuro nodded. Minho sat down the other side of Taemin followed by Jonghyun sitting next to him. Key wrapped his arms around Kuro, picking her up. Kuro's face turned red as she quickly wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Key nodded at Taemin who moved to where Kuro was sitting. Key sat down in the middle and where Taemin was sitting, with Kuro on his lap. Kuro glanced up at Minho who was sitting next to her. "I'll help you eat," Key added. "I'm okay, I can sit on my own," she blushed. Key patted her on the head. He smiled when Kuro looked around at him. "This is really embarrassing though," she blushed. "You were okay with it last night," Key reminded. Kuro moved up the blanket to hide her face. Minho popped his head under, leaning on her legs. "Was it what I did that's making you embarrassed?" he asked. Kuro nodded, looking away. "Its one of the reasons," she blushed. "I won't do it again so don't worry," Minho reasured. Key moved the blanket down. "We can hear you, you know," he moaned. "What happened last night?" Jonghyun asked. Minho looked up into Kuro's eyes before moving back to his seat. "I kissed her," Minho admitted. "Kissed her? "Onew repeated. "As in properly?" Key asked. Minho nodded. Jonghyun quickly got out of his seat, pushing him down on the sofa. "Did he do anything else do you?" Jonghyun asked, looking up into Kuro's eyes. "He only kissed me," Kuro blushed. "You are unbelievable. That guy shot her because he wanted to kiss her," Jonghyun reminded. "You all want to. The closet you guys can get is you going hard with her on your lap," Minho defended, glancing at Key. Key moved his arms away as Kuro quickly got of his lap. Minho's phone beeped. "I have a mission anyway," he sighed, pulling away from Jonghyun. He picked up one of the Tamagoyaki rolls before going to his room to get changed. Jonghyun sat down on the sofa, picking up one of the chop sticks. Kuro went to sit on the spare bit of the sofa however Jonghyun pulled her down onto his lap. Shortly after Jonghyun and Taemin were both called in to do a mission. "Onew," Kuro called as she walked around the corner. "Whats wrong?" Onew asked, not looking up. "I found these magazines in your room," Kuro added. Onew's face turned red. "She fond porn in your room?" Key guessed. "It wasn't porn she found," Onew mumbled, looking up. Kuro was holding the two volumes of Kera that was in his room. "Girls fashion magazines?" Key questioned, with a blank look on his face. Onew rushed forwards, trying to take the magazines of Kuro who kept hold of them. "When did you see them?" Onew blushed. "When you were carrying me out of your room yesterday," Kuro remembered. Onew grabbed ahold of the magazines however ended up falling forwards. THUD. Onew looked down at Kuro who he had fallen on-top of. Key walked closer, picking up the magazines and turning the pages, stopping as he spotted something. "Is this you?" he panicked, looking down at Kuro. "Iv'e done a few street snaps," she nodded. "You look really cute in them," he admitted. "Thanks," Kuro blushed. "Anyway, you do remember that she hasn't changed yet so she's wearing Jonghyun's top," Key remembered. Onew looked down at Kuro, noticing that her top was almost up. His legs were brushing against hers and one of his hands was on her thigh and his other hand on her waist. "I could of landed with my hands somewhere else," Onew reminded, looking down into Kuro's eyes. "Your pressing too hard," Kuro mumbled. Onew's checks turned red. "I just mean your abs," Kuro blushed. "I doubt it," Key added, helping Onew up. "I haven't gone like that," Onew defended. "Are you sure?" Key asked. Onew glanced down at Kuro. "Don't make me admit it in-front of her," Onew begged. "You just did," Key reminded. Onew bend down so he could look Kuro straight in the eye. "Okay, yes. But I wasn't going to do anything perverted," Onew admitted. Kuro's checks blushed. "I'm going to get changed," Kuro blushed, turning around. Onew quickly grabbed her hand. "Will you be okay with getting changed? Your arm will sting when you put it up to take the top of," Onew commented. "It should only last a few seconds," Kuro mumbled. "But," Onew started. "I'll be okay," Kuro blushed. Key wrapped his arm around Kuro's waist. "Do you want help?" he offered. "It's okay, don't worry about it," Kuro blushed, slightly bowing her head before rushing into her room. Key and Onew exchanged eye-contact. "Maybe we went a bit far," they admitted in-unison. After a few minutes Kuro came out in her pajamas and holding Jonghyun's top. "I'll be back in a minute," she blushed before going into the kitchen. Onew's phone suddenly beeped. "I have to go, will you be okay looking after her on your own?" Onew asked. "Of course, I'm the mum of the group," Key smiled. "Right," Onew nodded before going into his room to get changed. "I don't think he minds if you wash it or not," Key commented from behind her, causing Kuro to jump. She fell on the floor and the washing powder box hit her on the head before falling to the floor. "Sorry," Key apologized, crouching down in-front of her. "It's okay, I have other stuff I need to wash. Do you have anything?" Kuro blushed, picking up the box. Key suddenly took his top of, reveling his abs. Kuro's face blushed as he leaned closer to her, putting his top in the washing machine. "Now who is the pervert?" Key asked. "Your the one who suddenly stripped," Kuro defended. "Talking about that," Key remembered, wrapping one of his arms around Kuro and pulling her closer to him. "Are all of them pink?" he asked, looking down the back of Kuro's top. Her face turned bright red. "Pervert," she blushed. "It's just that I noticed that the straps were different," Key added. Kuro leaned backwards against the washing machine. "Do you have a bow on the back of it?" Key wondered. "You are really a pervert when you know there's a small bow on the back," Kuro mumbled. "Well it looks cute, especially with the heart," Key commented. "Pervert!" Kuro blushed, covering Key's eyes. "Are they matching?" he wondered. "Do you really need to know that?" Kuro blushed. "If you hadn't notice I like pink too," Key mumbled. "So are you...?" Kuro started. "No, I'm 100% straight. Just didn't know what to say," Key responded. "Pervert," Kuro blushed. "Isn't it really obvious that we're all straight know?" Key asked. Kuro moved her hand away from his eyes. "Your still not even moving that arm. Are you in a lot of pain?" Key acknowledged. "I don't want to talk about it," she mumbled. "I'm here for you if you ever need anything," he reasured, patting Kuro on the head. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. Key gently lifted up her head so he could look her in the eye. "Your eyes really are beautiful," he smiled. Kuro's checks blushed. "Why are you randomly saying about them now?" she blushed. "The Doctor last night was saying how you used to wear brown contacts for a bit to hide them but you stopped wearing them when you went to work in Akihabara," Key remembered. Kuro nodded. Key sat down next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Don't worry, you don't need to talk about the past. I just want you to know that I think your really adorable and beautiful," Key smiled. Kuro's face turned red. "W-Well your cute as well," Kuro blushed. Key smiled, hugging her. "Anyway, your fringe is growing," Key added. Kuro looked up, seeing that her full fringe almost covered her eyes. "I didn't notice," she mumbled. "Do you want me to do it? I promise I won't mess it up," Key offered. "Would that be okay?" Kuro asked. "Of course," Key nodded. "So do you want a straight one like before?" Key asked, sitting down on the sofa with a pair of scissors in his hand. "Yep, please" Kuro blushed. "Okay," Key nodded. "So, what do you want to do now?" he wondered. "I'm not sure, what bout you?" she sighed, leaning against the back of the sofa. "I take it you don't feel like going out?" he offered. "Is that a sensible idea?" Kuro mumbled. "The pain killers should help it," Key remembered. "But that would mean you would be stuck with me," Kuro mumbled. "I like hanging out with you," Key admitted, pinching her checks. "Why?" Kuro blushed. "Your cute and fun," he smiled, kissing Kuro's nose which caused her face to turn red. "Do you want to go out?" he offered. "Would you be okay with that?" Kuro asked. "Of course," Key nodded. "But would you be with getting changed again?" he remembered. "I should be okay," Kuro nodded. they both went to their rooms and got changed. "Does this look okay?" Kuro mumbled ten minutes later as she walked into the living room.
"You look adorable," Key smiled, wrapping his arms around Kuro's back, being careful of her arm, pulling her towards him. "Do you want to take pain killers before we leave?" Key asked, picking up a packet of pain killers of the table. "Do I have to?" Kuro mumbled. Key sat down on the sofa, pulling Kuro down onto his lap. "I''ll buy you a load of stuff," he bargained. "You don't have to!" Kuro blushed. "I want to," Key smiled, kissing Kuro on the check. Kuro glanced down at the packet of pain killers in Key's hand. "How many would I have to take?" she asked. "Just one I guess but two would be better for you," Key responded. "One," Kuro mumbled. Key' grip on her increased as he pressed his check against Kuro's. "Don't worry," he reasured, picking up the glass of water off the table. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Key passed her one of the tablets which she quickly put in her mouth before he passed her the glass. Key tightened his grip on Kuro as she swallowed the water and tablet. "Good girl," Key smiled, patting her on the head. "I'm not a little kid," Kuro reminded. "I know," Key nodded, looking down into her eyes. "Do they have to taste that bad?" Kuro sighed, trying to change the subject. "We can go get lunch, that might help," Key added. Kuro nodded as her face turned red. She quickly got of his lap. "So, lets go," she mumbled. "Why are you suddenly embarrassed?" Key wondered, pinching her checks. "Because I wasn't before," Kuro mumbled. "Your getting used to sitting on my lap," Key commented. "That sounds really bad," Kuro blushed. "Does that mean you don't mind sitting on me?" Key smiled. Kuro moved his hat down over his eyes. "Pervert," she blushed. "I would be more of a pervert if I asked if you were wearing shorts underneath that," Key added. "Why are you thinking about that?" Kuro blushed. Key smiled as he pulled Kuro down onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "No reason," he smiled. "Do you want to get going?" Kuro mumbled. "Okay," Key nodded, moving his arms away from Kuro, letting her stand up. Key left a note on the living room table."Do I look okay?" he asked,putting on his shoes at the entrance way.
"You look cute," Kuro admitted. Key smiled as he patted her on the head. "I think your almost the same height as Jonghyun now," he added once Kuro put on her white heels. "It's weird wearing them," Kuro blushed, standing up. "You normally wear flats," Key remembered. "So, where are we going?" Kuro asked while they were walking to the train-station. Key bursted out laughing. "Its a surprise," he smiled. There was only a few people on the train. "I guess everyone is at school or work," Kuro added as they sat down on the side seats next to each other. "Oh yeah, about that. You don't go to school," Key remembered. Kuro looked up at him. "What were your grades like?" he wondered. "Mostly B's. I never took part in PE though as the doctors thought my appearance was something to do with being sensitive to sunlight or something. And I was one mark of a A once," Kuro remembered. "B's?" Key repeated. "Yep, what about you?" Kuro asked. "As someone who is a few years older than you, half were B's and the other half were C's," Key informed. He sighed as he leaned backwards. "Your pretty clever then. You must of been within the top 20 of your school," Key added. "Normally I was at 15," Kuro mumbled. "Really?" Key asked, watching Kuro nod. "Then why do you work in a cafe?" Key wondered. "Because its cute," Kuro blushed. "Makes sense," Key nodded. "Hang on, didn't you leave early in middle school?" Key remembered. "The doctors convinced the school to give me early entry to the exams," Kuro admitted. "Wow," Key added. "Anyway, I don't like talking about school," Kuro mumbled. "Right, sorry," Key apologized, patting her on the head. "Yukimura-chan?" a female voice asked in-front of them. Looking up, they saw a lady with black hair. "Nakama-sensei?" Kuro blushed, quickly standing up. "I thought I recognized you, I overheard your conversation so I decided to say hi," Nakama explained. Key looked up at them blankly. "Ah, This is Nakama-sensei she was my homeroom teacher the year before I stopped going," Kuro explained. Key stood up. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kim Kibum. Kuro's friend," Key introduced, shaking her hand. "You called her by her first name, and without honorifics," Nakama acknowledged. Kuro and Key's faces both blushed. "You two are close then," she added. "We live together," Key admitted. Kuro's face blushed as she lightly hit Key's arm. "As friends," Key blushed. "So how have you been?" Nakama wondered. "Okay, what about you? Are you still teaching?" Kuro asked. "Still teaching, what about you? Are you working?" Nakama responded. "At Maidreamin," Kuro nodded. "The maid cafe?" Key asked. Kuro's face blushed as she realized that Onew was the only one who knew where she worked. Kuro nodded. "It suits you, You were always writing in Rilakkuma notepad in homeroom," Nakama remembered. "I was paying attention," Kuro blushed. "Of course, how else would someone get a A on one of her exams when she was 12," Nakama nodded. "I thought you said you got only B's?" Key asked. "I forgot about it," Kuro blushed. "Still can't believe you only got to 15," Nakama admitted. "Everyone else did really well in PE," Kuro mumbled. "Ah right, that would explain it," Nakama nodded. "Well this is my stop, have a good day," Nakama stated, bowing. "Bye," Kuro blushed, bowing her head slightly. "Lovely meeting you," Nakama expressed, looking at Key before leaving the train. As the train bolted forwards Key fell backwards into his seat with Kuro landing on him. "Sorry," Kuro blushed, quickly getting of him and sitting at the side. "Your more impressive then I thought," Key added. Kuro looked up into his eyes and blushed. "If we think in terms of powers and stuff your more impressive," Kuro blushed. "That's only because Iv'e been in SDC since 2008," Key added. "So that means you joined when you were 16?" Kuro worked out. "I started training for SDC in 2006 though," Key nodded. "Isn't that really early?" Kuro asked. "If you think about Taemin is 20 and he joined in 2008 as well,its not that early," Key reminded. Kuro nodded. "And you joined when you were 15," Key reminded. "It was really close to my birthday though," Kuro blushed. "Yep, your 16 now," Key nodded. The train came to a stop. "We're here," he added, grabbing Kuro's hand and standing up. "Where are we?" Kuro asked. "Surprise," Key smiled, stepping of the train. Kuro looked up at the train station sign. "Harajuku?" she smiled. Key smiled as he patted her on the head. "Its pretty easy to find stuff for both of us here so I though it would be a good idea, specially since you like it here," Key nodded. Kuro linked arms with him. "Okay, lets go," she smiled. "We should eat first," Key added. "Where do you want to eat?" Kuro asked. "I'm not sure, what do you recommend?" Key wondered. "The crepes here are famous," Kuro remembered. "Okay, sounds good," Key nodded. As they were walking through the train station Key moved his arm away from Kuro's before locking his fingers into her's. Kuro's checks started to blush. They walked straight to Takashita Dori. "Ah, wait a minute," Key added as he stopped walking and let go of her hand. "The bow on your blouse is coming undone," he explained, carefully tying up the bow on her sleeve. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. "No problem," he smiled, patting her on the head. An elderly woman walked past. "Young couples are cute nowadays," she added. Kuro and Key exchanged eye-contact before blushing. "Kuro-san?" a female voice asked behind them. Standing behind them was a lady with curly bleached blonde hair and was wearing a blue, floral maxi-dress and a sun hat. In her hand was a camera. "Ueto-san," Kuro smiled. "It's nice to meet you, I'm a hunter for Kera," she introduced. "Ah, the magazine you have snaps in," Key remembered, glancing down at Kuro who nodded. "I wanted to speak to you," Uteo added. "Since your last snap we've received a lot of fan letters asking if you were a professional Dokumo," Uteo informed. "Really?" Kuro smiled. "Yeah, so I was wondering if you would like to work for us?" she offered. "She will," Key admittedly commented. Kuro's face blushed. "But I'm really bad at getting pictures taken," Kuro blushed. "Your cute and popular, your previous snaps have been really popular," Uteo reminded. Kuro glanced up at Key who nodded. "But what if I put together a really bad coord?" Kuro mumbled. "I see you every morning, they all look really adorable," Key admitted. Kuro's face blushed. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Uteo passed her a business card. "They will contact you with information," Uteo informed. "Thank you," Kuro blushed, bowing her head. "So, can I take a quick snap for next weeks magazine?" she requested. Kuro glanced up at Key. "I'm fine with it," Key nodded. "Sorry about that," Kuro blushed once Uteo had finished. "It's okay. Anyway I think Onew keeps checking Kera volumes now he knows you've been in a few," Key admitted. "It's kinda embarrassing when people I know see them," Kuro sighed. Key patted her on the head. "They're cute, don't worry," he smiled. At the crepe stand Key brought a chocolate and vanilla ice cream crepe while Kuro brought a strawberry one. Key quickly got his white smartphone out of his pocket. "Can I get a quick picture?" he flushed. "Okay," Kuro blushed. Key took a picture of him and Kuro holding their crepes. "It looks cute," he smiled, showing her the picture. After they finished eating they looked through the shops. Key was trying on the colorful hats in one of the bright stores. Kuro picked up a pink and black checkered hat, going up on tip-toes. As she placed it on Key's head she smiled. "It looks cute," she nodded. Key looked in the small nearby mirror. He did a thumps up. In the same store he brought a jacket with panda ears on the hood. In the same store Kuro brought a pastel purple heart shaped bag. "It's so cute!" Kuro smiled as they walked past one store. Kuro was crouching on the floor and picking things of the bottom rack, including a pink sailor styled top and a pastel rainbow skirt. "It's really hot," Key sighed, taking of his short sleeved outer top and putting in one of his shopping bags. He sat down on the nearby steps."There's a vending machine nearby, i'll go get drinks," Kuro blushed, placing her bags next to Key before running of. "She's the one that's feeling hotter," he sighed, using his hand as a fan. He felt someone cold go against his check. Opening his eyes, he saw Kuro in-front of him. "Thanks," he smiled, picking up the can of cold Pepsi Kuro was holding to his check and opening it. Kuro sat down next to him. "Aren't you feeling hotter though? Since that?" he asked, poking to his arm. "The pain killers helped a lot so its not that bad at the minute," Kuro explained, trying to open her can. Key smiled as he placed his down on the step before picking Kuro's out of her hand. He quickly opened it before handing it back to her. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. "You seriously make me worried," he sighed before taking a sip. "I hate it that i'm always bothering you," Kuro admitted. "You will never be bothering me, or the guys," Key confessed. Kuro looked up into his eyes. Key's heart beet skipped. He bit the inside of his lip as he looked forwards. A large sale sign was in the front window of the closet child store. "Can we go in there?" Kuro blushed, looking up the sign. Key stood up, placing his can at the side before holding his hand out towards Kuro who used his hand to get up. "Iv'e been looking for these for ages," she smiled, crouching down in-front of a pair of shoes in Closet Child.
"I'll hold your bags," Key added. "It's okay, don't worry," Kuro blushed, picking up a few other things. They went around looking in other shops and buying things and taking pictures. "Are you okay?" Key asked, placing his hand on Kuro's forehead on the train back. "The pain killer is running out," Kuro mumbled, gripping onto her arm. "Wait here," Key instructed once they got home. Kuro sat down at the edge of the entrance way as Key ran of. "Here, take this," Key commented, crouching down in-front of her and passing her a glass of water and a pain killer. "It's okay, It was like this last night," Kuro mumbled. "Your in too much pain, you need to take it," Key reminded, placing his hand on her forehead. "I'll get you a wet flannel," he added, rushing of. Kuro quickly took the tablet and swallowed the water. Key's phone beeped from inside his pocket. "Is it from SDC?" Kuro mumbled. Key leaned her against the wall. "I'm not going to leave you," he commented, placing the flannel on her head. "Aren't you going to get in trouble?" Kuro mumbled. "Don't worry about me," Key responded, patting her on the head. The front door opened. "I'm home," Jonghyun called, with a lollipop in his mouth. "What happened?" he panicked, closing the door and sitting down to the side of Kuro. Kuro lightly tugged on his sleeve. "Key got a message from SDC," she mumbled. Jonghyun looked up at Key. "I'll look after her, you should go," Jonghyun stated. "I can't leave her," Key admitted. "I'll be fine," Kuro mumbled. "Are you sure?" Key questioned. Kuro nodded. "Be right back, I'll go put the bags in my room," Key sighed, rushing to his room with his shopping bags. "I don't know when i'll be home," Key added, running around the corner. He kissed Kuro on the check before putting his shoes on. "Bye," he waved before exiting the apartment. "Are you wearing heels?" Jonghyun acknowledged. Kuro nodded. Jonghyun carefully helped her stand up. "Your almost as tall as i am," he commented, patting Kuro on the head who reached up to his nose. "It's slightly weird," Kuro admitted, looking up at him. "Yep, I don't feel that short around you," Jonghyun smiled. Kuro's checks blushed. "Anyway, you look really cute," Jonghyun added, patting Kuro on the head. "Thank you," Kuro blushed, taking of her shoes. Jonghyun took of his shoes. "I'm home," Onew called an hour later as he walked around the corner. Kuro and Jonghyun were both sitting on the sofa watching anime. "Welcome back," Kuro blushed. "I brought Ice lolly's," he added, passing Kuro and Jonghyun a packet of ice lollies each. Onew put the rest in the freezer before sitting down on the sofa. "June is seriously hot," he sighed, switching on the fan. "It's 25 decrees out there," Taemin huffed, coming around the corner. As he took of his shirt Kuro's face blushed as she looked away. "Hey, pervert," Onew complained. Taemin opened the balcony door before sitting in-front of the fan. "Didn't you go shopping with Key earlier?" Taemin remembered, leaning backwards on his hands and looking at Kuro. "For a bit, but it was only about 18 decrees," she nodded. "So he got a date with you," Taemin sighed, laying backwards. "It wasn't a date!" Kuro blushed. "Really? Your wearing short socks, you look like you've been on a date," Taemin observed. "That's because its really hot," Kuro blushed, putting her feet up on the sofa. "I'm home," Minho called from the entrance way. Onew glanced at Kuro. "There's ice lollies in the freezer if you want one," Onew offered. Taemin quickly stood up and ran out of the room. Kuro covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Kuro felt something go down on her head. Looking up, she saw Minho. "It's an apology," he added. Kuro moved the shopping bag of her head and onto her lap. "Thanks," she blushed. "I'm going to take a cold shower to cool down," he sighed before going the bathroom. "What did he get you?" Jonghyun wondered. Inside was a pastel pink skirt, A pink strawberry shaped bento box, a packet of strawberry flavored Pocky and a packet of strawberry yan-yans. "That's...random," Taemin added from behind them, with another top on and a ice lolly in his hand.
Minho walked into the room wearing a pair of jeans and a short sleeved white top."I don't want you to be mad at me," Minho admitted, crouching down in-front of Kuro. Kuro's checks lightly blushed. "Sorry, It's just that I don't know how to react," Kuro mumbled. Minho went up onto his knees. "Just react like before it happened," he suggested. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Minho moved up onto the sofa, wrapping his arms around Kuro. "You look adorable like that," He smiled. "Is the bow apart of the skirt?" Taemin wondered. Kuro looked up at him and nodded. "And the sailor collar," she nodded. "That's pretty awesome," Taemin added. "Anyway, I'm going to cook dinner," Minho stated , moving his arms away from Kuro. Kuro quickly grabbed his hand, causing him to stop. "T-Thank you for the skirt and stuff," Kuro blushed. Minho smiled as he patted her on the head. "I'm glad you liked them," he beamed. "I'll help you cook," Taemin volunteered. The front door swung open. "Can someone help me with this?" Key called from the front door. Jonghyun jumped over the back of the sofa before going to him. "Anyway, are you okay?" Onew wondered, gently poking Kuro's arm. "I'm currently on pain killers so It doesn't hurt that much," Kuro admitted. "I thought you hated them?" Onew remembered. "Yeah, but I took one before I went and then when we got home the pain was really bad so Key got me to take one," Kuro explained. "Sorry you had to go through all that," he apologized. "It's okay, don't worry," Kuro mumbled, linking arms with him. " think you put that there," Key commented behind them. "It goes there," Jonghyun corrected. "What are they doing behind us?" Kuro asked. They both went up on their knees and looked behind them to see that Jonghyun and Key were putting together a heated table
"Why are they giving us a heated table now? Its too hot for it," Jonghyun asked. "No idea," Key sighed. "That's really random," Onew expressed. "It's cute know," Kuro nodded. "And at least we can all easily fit around the table," Key added. The next day Kuro stayed at home. The boys were busy with missions. "I'm home," Minho called, coming around the corner to see that Kuro was watching anime on TV. "Welcome back," Kuro smiled. Minho sat down next to her. "Can I see?" he asked, pointing to his arm. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Minho gently pulled up her sleeve to see the stitched up wound that's almost healed. You should be back to normal in a few days," he commented. Kuro looked up at him. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro mumbled. "It's okay, I don't mind," Minho responded, kissing Kuro on the check which caused her to blush. "So, do you think I could go back to work tomorrow?" Kuro asked. "I guess, If you want to," Minho nodded. "Kuro!" Haruka smiled as she saw Kuro entering the cafe the next day. "Hi," Kuro blushed. "Whats wrong? Were you okay?" Haruka asked. "I'm fine, don't worry," Kuro reasured. "Are you sure?" Haruka asked, watching Kuro nod. "Sorry for bothering you," Kuro apologized. After work she met up with Sungmin and Ray. She was wearing the skirt she got from Key on her birthday, a short sleeved white chiffon blouse, similar socks as when she went out with Key and the same shoes. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails. "You seriously made us worried," Ray admitted. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. "Is it a Shinigami thing?" Sungmin guessed. Kuro nodded. "You two haven't told anyone, have you?" Kuro asked. "You can trust us," Ray reasured. "Thanks," Kuro smiled. "Well this is my way, bye," Ray waved before walking off. The next morning Onew cooked a traditional English breakfast. "Thank you for the food," they all thanked in unison before eating. "Anyway, I'm glad it doesn't hurt anymore," Minho smiled, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulders. Onew was waiting outside the cafe. "One?" Kuro blushed. "Hi, I'm here to walk you home," he explained. "Did you come here just for that?" Kuro asked. "I had a mission the other side of Akihabara but I wanted to walk you home so I stayed around here." Onew admitted. "You go on too many missions a day," Kuro sighed. "Iv'e only been on two today," Onew reminded. "That's still two in one day," Kuro added. "I guess I'm used to it," Onew responded. "But you might get hurt!" Kuro cried. "Don't worry about me," Onew reasured, patting Kuro on the head. "Do you want to go in there?" he asked as they walked past a Game center with an anime character printed on the sign and outside the center was vending machines selling soft drinks and canned oden. "Okay," Kuro nodded. "There so cute!" Kuro smiled as she spotted a Mamegoma claw machine inside.
"Which one do you want?" Onew wondered, getting a 100 yen coin out of his pocket. "One of the white ones," Kuro responded. "I'll win it for you," he smiled, inserting the coin into the machine. "Are you sure?" Kuro asked. "I love playing these," Onew nodded, moving the claw down to one of the white plushies. As the plushie dropped into the prize gap, Kuro hugged Onew. Onew won a a pikachu cape and a Hatsune Miku plushie for Kuro. "Thank you," Kuro blushed. Onew smiled as he ruffled her hair. They played two goes on the Taiko no Tatsuji machines, both winning one go. "Do you want to take Purakura?" Kuro asked. "Okay," Onew nodded, grabbing Kuro's hand before going towards the Purakura machine. The next day at dinner Onew's phone started ringing. "Hello?" he answered. He quickly put it on speaker. "You all need to go to the directors office, ASAP," Naomi informed before hanging up."So, whats the mission this time?" Taemin asked. "It's not a mission," Baisotei informed. "It's not a mission?" Onew repeated. "We're sending you on holiday next Monday," he responded. "Holiday?" Key questioned. "A beach side holiday for a week. We've paid for your tickets and rooms, even all inclusive. On Monday at 4 am, a car will be outside your apartment with the tickets. Don't be late," Baisotei explained. "Your going on a beach holiday?" Sungmin repeated. Kuro nodded. "With the guys?" Ray asked. "Yeah," Kuro nodded. "That's annoying," Sungmin sighed. "I'll be fine," Kuro blushed.BEEP.BEEP. BEEP. "Its to early," Minho moaned, turning around. "Minho, you have ten minutes till Yagami's here," Onew called from the other side of his door. "Nobody is meant to be awake at this time," Key sighed, yawning. "We don''t even know where we're going," Kuro added. "The flight shouldn't be that long," Taemin commented."Morning," Yagami called as everyone put their suitcases in the boot. "It's too early," yawned Taemin. "It's not that early," Yagami complained, sitting in the drivers seat. "It's 4 am," Key reminded. "You've been up this time because of missions," Yagami remembered. "It's still early," Kuro mumbled. "You can sleep on my lap if you want," offered Minho from the next next to her. "It's okay," she blushed. "Oh yeah, show your badges to a member of staff at the security area and you'll be able to go through with your guns and stuff," Yagami informed as he parked outside of the airport. Onew lifted Kuro's suitcase out of the boot for her. "Your suitcase is really cute," he added.
"I brought it a few years ago," Kuro nodded.After check-in they went towards security which wasn't busy. Onew showed one of the men at security his badge. "All of you are from SDC?" he asked. "Yeah," Onew nodded. "You can go through," he sighed. "So meetup in two hours by our gate," organized Minho. "Sounds good," nodded Jonghyun. Kuro took a picture of her outfit in the long mirror that was in the woman's bathroom.
Taemin and Minho were both eating together in Mcdonalds. Key and Onew had ran into each other and decided to look around the book store together."Jonghyun," Kuro smiled as she saw Jonghyun looking at some anime magazines in one of the shops. Jonghyun smiled as he patted Kuro on the head. "It's going to be a long flight so i'm buying stuff to do," Jonghyun explained. "About 11 hours," Kuro nodded. "The two hours from Seoul to here was long enough," he sighed, picking up two magazines of the shelf. "I wonder who's going to be sitting next to who though," she added. "Oh right, didn't think about that," Jonghyun remembered. "We might be split up into threes or pairs," he suggested. They walked inside the shop, picking up sandwiches, crisps, drinks and other stuff. "Enjoy your flight," the shop assistant smiled as she passed Kuro and Jonghyun their shopping bags. "Thank you," Kuro and Jonghyun thanked in-unison. Jonghyun noticed the small,pink shopping bag in Kuro's hand. "What did you buy?" he asked. "It was really hard to only buy one thing," she blushed. Kuro showed Jonghyun the way to the Fa-So-La TAX FREE TOY BOX store where she had brought a small Totoro plushie. "I can see why you tried to only buy one thing," Jonghyun nodded. He picked up a Gundam card game. "Although i'm sure there's enough room in one of our suitcases if you want to buy more things," he added, exchanging eye-contact with Kuro. "Okay," Kuro nodded. Jonghyun smiled, patting Kuro on the head. "Being called into doing a mission at the airport," Onew sighed, jumping down of the escalators. A man wearing a suit was running ahead of him. The water-cooler in-front of him burst, causing the water to cover the floor. The man slipped, landing on the floor. "Water isn't always so useless," Onew added, running up to him. As the man went to move he saw a gun point at his head and looked up into Onew's eyes. "Jonghyun," Minho called, running up to them. "We both have a mission on the runway," Minho informed. "Really?" Jonghyun asked, watching Minho nod. "Do they know we're meant to be on holiday?" Jonghyun sighed. "Sorry, can you look after my bags?" Jonghyun requested. "Sure, good luck," Kuro nodded. Kuro was sitting by the gates on her iPod, using the free 30 minutes of WiFi. "Why are you on your own?" Taemin wondered, sitting next to her. "Jonghyun and Minho are doing a mission," Kuro explained. "At the airport?" Taemin asked. Kuro nodded. "So I guess some of the bags are Jonghyun's?" he guessed, looking at the bags on the seat the other side of Kuro. "Some of them," Kuro nodded. "Do you want to go get ice cream?" Taemin commented. "Okay," Kuro smiled. Taemin took a picture of the plane through the window while Key took a picture of himself in-front of the plane. Minho took a picture of Kuro who was taking a picture of the plane. "The plane is ready to board," the air stewardess called from the desks.
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Chapter 4-The Fairy Wars
"Ready to go?" Onew smiled, stepping forwards. "Ready," Kuro nodded, doing a small salute. "Our first trip as the shining SHINee," Minho added. "Oh yeah, I wonder what our seating plan is," Key remembered. "Looks like we'll find out soon," Taemin expressed, seeing the line moved forwards and that they were next to get their boarding passes. A cold air drifted in the tunnel which led to the plane door. They passed the air stewardess their boarding pass who then ripped it in half, passing them back half of the ticket. Minho was sitting next to Taemin with Key and Jonghyun behind them with Kuro and Onew behind them.After the rest of the passengers sat down in their seats the air stewards locked the door and showed what to do in an emergency. Taemin turned on the map on the small TV screen in-front of him. "We've only been in the air for an hour," he sighed, turning the screen back to the in-flight movie. A few hours later the air stewards and stewardesses came round with the free lunch. The view of the island appeared faintly in the distance. Kuro lightly tapped Onew's arm, causing him to look out of the window. SDC had booked a island in the Maldives for them to use over the one week. "Wow," he smiled. After landing on the island which consisted of just a airport, a airbus flew them to the island where they were staying. They were staying on a island with clear blue water and golden sands. Beach-huts lined the ocean.
"Enjoy your stay," the driver commented before the doors on the airbus closed and he took off from the water. They all took their suitcases to each of the water-huts. "Hey, Jinki, wanna help me with the BBQ?" smiled Taemin. "Okay, sounds good," nodded Onew. Kuro was sitting on the edge of the patio behind her hut. "Don't you want to come in the water?" Minho offered from under her. As she looked down into the water she saw Minho. "Minho!" Kuro blushed, quickly putting her legs back onto the patio. "Sorry," Minho apologized, climbing up onto the patio. "It's okay," she blushed. "If you feel awkward about coming into the water I can give you one of my shirts to wear," he offered. "It's just that I'm not good with deep water," Kuro admitted. "We can stay in the shallow bit," Minho added. "Wouldn't that be annoying?" Kuro mumbled. "Of course not," Minho smiled, patting her on the head. Key and Jonghyun were building sand castles on the beach. "Can you turn around?" Kuro blushed once they got down to the beach. "Ah, right," Minho remembered, quickly turning around. Kuro carefully took of her skirt and blouse, showing the pink bikini she had underneath. She placed her clothes on the patio. "You can turn around now," she mumbled. Minho turned around and stopped. Jonghyun and Key looked up, their faces blushed. "You look cute," Key flushed.
"Thanks," Kuro blushed. An awkward feel covered the air. "It's getting hot out here, I'm going into the water," Jonghyun mumbled, standing up. "I'm going to try to find some lilos and stuff," Minho added, patting Kuro on the head before running of. A few minutes he came back with a blue lilo, an inflatable beach ball and a lilo ring. Jonghyun was relaxing in the Lilo ring when a wave came, causing him to fall out and causing a splash. Minho bursted out laughing from the blue lilo he was laying on. Key shock Minho's lilo, causing him to fall out. Half an hour later. "Foods ready," Onew called, carefully picking up the burgers of the BBQ, which was on the patio by the sand near the huts, before putting them into the rolls on the plates next to him. "Thanks, I'm starving," thanked Key, picking up one of the burgers and sitting down onto the nearby white table. Taemin poured six cups of cold Coca cola with ice-cubes inside. After eating they waited awhile before going back into the water. Minho and Key were sunbathing on the lilos. Taemin was scuba diving. Kuro, Onew and Jonghyun were playing with a beach ball. The next morning Key was cutting watermelon into slices on the white table. "Kuro, Do you want some watermelon?" asked Key. "Thank you," Kuro blushed, being handed a slice of watermelon. "Do you have to look adorable even when your eating?" Key sighed. "Why are you watching me eat then?" Kuro blushed, turning around. "Sorry," Key flushed, picking up a slice of watermelon. "Anyone want to go look around the island with me?" Onew offered. "I'll come with you,"Jonghyun nodded, putting his shoes on. Kuro took a picture of them. "It looks good," Onew smiled.
"I'll come with you," Key added, putting on his shoes. Minho stepped down of the patio with a paper fan in his hand. "Isn't it going to be too hot to walk around?" he asked. "It will be fine," Onew reasured. "Might as well," Minho nodded. "Should we make it a group event, is that okay?" Taemin asked, glancing at Kuro. "It sounds like a good idea," Kuro nodded. "It's settled then," Minho added. "I'll go make a picnic for us," Onew brought up. "I'll help you," Key commented. "Can I take a picture of you three as well?" Kuro blushed. "Okay," Key nodded. "It looks good," Taemin smiled.
"Lets go make that picnic," Onew commented, grabbing Key's arm and dragging him of. "Your not getting out of pictures that easily," Jonghyun smiled, grabbing Kuro's hand and pulling her in-front of him. Kuro passed the camera to Minho who took their picture. Kuro and Jonghyun made a heart shape with their hands. "It's cute," Jonghyun smiled, hugging Kuro who blushed and nodded. "Your cute as well," Jonghyun added, looking down at Kuro's clothes."Thanks," Kuro blushed.
They spent three hours walking around the island, taking pictures along the way."I'm going surfing," Taemin smiled, holding a surf board. "You can surf?" Kuro asked. "I spent a month in Hawaii once and my friend showed me how," Taemin nodded. "Wow, that's pretty amazing," Kuro added. "Do you want me to teach you?" he offered. "Are you sure?" Kuro asked. "It will be fun," he nodded. They both went out into the water wearing their beach wear and a t-shirt. Taemin carefully taught her to surf. "Wanna try it for real now?" Taemin smiled. Kuro lightly gripped onto the board. "I'm not that good with going under water," she admitted. "I'll do it along side with you and Onew will save you if you fall," Taemin added, looking over at Onew who was sitting on the dock and did a thumps up. "Okay," Kuro nodded, taking a deep breath. Jonghyun was sitting on the dock eating BBQ flavored Pringle's. "Your better at surfing then I thought you would be," Taemin admitted. "You too," Kuro nodded. Taemin smiled, patting her on the head. "How was it?" Onew wondered. "Fun," Kuro smiled. Onew smiled as his face blushed. "You should smile more," he flushed. "Hey Onew, will you go snorkeling with me?" Key asked. "Okay," Onew nodded, patting Kuro on the head before following Key.
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