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Are the President & American Politicians Slowly Stripping Our Rights?
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Posted 6/8/14 , edited 6/8/14

x-Cellar_Door-x wrote:

We're already a Police State...It's just that hardly anyone notices.

Absolutely correct! It started with the Patriot Act, when the Fourth Amendment had all of its teeth pulled. There followed court rulings that pretty much made the Miranda Rights optional.

The NSA was illegally spying on Americans for years. They got caught, and what does Congress do? They are in the process of passing a Bill that, if (more like when) the President signs it, will make it legal.

Yeah, it's time to stock up on guns and bullets and get ready for the Second American Revolution.

O.K., I was being a little melodramatic, but if you want to see it all happening, go to websites like EFF, and FightForTheFuture. You'll see all of the court cases and calls for action for the American People to call their Congress person to quit that shit.

But it don't make the news because the giant corporations that own the news stations are all getting fat off of this, and they don't want us to really know about what's going on.
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