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Post Reply Crunchyroll is Now on Chromecast!
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Posted 4/13/15 , edited 22 days ago

cuavsfan wrote:

I know way back when Chromecast was first supported there was no way to turn off subtitles, but is that still the case? Since Crunchyroll is a supported app it doesn't seem like you can use basic tab-casting (it forces me to chose between showing on the computer or casting), and I haven't figured out any way to get around that.

It would be nice if Crunchyroll on Chromecast (and iOS, etc.) gave the option to change that. Maybe defaulting to no subtitles if the device language is Japanese or something would be a good way to handle it.

So it's been about a year since Chromecast was officially supported, and as far as I can figure out there still is no way to watch without subtitles. Since CR is a supported app you can't do normal tab casting, and when you connect to Chromecast the only options are pause/play and time scan.

Has anybody figured out a way to watch on Chromecast without subtitles?

After several years of being a premium member I decided to let my account lapse this time around since there's no easy way for me to watch the way I want (on my non-laptop devices without subtitles). I guess I'll just keep checking back periodically and if they ever make this possible I'll resubscribe...
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Posted 12 days ago
The android app for Crunchyroll recently got an update that added a feature that will auto-play the next episode. A long time coming I say, and was super excited when I saw that. However my excitement was almost immediately dashed when I discovered the feature doesn't work when you use Chromecast to cast to your TV. If we could get that feature to work with the Chromecast I think it'd be just about perfect.
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