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Posted 1/7/15

Khaltazar wrote:

When I worked at Walmart this guy (who looked homeless) came in to buy a few items totaling around $50. I told him his total and he gave me folded bills. So, from training course it said if customer hands you cash in a strange way that seems like they may be trying to scam you clearly place the bills on the scanner so the camera sees each action. I did this and unfolded each bill. It was around $30. He then accused me of slipping $20 into my pocket. I humor his request to flip out my pocket (as I do the lady behind the man said "I watched him he didn't do anything to your money sir."). He then goes off on her so I call the manager up front. The man tells the manager he won't leave until I show him the inside of my wallet. I do just to get him out (away from him so he doesn't swipe my wallet of course) and there happened to be $20 in my wallet at the time. He then said he had proof and that was his $20. I was like "How in the world could I slip $20 into my pocket yet alone neatly place it into my wallet?" The manager watched the security camera and didn't see me go near my pocket. The guy still wouldn't leave so the manager took $20 out of his wallet and said "Here take this and your items and get out." The man still wouldn't leave or accept the manager's $20. He finally left when I gave him the $20 in my wallet. The manager just gave me the $20 he was going to give the man after he left. We were a small store so no security guards to escort crazies out. Basically, the man got $50 worth of items for $10. The manager wrote a report about the customer saying he was banned from the location for scamming the store of $40.

The lady behind the man even offered to pay the entire $50 herself and give him $20. He was just crazy or something and had it out for me or something.

Oh fuck that, I'd never let a customer look at my wallet. And when he refused to leave it's time to call the cops if you don't have any security.
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Posted 1/7/15
So I work for Marks & Spencer in the UK, more specifically in the Cafe area. One afternoon we had these two women come in, looked fairly miserable (explanation after) but nothing in particular stood out. So they order some food and one of them leaves to do a bit of browsing, in the meantime the other one comes back and gets a packet of crisps. A couple minutes later I deliver their food and I just casually notice the woman that is sat down waiting for the food has got loads fo crisps all down her front, I hear from my colleagues afterwards that she has been shoving handfuls into her face with the majority ending up on her front. A minute or so later the other woman comes back and notices her companion has got a packet of crisps, she then procedes to say to her companion "why have you got them? You've got no money!" thus an small argument ensues and after it dies down, the accuser turns to my colleagues and apologises saying that her companion is an alchoholic, companion then protests that she isn't and the woman apologises again, but this time the companion decides to say that the woman who she is with, who happens to be her mother, is not right in the head. At this point, i'm not sure who to believe, so we just ignore it and carry on. A few minutes later they argue again and as they go to leave, the daughter pulls a small bottle of whiskey from her bag, procedes to down it and then throw it across the cafe, narrowly avoiding hitting a young child sitting opposite.

I heard from my colleagues later that the older womans husband had died about a day before, hence why they looked a little miserable.
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