slenderman case
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Posted 6/3/14 , edited 6/3/14
Ok, I've just heard something quite bizarre and disturbing on the news and I'm not entirely sure if those who love reading creepypasta or just reading in general are quite aware of and I thought it needed to be addressed.

Two Pre-Teens (12 years old) Attempted Murder to Prove Slenderman's Existence.
No, this isn't a practical joke and you can look it up if you feel I'm lying about it.

I would like to hear everyone else's thoughts on the matter, via society today, the victim, the negativity drawn towards scary stories and games, the creator of slenderman, or even just the whole crime altogether.
Posted 6/3/14 , edited 6/3/14
I don't see how to make an extended post out of this.

Young people are impressionable. Combine two with the same belief and they'll cause a feedback loop to each other like a mic to a speaker.

I don't think this is new or disturbing. It's just that society is beginning to criminalize minors as they always should have.
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Posted 6/3/14
It's very possible to make this an extended thread. There's lots of variables and controversies and such to discuss at length.

I do blame the girls the most. But I also put some blame on their parents for not looking at what sites they go to, how difficult is it to go to browse history and click on those stories? And maybe a little on the wiki page; I browsed it briefly and didn't find any disclaimer reminding people that those stories are merely fiction, maybe I didn't look hard enough but I did look, and if I have to look harder, then that means it's unlikely kids will see that. Also, even if they were going to kill the girl in some way, they specifically used something from the Creepypasta Wiki apparently.

I'm rather upset with people's reactions on fb when a news station posted an article. Everyone automatically assumed that people would blame the games or Slenderman or the site. Or blame the parents not the girls etc. Yet, every reaction I've seen is the opposite except for the parents. Whom I do blame a little. Maybe there will be blaming going around... but I think they're jumping the gun, and it's not like those blamers will be easily convinced either.

A lot of people have said that parents can't influence their children's choices in the end. These girls were only 12! If they were say 15 or 16.. then yeah I would agree. But these parents apparently couldn't even make sure their children understood the difference between fiction and fantasy.

Other people have said the girls were sociopaths or one of them was... And sociopaths can hide their intentions easily. So their parents didn't suspect anything... did they also not monitor computer usage and all that either? Also, I won't blame them being a sociopath on the stabbing. Sociopaths can choose whether or not to act on their impulses; it's perfectly possible for them to productive members of society... bringing in a fictional example... Sherlock Holmes.

In the end... Mostly I'm disturbed that this happened at all in anyway... finding out that they were influenced by something specific on the internet... that made it worse... because any case where blaming goes that I've heard is "oh they liked comic books that's why." I've never heard a case of something specific like this influencing anyone on how to kill someone or even to kill in the first place.

I'm also not sure it's a case of them trying to put blame on something else. The girls I mean. The articles I read had quotes on them... one of the girls apparently saw and dreamt of Slenderman... That points to an obsession with him not a cover.
Posted 6/3/14 , edited 6/3/14
How I could make an extended post.

But yes. Very predictable that other people could.

Not tired of all the psychology yet? Some people are just evil and choose to do bad things. It's not complicated.
Posted 6/3/14
i don't think they are evil. i can't really feel anything for this kind of stuff, reading it does neither enrage or disappoint me. just misguided people.
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Posted 6/5/14
They're just broken/misguided human beings, nothing to think about, i would love to take a look at how they were raised up to that point though.
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