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Posted 6/9/14
Unfortunately I do not have time at the moment to read through the whole thread but I would like to comment to the people who say MLP:FiM is directed at young girls. Pixar and Disney films are also targeted at young children yet noone bats an eye when adults rave and say how great the movies are. Do some MLP fans take their enjoyment into "uncomfortable" areas? Yes. But the "uncomfortable" media of Pixar and Disney characters is not being created by children.

Perhaps some anime fans see a dark mirror to how the greater society views anime fans. For example, I happened to mention Miku Hatsune and the Lady Gaga tour to a friend and when he did a web search Rule 34 kicked in almost instantly. I had to correct him, providing links to more "comfortable" media, but the fact remains his view of Miku is permanently coloured by that initial experience.
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