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Posted 12/1/14

xxJing wrote:
I am inclined a bit as a male viewer to side with Arata for the simple reason that Taichi seems to fall into the typical shoujo male lead archetype a bit. (Super handsome, great at sports, great at studying, gets jealous)

You're right that he fits the bill for a standard male lead for a shoujo manga, however, Chihayafuru does not idolize him in the same way that other standard shoujo manga do. I've been a Taichi fan since the first episodes mostly because of his snobbery as a child. He was a terribly immature kid back then but he grew up fast. I can see a lot of myself in him. Now he's a genuine guy, and we can see that now and appreciate it more than the average shoujo manga where the main male lead is placed on a pedestal of perfection right from the get-go and only occasionally does the story allude to his conveniently painful past.
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Posted 12/2/14
Two words - Team Arata
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Posted 12/3/14
Team Arata ftw.
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