Post Reply Any Idea if theres a stability update for Crunchyroll on the PS4?
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Posted 6/5/14
Hey Everyone, I was curious and wondering if Crunchyroll plans on sending out any sort of stability update for the PS4 version of Crunchyroll anytime soon? Since the release of the PS4 the app has seemed to slow down after using it to watch anime for a couple hours or so. I close it and re-open it then it works once more as normal. Another issue I have, and I'm pretty sure others do as well is the fact that during an episode, it either stutters or just straight up freezes for a short period of time and moves on to the next episode on its own. I watch a lot of anime on the app and I'm hoping that they send out an update that fixes these issues sometime soon. Or maybe it's time to update the app itself? I've used it day one when it came out for the PS3 and I also have it on my Vita and its the exact same look. Just an avid anime watcher curious is all
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Posted 6/5/14
I need to find this out too, as I'm purchasing a PS4 this Weekend Myself!
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