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Posted 6/6/14
so here's a little story, i was scrolling through Crunchyroll one day and i found a show named sword art online. when i watched it i could not stop watching ! i cried and was overjoyed in the movie and ya'll don't know me well but for me to cry and be so into a show so much has never ever happened to me in any anime I've ever seen in my 9 years of watching anime.so i want people in Crunchyroll to create stories like sword art online. sword art online has all the good genres you can think of .romance, action, naughty stuff. Overall i personally think sword art should have been 1st in the popularity list. but I want to know if there is ever going to be a anime show where it has a great story and includes some type of games similar to SAO.i think that Crunchyroll should focus more on these great stories than small stories and probably more Naruto episodes. although i am not saying they are crap. every anime show has its good qualities. it's just that you don't really find anime shows that are so touching like sword art online.everyone has their opinions though so everyone's view is different.but i want to know for the people who read this, to tell me if you disagree or agree with what i am saying. Please leave a comment, lots of love for Crunchyroll and their hard work in these fantastic stories ^-^

P.S. i know of "no game no life". and i think they are rising up to a great story on that too!
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Posted 6/6/14
Closing this as an unintentional duplicate.
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