Help turn Rewrite into an anime
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Posted 6/7/14 , edited 6/7/14
If there are any Rewrite fan's out there or people who like Key's work ( Such as Angel Beats/Little Buster's) then sign here and try to get Rewrite animated

For any who don't know Rewrite is a Visual Novel created by Key and if you are into that kind of stuff you should really check it out.
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Posted 6/7/14
Hmm it is about time Rewrite got an Anime adaptation if it is too get one. Usually from Key's other games it takes 2 to 7 years for the Anime adaptation to come out after the game (differences being Angel Beats which is getting its game post Anime).

It's been 3 years now so it is about half way through the mark for when Key usually gets an Anime for their game. I obviously won't sign or anything, because I know they don't work, but I will be waiting to see when Rewrite gets an Anime.
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Posted 12/27/15
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