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Is overrated an overrated term?
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Posted 6/9/14
It certainly is
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Posted 6/10/14
I agree that being highly popular is not always a mark of something being of the best quality, but most things are popular because there was something about them that people liked. My issue with the term "overrated" is that so many people use it interchangeably with the word "bad," like something that is highly popular is bad by default, when the case more often is that those people just don't like whatever that particular popular thing is.

I feel similarly about the word "underrated" when people use it with anything they like that doesn't happen to be massively popular. Granted, I feel that some series should receive more recognition than they do, but that doesn't make them underrated. Even quality series that are not massively popular are generally highly rated by many people that have actually seen/read them. Sure, it would be nice if some lesser known series that I liked *cough*Monster*cough* became more popular (if only so Viz would finish the DVD release:( ), but that doesn't make them underrated. It does make my heart hurt a bit, though, that I can't finish that particular collection. T_T
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