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Coverting YouTube to MP3
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Posted 6/10/14 , edited 6/10/14
He's just justifying if it's safe to download something illegally and if anyone else done it.
If he's going down, everyone's going down with him.

To be more safer, just use a voice recorder app from your cellphone.
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Posted 6/10/14 , edited 6/10/14

CoffeeGodEddy wrote:

Is converting a YouTube video to MP3 for listening and non-distribution purposes legal?
Is it unethical?
Should we concern ourselves if music artists lose money?

'Splain dis.

(If this is in the wrong location, please relocate. Thanks!)

It's illegal, but if I were you I wouldn't care since more then 90% of the revenue on streaming/CD/YouTube adds goes strait down onto the record company (Sony Music, Warner Bros Music, Road Runner Records etc.) and therefore atleast acording to my opinion you should download it.
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