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A Day in the Life of YOU!
Posted 6/12/14
None of your business.
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20 / http://myanimelis...
Posted 6/12/14 usual days, huh??
Try my best to get up from my best.
Go to my laptop.
Read some KyouSaya doujin.
Check if there's any new eps/manga chapters out.
If there are, watch/read them. If not, check if anyone's send me any messages.
Stalk some forums.
Watch some vids on Youtube.
Play some Love Live SIF.
Pic hunting
Watch some more Anime/Manga
Play something.
Bathroom break.
More Anime/Manga.
Some more doujins.
Something random out of what I did during the day.
Go to sleep against my own will.

Probably missed some points in it, but that's more or less my usual everyday life.
Posted 6/12/14
0000: got home from work
0000-0400: surfing the web etc
0400-1130: sleep
1130-1320: surf some more
1320-0000: travel to work. work. travel back home.

rinse, repeat, cycle, hang, dry, fold, hang, wear.
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22 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 6/12/14
Wake up
turn on computer
watch anime and play games
go to sleep
Its has been like this for weeks now
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18 / M / Garland, Tx.
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
During the Summer, my schedule is so random, I don't even a rough estimate of when I sleep, but I mainly act like this throughout the day.

However, when it's not Summer, here's my schedule:
6:30 - Wake
6:35 - Eat breakfast
6:45 - Take a shower
7:00 - Do other hygiene things, such as brushing teeth
7:30 - Leave for school
7:55 - Get to school
16:15 - Leave school
16:30 - Get home
16:35 - Practice piano and/or play video games
19:30 - Eat dinner
19:40 - Continue playing piano and/or play video games
22:00 - Go to bed and begin watching anime
Somewhere between 0:00 to 5:00 - Stop watching anime and go to sleep

Note: Yeah, I sometimes only get an hour of sleep. During the school year, I'm always told that I look really tired, but it's for anime.
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23 / M / Fort Myer
Posted 6/12/14
0400: Wake up and prepare my room for room inspection.
0500: Room is inspected, as always everything is clean.
0545: Crutches down to the CQ desk.
0555: Takes over CQ for the next 24 hours.
0730: Goes to eat breakfast (actually sits in room and thinks about how much CQ sucks).
0750: Sits on the CQ desk again.
1130: Goes to eat lunch (actually sits in room and thinks about how much CQ sucks).
1150: Sits on the CQ desk again.
1300: Talks to a fellow soldier until they have to leave at which point I beg them to stay.
1500: Takes a smoke break.
1515: Back on the desk.
0545: Eagerly awaits to be replaced by the next CQ shift.
0600: The CQ relief is either late or has no idea they have CQ (I cry a little bit and think about how I'm being buddy fudged).
0630: Flag call.
0700: Finally replaced. Crutches back to room and falls asleep for the next 15 hours.
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M / Texas
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
Summer Break Schedule?

9:00-11:00 a.m - Wake up

11:15 a.m - Eat breakfast

11:30-11:45 a.m - Get on internet and check Cruncyroll forums and notifications.

12 p.m - Tries to find something to do

12:10 p.m - Goes onto Youtube in search of something entertaining

12:30 p.m - Gives up and goes back to Crunchyroll forums.

1:00 p.m - Starts watching anime or playing video games

8:00-9:00 p.m - Eat Dinner

9:30 p.m - Continue watching anime or playing video games

11:00-12:00 - Decides to go to bed.

Rinse And Repeat
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Posted 6/12/14
A lot of your lives seem very depressing
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M / Texas
Posted 6/12/14

Doomedfox wrote:

A lot of your lives seem very depressing

Hey, I love my life.
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35 / F / South Carolina
Posted 6/12/14
The summer Monday doesn't have much going for it (for me anyway). Wake up, do mom stuff, watch anime, read manga, more mom stuff, think about homework really hard for a few minutes and then decide to put it off until later, tumblr, more anime, maybe a movie, talk about how much cleaning or organizing I should be doing, play video games, help my son with his video games, it's really just the epitome of chillin at home.
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26 / M / Inside Lorreen's...
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
Mostly everyday is the same for me during the summer:

4am - 6am: Wake up.
6am - 7am: Usually watch some TV/CR.
7am: Feed my handicapped sister breakfast. Afterwards I let one of my parents change her.
7:30am - 8:30am: I then get her prepped for school, and get her on her bus when it shows up.
9am - 12pm: I will play some video games, watch more TV/CR, or read manga.
12pm: my sister gets back home so I then feed her lunch.
1pm - 3pm: I do more of my 9am-12pm but not what I was doing before. (So if I played games, I watch TV or read for example)
3:30pm: my mom gets back home from work, so depending on the weather I may go to the pool.
4pm - 5:30pm: I am either at the pool if weather allows, or if not doing the last part of my 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm sections.
6pm: my old man is home so I am now cooking dinner since I am the cook of the family.
7:30pm - 10pm is my wild card. I can be out of the house (usually the bar) at this time, doing even more of my video games, TV or reading), or working on my self studies (programming and learning Japanese both of which are going frustratingly slow).
10:30pm: if I am not some drunken mess I take a shower.
11:30pm - 12:30am: I am in bed.

And really the only difference to this schedule during Fall or Spring is my sister doesn't get home until 3pm rather than 12pm. So my 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm blocks merge together, and sometimes I would go out for lunch during those times.

Pretty much has been my life for 4 years now.
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34 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 6/12/14
For most Weekdays:
5:30 AM - Wake up, get kids chocolate milk, shower, get wife a big cup of water
6:00 AM - Leave for work
7:00 AM - At work...workingp
4:00 PM - Leave work, head home
4:45-5:00 PM - Home, finally - clean up kitchen a bit get ready for dinner
5:30 PM - Dinner with the family
6:00 PM - Clean up dinner, do dishes
6:30 PM - Play with the kids
7:30 PM - Get the kids in their bed, begin some laundry
8:00 PM - Clean up kitty litter/take out trash
8:30 PM - Watch some TV with the Mrs, poke around on Twitter/CrunchyRoll/Facebook, write blog posts
9:30 PM - Finish folding laundry
10:30 PM - Head to bed - sometimes watch an episode of anime On Demand.

You know me, the thug life chose me.
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24 / M / Waite Park, MN
Posted 6/12/14
830am: Wake up, with much struggle
845am: Shower, Brush teeth, contacts in for the day.
900am; Grab some food before work, usually pack lunch as well.
915am: Head to work.
945am: Arrive at work.
1000am: Work begins.
600pm: Work ends.
615pm: Grab food on way home.
630pm: Arrive at home.
645pm: Eat food.
700pm: Begin stretching for Hockey (Don't want to pull something) Usually while watching/catching up on an anime.
730pm: Pack up gear and head for Hockey.
800pm: Arrive for Hockey, get dressed.
830pm: Hockey Begins.
1000pm: Hockey Ends. Get undressed.
1030pm: Head home.
1100pm: Arrive at home, unpack gear and dry.
1115pm: Begin workout routine.
1145pm: Workout finished, shower time.
Midnight: Get into comfy clothes.
1215am: Play video games/watch anime
100am: Final Stretch
115am: Late night snack.
130am: Hit the sack

Rinse and repeat lol. ^_^
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29 / M / Texas
Posted 6/12/14

8:00 AM: Wake up and shower
9:00 AM: Watch tv/browse the internet.
9:30 AM: Leave for work.
10 AM-10 PM: Work
10:15 PM: Head to the casa
10:45 PM: Get home and shower
11:20 PM - 1 AM: Cook food for the next day and clean.
1:30 AM: Go to sleep.

Do the laundry, go grocery shopping, and relax for the rest of the day.
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28 / F / SC
Posted 6/12/14

Doomedfox wrote:

A lot of your lives seem very depressing

sad but true
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