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Picking names
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Posted 8/3/14 , edited 8/3/14
For me it can go from one extreme to the other where the name will just pop into my head, to spending days researching online and through books. On one story I wrote that is set in Russia I spent over a week looking up Russian names, meanings and then the language itself to make sure I had the proper spelling. I spent so much time researching on the story that when I finished I almost didn't want to write it anymore.
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Posted 8/4/14
Keep different language dictionaries handy and various baby name sites. One of my favorite methods of creating a name (if the help is needed) is to use Google Translate. Sometimes I want an underlying meaning to a name. It's pretty normal to change names and spelling as you progress, methinks. Also, you'll want to relate to the location(s) your characters are in/are from (especially if it's set in a very specific and realistic environment).
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Posted 9/6/14 , edited 9/6/14
Closed because OP nuked. Fell free to start a similar topic.
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