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Posted 6/17/14 , edited 6/17/14
So, what do you think is the best out of the two ( LN or Anime? ), why do you think the LN/Anime is better then the other.

I've personally only seen the anime and therefore I don't really know what to say about the LN, but I usually like a anime more since it got... Well... Animation

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Posted 6/17/14 , edited 6/17/14
The fanservice makes the pacing a bit weird for the anime... Perhaps it has to do with my reading speed but it goes by much quicker in the LN, and the pacing seems just right. In the anime, I feel the story progresses way too slowly. This is, imo, the most important and also the deciding factor as to why I prefer the LN.

I also feel the animation could be better... but I guess they're working with what they have...

However, the LN also has some bad things to it... the side-stories are bundled into 1 volume at the end of each arc and this makes it a bit hard to set things chronologically in my mind... For example, Issei's first job where he asks to grope Rias's boobs came quite late in the LN. Rias already obviously liked Issei at that point and it just seemed weird. Minor thing... the author adds in when each story happens chronologically at the end of each side-story volume, so it's not as bad for most people as it is for me, probably...

As for details... There was quite a gap between when i read the LN and watched the anime, so I can't remember whether or not the anime omitted a bunch of stuff. Well... Highschool DxD doesn't have the most complicated universe or plot anyways(unlike, say, Kyoukaisen-jo no Horizon), so this shouldn't matter too much.
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Posted 6/21/14 , edited 6/21/14
My favorite would have to be the light novel, there are just some stuff the anime doesn't convey about some of the internal aspects of the characters. The anime is great at showing the over all details and seeing everything come to life so to speak is great. Just think if they cut a few gags here and there the battles could be that much more entertaining.I thought the battle at the end of DXD New felt rushed.
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Posted 6/22/14 , edited 6/22/14
I'll be honest with you I love everything DxD specially the anime which is what exposed me to the series to begin with. That been said, I believe the Light Novels to be superior to the anime. It might be just me but since I watch Season 1 & 2 first it was so easy for me to read the LN and imagine/see the fights and events very clearly add to that Ishibumi-sensei's ability to clearly describe and be detail oriented helps me as a reader enjoy the series without it been fully animated. Further, the LN have great pacing allowing the reader to go from one event to the other seamlessly and when needed it remind you of past events.

If you haven't read the LN don't worry. TNK has done a marvelous job of staying as close as possible to canon. In fact, some short stories (published in Dragon Magazine) that were publish in Vol. 7 and 13 show up in the 1st & 2nd season since that's when they chronologically occurred. So anime pros: stays close to canon, tells the story in a chronological matter. Only con: it's so far behind the LN but that's cool because it gives Ishibumi-sensei time to keep developing the Universe without been rush like most Authors nowadays!

The anime does a great job with the fight sequences (specially S1 & S2 ending) which were both not too long or too short and IMHO were just perfect. In addition, TNK does a great job with the ecchi scenes preserving the essence from the LN, I have to admit that I can't stop laughing when ecchinest happen and therefore takes me forever to read past those hilarious moments so to me the ecchi is done just right in the anime.

My recommendation is to watch the anime first since it takes less time ( my avg for LN#1&2 was 4 hrs) and it's easy and fun to watch. If you're interested in knowing more dive into the LN you can start either at the beginning or at LN#3 (if you watch Season 1) or at LN#5 (if you watch Season 1 & 2) since the anime does a great job staying super close to canon.
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