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16-31 May 2007


Ahead of his live concert in Thailand, NJ (Nation Junior)managed to grab Korean heartthrob Rain for an EXCLUSIVE chat.

NJ: Why do you like Charlie Chaplin? Are you also a funny guy?
Rain:He was not just a funny guy, he was also someone who could expresshimself and his emotions without saying anything. I'm a singer andperformer. When I perform anywhere else except Korea, most people won'tunderstand what I'm saying. However, I hope they can feel what I amsaying through my performance, just as Charlie Chaplin did. That's whyI like him.

NJ: You're a dancer, singer and an actor. How do you manage to be a good at all three?
Rain: I work hard.

NJ: Which of these skills defines your character?
Rain:I don't think these three talents are that different; they have a lotof things in common. I can't really say that one of them defines me.I'm interested in all of them, and work hard to be better.

NJ: Describe the passion that has driven you to be this successful.

Rain:I always try to be better, instead of the best. Tomorrow, I should be abetter person that I am today. This kind of thinking has brought me tomy current position.

- NJ: Everything you do seems to be a success. What hasn't worked out so well for you in life?
Rain:When I released my first album "Rain", the 2002 FIFA World Cup wasgoing on in Korea. Nobody was interested in me. I was desperate.However, there was still a niche. I started my activities with mysub-title, "Instead of Saying Goodbye."
People started to look at meand know me. That was my beginning. People might think that I'm such alucky guy. However, it's destiny and hard work.

- NJ: You werethe first Korean to be voted one of the "100 Most influential Figuresof 2006" by Time Magazine. What kind of pressure does that put youunder?
Rain: First of all, I was not the only Korean in Time 100;there were two others. Haha (laughing). Anyway, after the award I feltmore people started to watch me. Yeap. That's such pressure. Howver, Ithink it gives me power and the chance. I will work harder and harder.

- NJ: Who's your biggest influence and why?
Rain:As you might know already, it's JY Park: the producer of all my albumsand my teacher in life. He is my biggest influence; he always makes mesee the wider picture.

- NJ: What's your ultimate goal in life?
Rain:As I said before, I would like to be better instead of being the best.So, I can't really say what's my ultimate goal in life. When I won thefirst prize with my first album, I thought I had made it. However, astime goes by, I realise I'm still growing up. Tomorrow I'd like to goone step further.

- NJ: Who would you like to work with?
Rain:There are so many people who I'd like to work with. Since I've made myUS debut I hope that I can work with various talented artists overthere.

- NJ: When people say: "Rain is undoubtedly popular because he's handsome and smart" what would you say to them?
Rain: I'd say: "Rain is popular because he works hard and his fans know it and love him for it."

-NJ: How do you feel having your own Korean Air aeroplane for your tour?Who was responsible for the image that was pasted all over the plane?
Rain:Yeah. I'm Flying. [Haha - laughing] The image came from my 4th album.Before Korean Air decided to choose the image, they asked me and I saidokay.

- NJ: Since you have been touring the States you've had tolearn English. How has it improved? What would you like to say to theEnglish-loving readers of NJ?
Rain: I'm working hard but it's still difficult. For your English-loving readers? Hmm.. Good luch, guys.

- NJ: Anything special planned for the "Rain's Coming" tour in Thailand?
Rain:I'm pretty sure that you guys will see one of the best concerts in theworld. All the best professionals have come together for the show. Itwill be amazing. See you guys at the concert!
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Rain: I'd say: "Rain is popular because he works hard and his fans know it and love him for it."

yea he's right and we do love him

thanx JeongJi-hun
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How can you not love rain.........he's adorable and HOT!
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Aw man I just wish he would tour close to here (St. Louis) so I can see him! I would luv to see that man in action! I hope he has many more years of singing and success!!
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