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Posted 6/20/14 , edited 6/20/14
Hey CR support/mods

Not really going to raise a ruckus, because i am thoroughly happy with paying for the current service, because of how wonderful it is in general.

However, Recently i have been having an extremely difficult time trying to stream Hunter X Hunter. I have no problem what so ever streaming other shows in 1080p (squid girl, JoJo, Log horizon and fairy tail) However.. For the past 15-20 episodes of hunter x hunter, starting at about episode 31-47. The show seems to either stop buffering completely or begin to chug until it stops completely.

I have this problem on ANY resolution. Its not every episode, but every few episodes its gets absolutely atrocious. I will try to drop from 1080p to 720p, and theirs a 1 in 5 chance that will solve it... and other times it wont work no matter what resolution i drop to.

I have a top of the line gaming computer with 12GB Mem, and am able to play some of the most graphically intensive games without a single hiccup, so i know its not my computer. I also have no problem raiding in realm reborn so i know its not my internet speed, since i can load any other show in 1080p with very few hiccups.

It seems as if the longer running shows, Hunter X Hunter, Gintama and One piece, are the only ones giving me problems.

Is there currently a known problem with these shows? or am i just doing something wrong?
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Posted 7/20/14 , edited 7/21/14
I am having the same issue as you. Have you had any feed back from CR?
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