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Posted 6/24/14
I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to put the actual episode numbers on Faiytail, because most sites I know (Funimation for example) still do that but CR started the new season as episode "1", and that confuses me when I find out episode 186(for example) is episode 11 when I come on CR, I would like to watch Fairy tail on CR but I end up watching it on Funi just because it's easier to know what episode i'm on . If you guys need to have that on there you can do what "FairyTail.TV is going it write them out like this, "Fairy Tail S2 Episode 11 - 186", that's how they do it and that works out both ways. Hopefully you guys can do something about this, I will definitely watch Fairy Tail on CR if this gets changes\d. Please and Thank You
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Posted 6/24/14
Probably not the answer you hope to hear, but a calculator could easily solve this problem. CR has rearranged shows in the past, for example, /one-piece was recently changed from separating episodes by season to arc, so it's not an impossible suggestion.

However, the site you cited in your post is clearly an illegal aggregate site, and doesn't have the rights to stream Fairy Tail or any of the other shows they present, so I would suggest not visiting them in the future, and just sticking to legal means, such as,,, and FUNimation's channel.
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