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Posted one hour ago , edited 59 minutes ago

oncomingbeige wrote:

My scouting ticket on JP just netted me a rare I already had, BUT!! It also pushed me over into filling up my meter, and since I already had 4 nice tickets waiting in the SR/UR box:

I mean, I know it's a guaranteed SR and I shouldn't have been so excited for just an SR out of that box, but BEST GIRL. I made stupid happy noises when I saw her.

(and now I'm one card away from having an all-Maki team on JP. It's not all SR/UR but it's all-Maki. Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will have an all-Maki team.)

best girl indeed!!! kekeke
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Posted 49 minutes ago , edited 49 minutes ago

Porotchi812 wrote:

zarg2 wrote:

Whenever the start/end of the event is a saturday/sunday, they actually start/end on friday/monday. They don't work on weekends for EN version LOL.

Ooh!! I didn't know that! Doesn't that mean that they won't be working in Christmas/New year as well since its a day off and all
It's all good though because it just means more time in the event ~ !

The event ends the 31st, it's not New Year yet, only New Year's eve, they should work. (I do )

edup_2004 wrote:

how do you guys make room for more cards??

I'm almost full, if I idolize and max lvl a N, it's ok to feed it to one of my SR right?

Of course. Unless you don't have enough R/SR/UR to replace N cards in your teams.
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Posted 42 minutes ago

Mtn64 wrote:

"Screw it ima do a single pull in JP not like its gonna matter anyways"


Whats the white stuff there MTN?
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Posted 32 minutes ago , edited 5 minutes ago
sooo... I installed the JP verion on my old phone to vote for Empress Maki and got the new SR Rin for the scouting ticket... needless to say I'm not playing this account so I took the transfer code. So if anyone wants a rank 2 account with SR Rin on the JP version I'll give up the code. Also this is an iOS account so it's not possible to transfer this to an android since I collected the gem rewards for today's login(my bad).

This is the card(zarg2's picture... too lazy to upload lol):

edit: whoops I wrote the wrong platform(my real account is on an android phone)... it's an iOS account. Fixed.
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