AMA of a Japanese Voice Actor?
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Posted 6/27/14
Has this ever been done?

If it has please link it. If it hasn't please upvote my ama request on reddit or make one yourself. I am really interested in if this has been done. Thanks!
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Posted 6/27/14 , edited 6/27/14
I've seen a white person making it as a singer on Taiwanese TV but idk about foreign Japanese voice actors. She was interviewed in English so I could understand that she was a native English speaker who aspired to sing in Taiwanese. Can't exactly link that though since it was seen in my travels somewhere IRL.

Some dude told me the Japanese used in anime is really easy because it's usually just people talking so they don't use difficult words. He can understand most anime without a problem but he can scarcely follow the news or read adult novels. He can also talk to Japanese people and some of them don't know he isn't Japanese until he tells them.
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