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Most Powerful OC, what's yours?
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23 / M / NJ, USA
Posted 7/5/14
The strongest character I've made is a young alien girl named Ellie Ann. She's a member of a specie of warlike space blob monsters who wreak havoc across the galaxy. She's pretty strong because her gelatinous physique makes her invulnerable and she has a nuclear powered suit that enhances her combat abilities along with her race's natural ability of mimicry.

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23 / M / Ames, Iowa, USA
Posted 7/6/14
Enzo Alves, Professor at an academy for those blessed with power from god.

I'm not sure if he is the MOST powerful I have ever created, but he is one of the more powerful ones in recent memory. Depending on what you would consider powerful though, I have another person who could be stronger;

Alfons Benedict, member of the Deum Mendacii (google translate it) and future leader through a coup

It's your opinion on who you think is the more powerful
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22 / F / Tiphares
Posted 7/22/14
I dunno, I'd call all mine weak.
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Posted 7/29/14 , edited 7/29/14
All original characters from my own comic manga, SPACEPOP. Joshua Fallscar is my main character and as the story progresses, he's going to become extremely awesomely powerful!!
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28 / M / In a dumpster wit...
Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/19/14
I only have one OC that I have tried fleshing out.

Name: Murakami Kai
Age: 23-26 at most.
Birthday: Not currently available due to plot reasons.
Nationality: Currently a residential citizen of America. Specifically a Los Santos, San Andreas citizen.
Race: 50% Japanese, 45% Mexican 5% Saiyan (Gotta give him a reason to even be able to not die from a single non human threat and because I love DBZ).
Appearance: He dresses nicely. Like a guy like Patrick Bateman. But only when in a professional environment like work. Other times he's dressed in whatever he feels like. Sometimes a simple form of attire like a black T-Shirt or short sleeved dress * and black training pants or jeans (Gotta have a chain with it) all the way to a matador costume for the lulz.
Personality: While he's mostly chipper and happy to a degree, it's a mellow type. And he's also knowledgeable and philosophical to where he would have the insight an adult would. He's about as normal as it gets in terms of personality. Well... Aside from the possibility of him having ADHD and random spurts of "having fun". Much like some, he's very logical though in how he handles disputes. But he's not the kind of person who takes a calm approach all the time. He can tend to have outbursts of emotion when certain topics are brought up or certain people say something he considers logically stupid. He may be calm when discussing politics and the reason that North Korea won't attack, but if you so much put him in front of a radical feminist, he may curse her out for generalizing all men and assuming him to be a pig.
Religion: He's borderline atheist to the point that he chooses to only believe what he logically thinks makes sense for a religion. He's not a follower of any mainstream religion or any cult. He just chooses to take certain rules and guidelines that make sense to him logically, and follow those and have faith that the actual creator wants those rules to be followed. He's one for following the idea that "If you weren't alive 3,000 years ago, then you can't prove what the original documentation of the bible said about homosexuals". So he only believes in the rules of "Don't murder" "Don't steal" & "Don't rape". But he has no doubt within himself that someone, and someone powerful, had to have made the universe. But he doesn't believe in anything telling him what this person is like. He might believe him to be kind and compassionate. And he's also one for believing that while said creator could be VERY powerful, he may not be all powerful. So to him, if you say "Why doesn't god stop all these bad things happening!? I hate him! I don't believe in him!" he'd say to you "Well why don't you get off your A* and try to fix this sh*t yourself? You think everything's set in stone? You think just because he made you, he has to baby you your whole life? Don't you wanna leave his house and be your own person? Move out and get a sh*tty apartment of your own? Like me..."
Sexual orientation: Straight. As straight as a board. At least when moneys not involved. To a degree. If you pay him 5,000 dollars he might just french kiss a dude. But that doesn't mean he won't spit afterwards and wash his mouth out. He got nothing against gays. He just ain't gay enough to kiss any dude without gaggin from it after a bit. But on the outside he might come off as Asexual, since he doesn't actively pursue any kind of romantic, or sexual relationship. He's just not one to openly ask out people unless he sees someone likes him. He's not dense. But he's not gonna just jump at the chance whenever a girl likes him. He might tell them any reason for not dating them ranging from "You're not my type" to "You're breasts are WAY to freakin huge. How much silicone do you put in them?"
Occupation: He's a cop who's now been recruited into a spy organization to investigate the illegal acquisition of a natural resource in a foreign land and to help with a rise in crime.
Background: Waking up in Los Santos in a hospital, Murakami Kai finds that he has lost ALL of his episodic event memories. He's approached by an officer of the law, Frank Tenpenny, telling him he was a cop. He's also told by the hospital staff, in his paper work, that he's 95% human and 5% Saiyan, and that even though he's 5% alien, he's still weak as doggy fecal matter when compared compared and a failure of his own race. Or at least some tell him that. Others don't give a rats ass.

As 3 months pass, and him getting back into the groove of being a cop, considering that he still has his skill/learned memory, he's now being recruited by the government organization, SIN, to assist in a rise in crime in a far off land and to investigate the illegal acquisitions of a rare and dangerous natural resource. The only reason that they only want him is because everyone else in Los Santos is a "doughnut pushing hog of a crack junkie". And just about every other cop around anywhere else is either corrupt, lazy, or too much of a working man and busy providing for his/her family.

As he travels to this foreign land, he'll soon discover a lot more than his memories. As things proceed forward, he'll soon discover plan after plan after plan being thrown at him by the villains as he goes on this nutball adventure of a lifetime.
Overall skills: He can barely manage to use his "ki" to do anything. The only thing he can do with it is infuse it into something else to strengthen it, such as a steel pipe, a bullet, or even his car for when he's chasing a few robbers. He's fluent in Spanish, Japanese, and English. He also knows and is skilled in a variety of martial arts. The styles he knows are Kick boxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Zen Do Kai Karate, and standard military combat training. He is also similar to Batman in that he's a master interrogator. He also has a skill for crafting weapons.
Overall strength: Spiderman (On a bad day) physical strength. If he were to lift a tank and throw it, he'd be recovering in the hospital for having his arms practically wrecked. His body however is only able to take so much damage. A stray bullet through the ear would splatter his brains and make this into a typical criminal investigation television drama.
Overall weakness: None that are direct. He has no direct weakness that can be considered a traditional weakness. He has no kryptonite per sey. His only genuine weakness is the human side to his genetic heritage.
Likes: Huey Lewis And The News, Phil Collins, Weird Al Yankovic, Biz Markie, Freddie Scott, music in general, Throwing rocks at passing cars in traffic when he's feeling down, Shopping for clothes, money, likes to sh*t shower & shave every morning (If possible), Kids (Not that way ya pervs), movies that critic lifestyles, fair play, playing dirty with cheaters, politics, good looking girls with reasonable bust sizes, a children's card games, CFW Brave, Weapons in general, good headphones, break-dancing, Waltzing, randomly breaking out into dance, the history of musical scores and their artists, 5PB (Loves her music), guys who like things he likes, friends in general, Killing evil doers, Animals, video games, anime, manga, cartoons, Kat Williams, feminism, men's rights, bubbles, bubble baths, a good cold beer, pork, fashion magazines, poker cards, trading baseball cards for lunch money with stupid toddlers, Youtube dog and cat videos, Amazon (Website), old movies from the 60's all the way to the 90's, beating up crooks to vent steam (Later feels a little tiny bit of guilt over it and asks em if they need an ambulance), skydiving without a chute and then pissing his pants realizing he forgot it, Spongedue Bobpants (Don't ask), MMO's (Spent a week without taking a bath, taking his trash out, or even brushing his teeth due to playing a certain virtual reality game).
Dislikes: Anyone who bashes on music artists he likes, Pedophiles who don't know how to keep it in their pants and touch little girls (You know who I mean), Politics (Love hate things), animal abusers, people who kill wild monsters for sport, when he loses a pair of socks, Anyone who treats him like shit when he's only trying to help, Anyone with a self serving god complex, Losing far too many times in a video game against the computer on easy, Dense harem protagonists who obviously want harems but are too stupid to know that they already have a harem, Girls who think all guys are the same, feminazi's (With a passion), Sexist men (With an equal passion as the last), Gays who JUST SO HAPPEN to be haters of the opposite sex, Girls/guys who ask him for advice on men/women they like just because he hangs out with said men/women, Girls who spend their whole lives chasing some guy even after he already chose someone else (You're only hurting yourself), Men who do the same, Men and women who treat sex like a casual thing to do, Men and women who don't care for their child regardless of why (Unless you give him/her to a loving family), Killing without reason (Must be for self defense or something similar), Silence of the lambs, Stray dogs (He dislikes because he can hardly resist the urge to bring them into his house. The same for cats), People who want power for the sake of power, Dumbass radical gays who think "Everyone is secretly gay. Period", Woman who beat up on men and abuse the system, Men who beat up on women when there life is not being threatened (must not have instigated it), and some other sh*t that probably sits in the back of his head.
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27 / M
Posted 10/19/14
Un-named character, just have brainstorming ideas about him, professional sniper that has slight control over time and bullet path
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24 / M / California
Posted 10/22/14
His name is Captain Higgins, but what is a name if uttering it doesn't cause your poncho to fly valiantly behind your respirator? What use is your rank if you actually tell people how you earned it? How can you even earn the esteem of Captain Higgins unless you have three books on your craft, published on three planets? The secret is simple; be born as Captain Higgins! From day one this noble leader of the rag-tag but oh so dashingly alliterate Gear Grinder Gang assassinated his way to the top of the maternity ward, earning him the self-given title "Most Badass Baby to be called Higgins that ever lived!"

And on the second day, Higgins had already claimed the hymens and left kidneys of three-billion space things resembling women, and used the resulting children to start a band of mercenaries. However, when they tried to steel his thunder they were promptly fired into the sun.

From then on, Higgins and his Higglings have kicked ass and chewed kidneys for thirty years until he decided to get a job at the local Merc Mart, deciding that despite all these lowly positions, he felt it would be unfair to the universe if he kept T-bagging it with his neutron star nut sack.

This is the only record that exists of Captain Higgins (so Burn the goddamn filing cabinet, computer! I don't care if you don't have a physical body, find a way!)

This document is officially endorsed by the Higgonian league of Captain Higgins, and may only be reproduced, edited, or printed onto Higgins brand toilet paper by Captain Higgins.

P.S. You rock Captain Higgins! Sincerely- Not Captain Higgins. I'm not very good with names, but the way I've set this up is so obvious, they'll have to suspect someone else put that there.
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21 / M / USA
Posted 12/1/14
I'd have to my OP is Luna Periah Scarlet

species:God weapon (Dekatin)
His power is Absolute manipulation he is omnipotent and whatever he wants to do will happen even more powerful than god the only downside is due to the power he is existentially unstable god had to create a separate realm for the dekatins to exist.
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19 / M
Posted 12/1/14 , edited 12/1/14
I'm working on two separate stories that both revolve around espers, however they are both very different in terms of the logic and science behind espers.

Story One: Overpowered

Character: Miranda Reinhart
Species: Human, esper
Power: Electromaster (think Mikasa Mikoto)
Personality: Depends on the relationships with the character she is interacting with but generally shy, quiet, and open-minded
Unique traits: One of the most powerful espers on the planet, but has little control over the power much of the time. Only known esper to have the ability of flight. Works hard to be a novelist. Likes anime.
Strength: Unleashes vast amount of power, when under control. Creative thought process. Makes friends with almost everyone once she opens up to them. Amazing in fields of English and foreign language.
Weakness: No control over powers most of the time. Extremely shy around many at first. Lacks in math and science. Short outbursts of painful headaches and sudden surge of uncontrollable power go off at random times and cause many problems for many people.

Story Two: Still Working on Title but it's set during WWII

Character: 'Joanne'
Species: Human, esper
Powers: Pyrokinesis
Personality: Strict but caring. Rarely shows her emotions around others. At a breaking point that will be explored throughout the story
Unique traits: Was a male but after an experiment was turned into a female. One of the oldest known espers. Has seen the horrible experiments done to espers in person, and survived. Leader of a special esper team that assists in taking down Germany.
Strengths: Knows a lot about espers. Excellent sword user. First ever known esper to reach the "Transcendent" stage of espers. Prefers to use special weapons that harness esper powers to amplify them rather than use the powers herself.
Weakness: Has been acting strong for too long and slowly goes from a strong, seemingly emotionless leader to a broken young girl.

Note these are still in a very early stage and are most likely to change.
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24 / M / Rossville, Georgia
Posted 12/12/14
Here's an OC from the depths of my deeply demented mind.

My OC's name is Isamu Ryuu, and he has the appearance of a young man in his early 20's. he has plain brown hair, amber eyes and a tanned complexion.

He works as a Ramen Chef's assistant near Kuoh Academy. He's also quite lazy and doesn't really care for the affair's of anyone or antything that doesn't really concern him. He was born an orphan when his parents died by a falling meteorite, which was actually meant for him due to being born under the Morning Star's (Lucifer) influence.

His Power: Omnipotence, although he never uses it because he's just too bored to deal with the repercussions of what it would do.

Basically, a lazy young man, with a very strange birth and the power of the supreme one, the maker, True God, God King etc etc, the creator of everything in the Omniverses of all creation.

This is just me being funny, I'm not really trying tbh.
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34 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 12/17/14
OC = origonal charicter?

Kara of the house of Bolt. female. short.

bodyguard/servent of a princess of an empire. has a habbit of wanting to kill anyone who she see as 'disrespectful' of her princess or her position.
stronger than the avarage human. been training martial arts/ weapons since she was a little child.
had her brain cut out of her skull and implnated in a new, stronger, military spec body.

she my favorite charicter, she so much fun to write. reminds me of sosuke sagara with a litlte roberta and fabiola mixed in and a bit of worf for fun.
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43 / M
Posted 12/29/14
My most powerful OC is named Hinge.

He is the last of an ancient race of space faring jellyfish that settled on the moon and descended to Earth at the end of an intergalactic war billions of years ago that killed off practically all the sentient life in the universe. He has spent billions of years nurturing intelligent life on Earth in the hopes that when he dies, he does not depart the world alone.

Also, he is dying.
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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