Help me finding the title of that anime
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Posted 7/1/14
Hey all, I can't remember the name of this anime I was watching quite a long time ago. From what I remember I think when he was a baby his mother was either taken/ or killed then he becomes a I'm not sure if ninja would be the right word (and no not naruto) and he was part some some special like army force or something but the bad guys were using then name of their group for bad which caused them to be hated. I know not very much detail lol
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Posted 7/1/14 , edited 7/1/14
Hi there,

This looks like a question for The Anime HELP Thread!
We do not allow personal help threads of this nature so I am going to close this one.

Unfortunately your description doesn't ring a bell with me either, or I would have been so kind as to put the title here.

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