Random Language Change?
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Posted 7/1/14 , edited 7/1/14
Last night, when I went to bed, my account was using English as the primary language. I woke up this morning and decided to check my queue, only to see that everything was in Spanish. Having basically no experience in Spanish I attemped to find the option to change languages, but was unable. Somehow, my preferred language for Subs is still English and all non-forum links are still in English. For all I know, this will be translated into Spanish after I post it.

If it helps figure out what happened, my access(USA) to anime has not changed to those of a Spanish speaking country.

I finally managed to find the language option. If a mod could take this thread down, that'd be great.
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Posted 7/1/14


First of all, please don't double (or triple) post. You can edit the first one to add something, which is what I did with your other posts. Secondly, it seems you posted in the Portuguese forums, not Spanish, but I'm glad you managed to sort it out. I'm locking and closing this thread for you.
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