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If I could date an anime guy...
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Posted 7/3/14
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Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/3/14

Otaku-ish wrote:

I'm guessing there already is a topic like this, but I'm posting anyway
It's in the title, if you could date any anime guy, who would you date???
I love Sebastian Michaelis, but Haruka Nanase seems more "Husband Material"
And he's just hot...

When you "guess" there is already a topic for something, please don't just post anyway. Instead take a few minutes, like I just did, to browse back a few pages to see if there is a similar topic that's been posted to somewhat recently.

Both of these threads have things covered on the date or marry front:



Please share your choices in one of those, as this thread has now been closed.

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