So... Let's talk AVP.
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Posted 7/6/14
And let's pretend Alien Resurrection never happened (please).
Anyway, the Alien threat is that they're giant ants with acid blood. Understandably terrifying to us humans. But in Aliens, the only movie where there is more than one xenomorph (again, we're pretending Resurrection never happened), humans easily destroyed like 50+ of them with regular guns. Am I supposed to believe that the Predators, who knew about these insectoid monsters and prepared for them as master hunters, can't know...shoot them? With heat-vision, stealth camo, and freaking LASER CANNONS, shouldn't the Predators be able to handle these big bugs no problem? As far as designs, I like the xenomorphs more than the Predators, who seem to die all the time based on misplaced pride, but how can the canonical movies clearly demonstrate that all you need is a turret to waste hordes of Aliens, when a Predator can struggle to defeat a single Alien despite all its advanced technology and tactics.
It makes no sense. AVP was one of my favourite nostalgic SNES games as a kid, but now that I think about it, and now that I consider the movies, it just makes me angry and belligerent. GWAARGH!
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Posted 7/6/14
Looks like you'd started two of these, but the other has some discussion in it, so I'm closing this as a dupe
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