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Post Reply A Genie was generous enough to grant you TEN wishes instead of three wishes what will those wishes be?
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28 / M / Toledo
Posted 7/7/14
#1. I wish all previous wishes never happened.
#2. I wish that, after I make one more wish, genies and all other things that grant wishes will cease to exist.
#3. I wish I had all of the powers of Alucard.
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Posted 7/7/14
I don't even think I would be able to come up with 10 wishes!
1. For mermaids to be real
2. For anime dudes to be real
That's all I have so far. :/
Posted 7/7/14
I will seek council with the one punch mod.
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14 / F / Somewhere that pr...
Posted 7/7/14
1. make sure that the genie cannot take my wishes any other way than I intend them
2. to be able to teleport in and out of my favorite books, movies, animes, etc. at will
3. to not be judged for ANYTHING
4. to be able to play the guitar
5. a cocker spaniel
6. to be able to get any of my stories published
7. to never get writers' block
8. to be able to go to school in Japan for a year
9. to be able to be the avatar with no responsibilities of save the world or anything
10. to be able to meet all my favorite bands, singers, writers, mangakas, etc.
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22 / M / Southern California
Posted 7/7/14
Ten wishes is too many wishes.
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M / Breda, Netherlands
Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/7/14
Moar anime...
Moar storage to store the anime...
A quad gtx880ti, 5960x Rig..
Even moar anime..
Even moar storage...
A way to circumvent customs... them figurines cost allot as is....
That them big publishers stop with capping PC games because them consoles will never be as good as PC!!! , *** SHOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED *** and paywalls.... (yeah i'm talking to you UBI and EA)

rest will be the usual stuff...

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16 / F / Canada
Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/7/14
Is it possible to wish to be in an AU? since it is a genie, anything is possible haha.

1: To be moved into a different AU
I mean like go be a member of Fairy Tail or SAO. just anywhere else really.
2. Anime/otome men to be real
3. money i guess?

I can't think of anything else.. hmm.
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19 / SABER
Posted 7/7/14
i would be the person from

Ah! my Goddess

and say

"Stay with me forever////// stay by my side forever" and other related things
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Posted 7/7/14
1. I wish that everyone in the whole world get one wish of their own. However, it'll be corrupted wishes.

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Posted 7/7/14

justanotherguy_2005 wrote:

#3. I wish I had all of the powers of Alucard.

To defeat you, I just have to turn off the tv, right?
or use a magic eraser?
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Posted 7/7/14
1. The Genie gives me powers to make my own wishes come true, and he leaves me.
And then I'd do whatever I decide.
Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/7/14
1. Save the tigers

2. Save the whales

3. Save the snow leopards

4. Save the gorillas

5. Save the polar bears

6. Save the Amazon

7. Save the Great Barrier Reef

8. Undo climate change

9. End poverty

10. Atlanta Braves win World Series


1. Unlimited monetary wealth, which I would use to accomplish all of the above.

2. Live long enough to see it all happen.
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24 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 7/7/14
These comments are astounding.
Posted 7/7/14
In no specific order:

- Grant my cats immortality.
- Make my apartment's temperature permanently 65 degrees.
- Let my parents win the lottery.
- A mind-linked computer.
- A refrigerator that conjures all the ingredients of what I'm cooking for that day.
- Self-cleaning dishes & kitchen utensils/appliances
- My own Gundam (if it's not too much to ask)
- All my wishes are irrevocable granted that they are not corrupted, in which case I am allowed to reverse them.
- I have the power to decide if my wish has been corrupted and reverse it within a week of it being granted.
- An impregnable, fully stocked & self-sufficient, state of the art, teleportation and space travel capable panic room for myself, my kitties, and a maximum of 10 other people.

That should be good enough..
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39 / M / Albuquerque, New...
Posted 7/7/14
This is tough - it depends on if the genie is simply interpreting my wishes, or fufilling them to my own desire - assuming the genie will take it and fulfill to my desires.

First wish that comes to mind - To be fluent in all languages, spoken, written, sign, etc - the ability to communicate with all, no matter what the situation may be.
Second wish - Telepathy that I can fully turn on/off at will - to be able to read the thoughts of others, but to be able to control it so I don't get flooded with voices in my head.
Third wish - foresight - to be able to see the consequences of the choices I make before they are done so I can choose carefully - again, to be able to turn on/off at will.
Fourth wish - time travel - the ability to go to anytime and place to not only experience and relive certain days - but to make different choices as well.
Fifth wish - financial independence - to have my financial needs met for whatever I want or need without having to live paycheck to paycheck - so I can provide for myself and for others.
Sixth wish - Wisdom - In spite of having the knowledge of things to come - knowledge and wisdom are different - wisdom to exercise good judgement should always be valued.
Seventh wish - to have a long and healthy life for me and my loved ones - not to be immortal, mind you - but to build and leave a legacy behind me.
Eighth wish - to fall in love - and be loved back in return for the rest of my life - to build my family from.
Ninth wish - An end to all oppression everywhere, while people may have differing viewpoints - nobody should enslave or oppress another
Tenth wish - that everybody in this world would never wont for their basic needs - having the basic necessities of life - clean air, water, food, shelter - and the like.

Those said - I'm sure the third and sixth wishes could cause me to change other wishes, but if I had to put it all up front before I even got my first wish - then that would be it.
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