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Posted 4 days ago

TripleBakaKimidori wrote:

starting to feel like Nisekoi all over again...

NO NO NO NO NO NO. You are wrong. Nisekoi the guy must pick one. Here he going to end up with all of them.

He say if he can come to love ALL OF THEM, HE COULD MAKE THEM HAPPY. Meaning he does't love them right now but if that what takes to make them happy he will try to fall in love with all of them. And so far all the girl dislike the idea of being separate. one the girls and himself is thinking of a harem. He want a harem including one the other girls. And all the girl did't have problem when they mishear him say he love them all of them. They seen fine with the idea. Akari herself say she happy he love her only but she sad a the same time. She want him to love the other girls too. This feel more like To Love Ru Darkness than any thing else really.

God did his harem just go bigger ?

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