*The Onigiri* - Issue 7 Feb 2008
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A long long time ago, in a time where CR had no groups, no online status and no Car Section, there lived a humble Onigiri Magazine. Some of you may remember it from a few months ago, some will be reading this in confusion and (hopefully) intrigue! The Onigiri magazine started out as a single post in a single thread in the main forum- it grew and changed shape for several issues until it eventually came to a semi-natural stop. The staff became busy and the community found downloading the latest issue to be a pain.
But we're back- and this time, we've got wasabi!
The Onigiri magazine is now in the form of a simple group which you can add to your favourites and chat in. If you scroll down to the forum you will find a thread for each section of the magazine. Browse through them all or pick one that interests you. Use Ctrl + F and type in the number digits (001,002,003 etc) to get to a particular submission.....and enjoy! You can now easily leave feedback by posting in the thread too!
Anyway, that's enough of the technical jargon and history of us.... on to what's in this issue!
We've got a wide selection again so there's bound to be something you like! We've gone for a Valentines theme too! There's reviews of Drama, Manga, Music, Anime, Games and the American film 'Sweeny Todd' so you can pick out something new to watch this month! We've got the usual Comics and Puzzles for the more creative minded and a Competition to win a star for a month! Articles this time range from the 3rd Chapter of 'Gladius' to Valentines Day Tips to the USA Healthcare system- whatever suits your taste.
Don't forget to check your horoscopes and invite your buddies to read the new and improved Onigiri!

Thankyou to the great Onigiri team for jumping back in to things to produce an insane amount of work in such a small exam filled time!

I hope you all have a great month- hopefully the weather will start warming up for most of you! Best of luck in any exams and well done if you're trying to give something up for Lent! Give up Crunchyroll- go on- i dare you =P Mwhahaha. No it's ok, we all know that's impossible!

See you in March! ^-^

~Steffi (s_j_b)

Issue 7: http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Onigiri_7
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Posted 1/31/08
Can't Wait To Read ^_^
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